Email Letters: July 13, 2017

Market based solutions to health care are just not feasible

Isn’t it strange that in America those of us with health insurance do not have the foggiest idea how much our health care will cost? If you ask as you leave the office, you are told, “We’ll have to submit the bill to the insurance company.” Wow, can you imagine shopping for any other goods or services this way? Bob Semro, a Colorado health policy analyst, brought this concept to my attention at a recent health care lecture.

Imagine that you need a new refrigerator. You walk into a store and find many refrigerators to choose from but no price tags. Not only that, no one who works in the store can or will tell you the prices. You have to choose one and hope for the best. About a month after taking the appliance home you receive a bill listing the price of the refrigerator and, much to your surprise, the bill also includes items such as the cardboard delivery box and the Styrofoam packaging.

Buying health care certainly doesn’t compare to buying an appliance. You cannot go into Best Buy without cash or credit and say, “I need a refrigerator” and get a refrigerator. You can walk into an ER and say “I need medical help” and you will (and must) get it. Only later do you have to wrestle with the bill.

Market based solutions to health care are just not feasible. Under our current health insurance practices people don’t know costs, so they can’t decide whether to select or forego medical treatment or look for cheaper alternatives. Unlike consumer goods, if people do without medical care they may die.

It is time the United States offers health care for all, as do Canada, England, Australia and many other countries. Our elected representatives need to hear from their constituents about healthcare reform. Please call your senators and representatives.

Grand Junction

Fix the ACA’s minor problems, and retain the rest of the act

I am writing this letter because I believe the Affordable Care Act works very well but does need a little bit of repair. The best way to do this is to fix its minor problems and keep all the rest of the act.

My personal experience with the ACA has been really good. We have better insurance coverage and it costs us less money. My wife and I are both retired schoolteachers and we both have health issues that cost money. With the ACA we are able to pay our bills and get the care we need, without putting a great burden on our pocket book and the rest of our family.

I really hope Sen. Gardner will come around and help us get an improved ACA and not Trumpcare. Thank You.

Grand Junction

Endangered Fish Recovery Program responds to recent letter

In response to Mr. Stude on July 7: We were pleased to see your letter to The Daily Sentinel and agree with you that folks should be able to view the endangered Colorado River fish.

We want to let you know that three of the four species can be seen in Grand Junction at the Children’s Nature Center at the Mesa Mall on the Sears wing. The John McConnell Math and Science Center’s new space at Colorado Mesa University Engineering building, when completed, will have an aquarium with the endangered fish and offer hands-on STEM (science, technology,
engineering and math) education to the community. Hatchery tours in Grand Junction are available with an appointment.

We appreciate the suggestion of an aquarium at the Colorado Visitor Center in Fruita and will investigate that possibility. You are correct that Recovery Program costs run in the millions of dollars per year. Those costs are outlined on page 22 of the 2016-2017 Briefing Book, located at

You’ll see that a large portion of Recovery Program costs are paid for by power revenues – monies generated by Colorado River Storage Project hydropower. The Recovery Program works closely with water managers to find flexibility in their storage / irrigation projects to improve fish habitat, while always meeting the human water demand. We agree that controlling nonnative species in a big river is a daunting task, but together with our State wildlife agency partners, we believe we can be successful. It does take a long time to recover these large, long-lived fishes, but the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is currently reviewing the status of three of the four species and has indicated downlisting could be proposed for humpback chub in the near future.

Program Director, Upper Colorado River
Endangered Fish Recovery Program

Fraud most certainly exists within nation’s election system

The Sentinel’s Tuesday, July 11 editorial titled “Don’t Be A Dupe,” attacking the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity accusing them of trying to “sell the lie” that the nations election system is fraught with fraud is taking liberal absurdity to a new level.

This nation’s election system may not be “fraught with fraud’” but it most certainly exists and without doubt in large enough numbers to warrant an investigation.

The most cherished right of U.S. citizenship is the right to vote. When a legal vote is nullified or cancelled out by a fraudulent vote our electoral process begins to unravel. The Commission on Election Integrity will, if nothing else, serve notice to those even thinking of voter fraud to perhaps reconsider. This is already having some impact in Denver and Boulder, heavily Democratic and both sanctuary cities, where as of Monday 472 and 329, respectively, cancelled their voter registration.

Granted, there are legitimate reasons to cancel one’s voter registration, but with the unprecedented uptick in cancellations in recent days, rest assured, a good number of people doing so don’t want their voter registrations scrutinized too closely.

Multiply this effect in cities and towns across America and the Commission on Election Integrity is already seeing positive results.

Grand Junction


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Mr. PCM, you know all this, how? Donald toLd you? Since you cannot believe a word coming from that nan’s mouth do you think that is a good source? How does he know, since he shows every day that he knows, nor cares, anything about government? People on both sides of the aisle say this “fake issue” say there is absolutely little to no evidence to back up your concern. It’s hell being a Trump loyalist isn’t it? The smell rubs off and when the big one comes, and it will, what fairy tales will you be regaling us with then?

I’ve been a conservative for many years going way back to when Trump was known for his Atlantic City Casinos, Trump Towers, & his over the top yacht.
In fact my much more modest 30’ sailboat was moored close by his yacht in Newport, RI one summer, for a few days, back in the ‘80’s.
This, of course, long before he emerged as a Presidential candidate in 2016.
Trump was elected in large measure because he was a Washington outsider and he promised to ‘drain the swamp’. Also, if you are paying attention you know there is a voter fraud issue ... which, because the Democrats are almost the exclusive beneficiaries of voter fraud they deny it vehemently. Think Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, St. Louis and LA ... all democratic strongholds where voter fraud is a tradition. In the meantime Borgen live in your world of denial and outrage ... I’m OK with it.

If there’s no election fraud, why are the Democrats having such a fit about an investigation?

To RA Myers ... precisely to my earlier point.

... which, because the Democrats are almost the exclusive beneficiaries of voter fraud they deny it vehemently.

nuff said!

Mr. PCM, Both of your points are bogus. The witch hunt is to identify “potential” people to take off the election rolls. Thus far a number of states had their laws thrown out . Many people in those states took a considerable number off the rolls for no good reason. It was the South all over again. You watch. Most of the people will be taken off the rolls for no good reason and I defy you to find out why. Both of you are repeating what is said in your bubble and it cannot be proven. If fraud is rampant someone must know how it was done. Each state can do a study and report, publicly, who was taken off the rolls and why. And anyone committing fraud should be publicly exposed along with what their penalty is. It won’t happen because you don’t want it to happen. The guy running the federal show is the last guy you would want to trust for anything.

And by the way I’m paying close attention. Your snide little remark that I may not be tells me lot about you. And also, by the way, your conservative history tells us…. what? Finally, if you are sure their has been rampant fraud, prove it with concrete examples and statistics.. Two or three is not rampant,

Here’s 293 pages documenting a sampling of voter fraud, Mr. Borgen:

I’ll be waiting for your apology to Mr. Currie-Mills

RA Meyers
Thanks for the link ... good find.
Also Google Denver Election Registration Cancellations.
The numbers I reference in my letter to the DS have more than doubled this week. Statewide it now exceeds 3000.
In Borgen’s liberal world reality doesn’t exist when it comes to politics.
There will be no apology.

Yes, the Heritage Foundation has a sterling reputation for truth telling….. NOT. Try proving with a neutral source. More crap out of the conservative bubble. Do you guys ever learn that you are victims of what will eventually be found to be one of the biggest cons in history? You guessed it . There will be no apology until you prove it with a neutral source. Yeah, that’ll happen! How did the Heritage gather their info? Government statistics? My guess is that they were mainly conjured up like they do with most of their work. Do you guys realize that their only reason for existing is to further the conservative cause in any way they see fit? Do you also realize that the Koch’s who fund them, are not looking for anything that will benefit you? Of course not. Try contacting anyone on the Heritage list. Good luck. Or do you really care? I doubt it.

Prove that any of the cases included did not happen and maybe you’ll have a claim.

Meyers, you were the one who said there is no question that there is extensive vote tampering. The balls in your court. I’m not holding my breath awaiting. You guys have a habit, when shown that you have a problem, you either change the subject or turn things around and say the questioners should prove that something didn’t happen. Face it, you’re full of it.  Until you prove with a credible source that voting fraud is a big deal, you are only displaying your total ignorance. Your credibility is….. zip! The Heritage document is pure fiction and you can prove it by trying to reqch the people listed. They don’t exist. So much for honest and credible conservatism! Which includes you.

RA Meyers ...
The cases you cite in your link are only the tip of the iceberg, a drop in the bucket, of the long standing democ’Rat abuse of our electoral system.
Borgen condemns Koch ... he has never heard of Soros?
Soros, a Nazi loving Jew and a huge liberal & Clinton supporter.
Borgen, you are on the wrong side of the fence pal.

Mr. Borgen, Where did I say there is extensive vote tampering?
I provided numerous examples of voter tampering.  The ball’s in your court to prove those cases are, “made up”.  You are the one making the claim.  Speaking of no credibility…....yours is zip, zero, nada.
I’m not going to lower myself to your level and attack you personally, but you certainly deserve it!

Mr. Currie-Mills,  Shall we really freak Borgen out and post the Veritas videos.  I like the one where the guy was given Eric Holder’s ballot and the other ones of the 2 Clinton campaign operatives bragging about how they go about bussing voters in to cheat.  As I recall 2 guys got fired over the exposure—-not for what they admitted to doing.

A Nazi loving jew? That says a lot about what you two rocket scientists are all about. Your gullibility knows no bounds. Did it ever occur to you as to why your “finds” are not well known? These days it’s easy to create just about anything that you want.  It is so well known that there are countless doctored videos floating around in conservative circles and have been discovered for what they are. Why do you suppose that when they reach a national audience they are immediately discovered to be what they are?
Have fun while you can. Just stay out of the adults way and no harm done.

Borgen ... as I’ve pointed out before you are a liberal troll.
Attacking letters written to the DS that appear on-line, or, in the print version that lean to the conservative side of the political spectrum.
Typical of a liberal your criticism is usually on a personal level, questioning the I.Q. of any one who disagrees with your soulless mindset. Have a good day Borgen.

I’ll have a wonderful day, you too. Did you ever read the crap you write? Yes, I think conservatives like you are brain dead and are a danger to society. How any one can believe the stuff you seem to believe, including being a lunatic Trump supporter, is frightening. You live in an up-side-down universe designed by billionaires to benefit them, not you. Why do you seem to agree to be a toady for them? Get a real life!

Currie-Mills, here’s a link to a report from your favorite fake news station, except they screwed up on this one and told the truth Enjoy!

So Borgen, Fox News, the channel you have screamed about and berated forever and always claim is the site where people who disagree with you get their information is now the purveyor of truth?  Thank you for making our point that you are not interested in the truth, you are only interested in whatever agrees with your perverted world view at that moment.

Btw It is still NOT OK to put words in my mouth.

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