Email letters, July 15, 2013

Colorado should examine how other states fund their schools

Gov. John Hickenlooper and the Colorado Legislature tout Senate Bill 213, the Future School Finance Act, and the ballot measure to raise taxes for schools as a national model.

A lot of other states use their lottery, Powerball and mega millions earnings for schools, instead of giving it to rich people so they can still keep their property and continue to make a profit off it. That benefits a few while the many might have their taxes raised.

Maybe the state of Colorado could learn a lesson from these other states.


Grand Junction

Better headline would have been ‘Government’s role must be limited’

Thanks for publishing my letter.

I wanted to offer you a clarification. You titled my letter “No role for government.” I said “Government intervention not the answer.”

I said the “government should back off” and allow the citizens the opportunity to manage their own forests. This isn’t a repudiation of the entirety of government.  I would have said “no government” if that is what I meant to say, or I would have titled my piece using your title or something similar.

What has happened is that common folk are kept from volunteering to manage the standing dead due to the roadless rule (among others). This has been a creeping absorption of our rights to do what we will in our public lands.  Government regulates and legislates to control land and they continue to push for more control and other environmentally unconscious programs purported to save habitat.

I would respectfully suggest rather than assuming I meant “no government” that you would have read it to say “Government’s role must be limited” or just left it as my headline. That is what “back off” and allowing people to manage their own forests means.

Government has a power and control problem and instead of working with citizens to solve solvable problems, they want to legislate and control — thus overreaching for the goal of taking land — not for public use but to keep the public limited in how they can use the land. The Omnibus Act of 2009 and the Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act, which would have seized 24 million more acres, are two other examples.

The reason that I wanted to correct his perception was that I would hope the Sentinel would consider this point of view. Limited, constitutionally-based government is still a real important virtue.

Anyway, I am a happy subscriber, and I thank you for letting me voice my opinion

Equal application of law to all no longer true

The USA was created as a nation of laws, under the rule of law. Laws were to apply equally to all citizens. That is no longer true.
For decades, our senators and representatives have exempted themselves from some of the laws that the rest of us must live under. A recent example is the so-called Affordable Care Act (‘health care bill’), which does not apply to them, their aides or their families.

We now have a government that unabashedly writes and enforces laws with exclusions, exceptions and exemptions, as well as incentives, for favored groups. The act gave some states and companies and organizations financial incentives to support it. Some large companies and unions asked for exemptions from the act and received them.

In 2014, employers with 50 full-time employees are mandated to offer them health care or pay fines. Now the administration has arbitrarily delayed that a year, until after mid-term elections when employers could have been a strong force against them.

However, the individual mandate remains in effect. With employers now having no incentive to cover employees, more employees will have to join “exchanges,” which is what the Obamacrats wanted anyway: a government-run healthcare system and the demise of the employer-based system.

Our government’s main function now seems to be increasing its power by creating laws that reward some people and make more people more dependent on government. It will continue unless we stop it. How far must it go before you become politically active?


Press invoked ‘reverse racism’

Trayvon Martin, Rodney King, can’t we all just get along? Would the Hispanic community riot in protest if the circumstances were reversed? The numbers are against it either way, it would seem.

Would this case even have been brought to the nation’s attention if the press hadn’t invoked a kind of reverse racism propagated by our own president? It seems we jump from crisis to crisis created by our government or the press. Why? We all feel the pain and sorrow of the incident on both sides, but if we slap ourselves with reality, it is a pathetic statement to our state of being.

Wanna be police vs. wanna be gangsta? Humble homeowner protecting his neighborhood versus nice young man coming back from the store.

I think if they both would have stood up, stated their intent like men, without malice, without influence and with honest means, nothing would have happened that night.

So, what do we do? Groups threaten other groups in pathetic hostile intentions of violence because a group of our peers didn’t decide the way they wanted. Get over it. I ain’t happy with Obama, but I still get up each day and have a good day.

Grand Junction

Why are we paying national officials?

Hello?  Anybody out there working?

The Government Accountability Office announced $107 billion of taxpayer money wasted in 2012 (excluding the military). Where are the people we employ to insure our money is well spent?

A secretary of Homeland Security who turned a blind eye to gunrunning into Mexico.  An attorney general who didn’t know reporters’ phone and e-mail records were being searched.  A secretary of state who never heard about
her Benghazi consulate pleading for added security. A director of national intelligence who tells Congress the NSA is NOT collecting tons of data on U.S. citizens. (Right!) 

An IRS director playing Mr. Spock while his agency “inadvertently” publishes hundreds of thousands of Social Security numbers and discriminately “targets” selected groups and individuals.  A secretary of Health and Human Services who can’t get the healthcare law implemented. A secretary of the Interior who wants to make the moon an historical landmark.

And while relations with Russia, China and several South American countries slide into the dumpster and the Middle East is on fire, our secretary of State plays on his sailboat and our president and his family tour Mandela’s island prison.

Health care, immigration, “cap and trade”, U.N. gun control treaties, etc.  Do you know where your senators are? 

And our congressman?  His priority is having people send him pictures to post on his Facebook page to show the world “how gorgeous and unique our Second Congressional District of Colorado really is!”  Really?

I’m sorry, but what the hell are we paying these people for?


Restaurant made sure solider had free meal, neck pillow

I know we don’t have a Longhorn Steakhouse here, but we do have two Darden restaurants, Red Lobster and Olive Garden.

We have just returned from Rapid City, S.D., where we took our grandson and his family to dinner prior to him being deployed to Afghanistan for a six-month tour of duty.

When the waitress was made aware of this, the restaurant not only comped our grandson’s meal and drinks, it also sent an employee to Target for a neck pillow so he would be comfortable on the long journey.

Thank you, Darden Restaurants, for your generosity, compassion and support of our troops.


Some are stirring up division and anger

I can understand why Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Eric Holder want to stir up division and racial anger—perhaps even violence. After all, divisions and disaffection are how they secure their occupations. They serve no national interest beyond the racial strife and division.

What I can’t understand is why the media is giving aid and comfort to the enemy? Had the punk that attacked George Zimmerman been a Latino or a white guy, these race baiters and anti-American thugs would have been all for the law. 

The enemy of America wastes no time fomenting dissent. After all, dissent and destruction are their religion.



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