Email letters, July 17, 2013

Delve into details of BLM’s Alternative E

The Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area Draft Resource Management Plan holds a lot of future promise in its Preferred Alternative E for many different user groups: motorized, quiet trail users (mountain bikers, horse riders, hikers), history buffs, hunters, wildlife proponents, rock climbers, scientists and river boaters.

You need to look beyond the route maps. You need to look at the details of the document to see that Alternative E proposes recreation areas that will lead to the development of new high quality routes for each of these user groups.

If you look at the section on Cactus Park, you would see that the Preferred Alternative E proposes to build new, better routes before closing and rehabbing the redundant routes.

It is important to also remember that this is a national conservation area, not a national recreation area. Recreation definitely has a place within the D-E NCA but it is not the only important aspect of the area. Wildlife needs space, too. Grazing livestock must also continue to be part of the future of the D-E NCA. Protection of precious resources such as rare plants, fossils and rock art all also must be accommodated in the plan.

There are quite a few existing routes that were created by users who didn’t understand the dynamics of rain and erosion. Huge gullies in roads mean bypass roads have been created. There is definitely room for improvement by
building sustainable new routes and closing and rehabbing others.

Look for the whole document at BLM’s Grand Junction website, or stop by its office and ask for a CD. But don’t just look at the maps; commit some effort to the task and read the document.


Grand Junction

Sky has not fallen after passage of Amendment 64

People in this community are quick to demand individual freedom, wave the flag for their various causes and decry the government for telling them what they can’t do. Seems ironic these patriots are also quick to dictate to other people with whom they disagree what they cannot do.

Too often it is assumed that everyone leans conservatively in the Grand Valley, but that is a misconception.

Since the passage of Amendment 64, I look around and see the sky has not fallen. Some people — enough to pass the amendment in the first place — see nothing wrong with consuming marijuana. If treated the same as other drugs that are not too good for you (alcohol and tobacco), I don’t see why our city or county leaders have the right to prevent the sale of this now-legal product.

Many local citizens opposed Sunday liquor sales because Sunday is the Lord’s Day. But many religions consider days other than Sunday to be holy. Others celebrate and practice their religion every day. Sunday liquor sales were finally allowed, and the sky did not fall.

The same argument can be made about abortion and same sex marriage. If you don’t want to do either, don’t. The sky remains firmly overhead.

Be careful not to declare majority rule at the expense of the rights of all. It’s a slippery slope to mob rule. Oh, and please don’t respond with that tired old invective, “Love it or leave it.”

I have every bit as much right to live here as the next person. It’s a free country, isn’t it?


Grand Junction

Columnist Grant must now abide by own words

I am so relieved to read that Bill Grant now disapproves of folk using their resources to, in his words, “advance their own economic and ideological agendas.”

I am sure that in the future Grant’s opinion will be devoid of his previously held liberal economic and ideologically point of view! Or not.


Reverend Jim Jones had many high-level Democratic supporters

Steve Cunningham’s letter of July 11 accuses conservatives as possessors of “little independent thinking”; being no different from the 900 “lemmings” in Guyana that drank Reverend Jim Jones’ cyanide-laced Kool-Aid in 1978.

Jones was a long time believer in Karl Marx and the communist party. In 1974 he sent a team of his California disciples to Guyana to begin clearing the jungle to build the Socialist paradise he called Jonestown.

He was the supreme Wizard of Oz behind his fraudulent “Reverend” façade yet was the darling of California’s Democratic power base in San Francisco. Jones could instantly provide thousands of his Peoples Temple members to walk the city’s precincts to get out the democratic vote.

George Mascone gave Jones the principal credit for his victory for mayor of San Francisco and appointed him chairman of the city’s Housing Authority Commission in 1976.

It may be of interest to Cunningham to learn of a few of the many other California and national politicians who treated Jones with total respect; Jerry Brown Jr., Willie Brown Jr., Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Harvey Milk and Walter Mondale. Jones flew with Walter on his campaign plane. Jerry Brown and Willie Brown also credited Jones with their election success.

Willie Brown, California’s most prolific politician, who eventually became speaker of the house, and the celebrity mayor of San Francisco, once introduced Jones as a combination of Martin Luther King, Angela Davis, Albert Einstein and Chairman Mao.

In 1976, the featured speakers at the grand opening of the San Francisco Democratic Party headquarters were Jones and Rosalyn Carter. Mrs. Carter was most appreciative of Jones’ support; arranging a private dinner with him.

I find it interesting that the blind “lemmings” of San Francisco’s Democratic Party viewed Jones as one of their most cherished assets. Painting conservatives with the extremely evil image of the Reverend Jim Jones is “deeply disrespectful.”


Glenwood Springs

Governor’s visit prompts points of contention

It was amusing to read the series of articles regarding our governor’s visit to the Western Slope and the editorial in the Daily Sentinel supporting him. I will take my points of contention in the reverse order.

The tax issue for schools, a $1.4 billion progressive tax increase, punishes success in Colorado. If you have a successful business or earn more money, you will now be penalized by having to pay more taxes. Research has shown that much of this money will not go into the school system, but instead will be used to shore up the PERA retirement fund. Consider your vote carefully, because the plea will be “This is for the kids” when the reality is it is for the union.

Second was the governor’s defense of his decision to suspend the death sentence of Nathan Dunlap. If Hickenlooper believes so strongly that the death penalty is wrong, he should have given Dunlap clemency and commuted the sentence to life in prison.

Instead he played the political game, kicking the can down the road and suspending the sentence, leaving the decision to the person who follows him into office. He had already angered the majority of Colorado voters. He did not want to give them another reason to not vote for him. It was and is political cowardice.

Finally, we come to the plans for the Cameo power plant property. I never realized that a gun range could be a tourist attraction. Are there no other ranges in Colorado, or is the governor planning on banning them everywhere but Cameo? Do you really believe someone is going to drive from Missouri just to shoot at Cameo?

This really is about another boondoggle for Xcel Energy. They made money when Cameo was running. They made money when Cameo shut down and it was turned into a failed solar plant ($10 million for a solar plant in a canyon! And we rate payers are still paying for it!) Now they will make money by either selling or leasing the property. Cameo … the gift that just keeps on giving to Xcel.

I was proud to be among the protestors who greeted the governor at his fundraiser last Thursday. The Hickenlooper administration has been a disaster for rural Colorado and he needs to hear it every time he comes for a visit.


President, Freedom! Colorado

Race card played in Trayvon Martin case

Eric Holder has made manifest prior to this tragic case that he is either a member of or beholden to the Black Panthers. (Remember the Vote scam case he shut down to help his buddies in the black Panthers?)

It seems Holder or perhaps his boss Barack Hussein Obama have profited in even having their judge hear this case.

Now they play the race card? They should listen to the black civil rights attorney Leo Terrell on Hannity rebutting Juan Williams.

I can agree with Terrell on this. I worry about the neighborhoods that warrant a neighborhood watch program that will be adversely affected by the lynching
of Zimmerman by the Race HATE Profiteers.

I worry about the families the media ignore as inconvenient because the murders and the torture were committed by the class the media protect.

If a community is dangerous enough to warrant a neighborhood watch, then it is dangerous enough to warrant concealed/or even open carry. If only the police—or the State is allowed the right of self-defense then there is No justice.

And Trayvon the hoodie was not innocent black child. So, the race hate mongers   Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, Juan Williams, et. al. — have a rather queer view of justice.



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