Email letters, July 17, 2014

Hamas leaders still don’t get it

The conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza brings to mind a quote from former Israel Prime Minister Golda Meir as said to Egypt’s then president, Anwar Sadat when he came to Israel in 1977, “I can forgive you for killing our children, but I cannot forgive you for making us kill yours.”

Obviously the leaders of Hamas still don’t get it.

Grand Junction

Air quality improvement a catalyst for local economic development

Last Sunday’s Sentinel headline, “Pollution Concerns” has many implications upon us economically and environmentally as well as upon our health.

In-depth reporting is needed based on the pros and cons of the needed pollution controls. I did the math, spread over 18 years of available coal, and 300,000 customers equated to $3 per customer per month. I leave the particulars for the paper to delve into exact figures based on residential and commercial rates.

Many years ago when I ran for public office the philosophical idea of the opposition: “get polluting industries in here before the people get too smart and put a stop to it,” economic development at any cost.

A new twist to economic development, rename the Monument to draw people. If more people came during the winter, what impression would they go away with? With today’s social media, what negative advertising would we receive?  Thirty years ago, I “touted tourism” as another building block in the foundation of a sustainable economy, in perpetuity, generation after
generation. Every winter the worsening air pollution diminishes an economic resource that currently employees thousands. Pollution adds untold financial stress upon those that reside in and around here, too. 

Club 20 and Chamber of Commerce should subsidize studying all the economic impacts from lost productivity, additional health care, to lost visitor days from the poor air quality. We also need the appropriate monitoring equipment able to identify precisely the makeup of the pollutants that foul our air. A sufficient number of monitors are needed to assist in identifying the sources and provide real time monitoring.

Improving air quality is the catalyst our economic development requires to increase property values year over year on existing properties based on growing demand to relocate here thereby increasing the general fund.

Grand Junction

Americans need to stand up for veterans

Without our veterans and those who made the ultimate sacrifice, where would America be today?  It is anyone’s guess. However, we would certainly not have the freedom and liberty we enjoy. We have ownership, jobs, health care, cars, any number of opportunities; we fought for freedom over a few centuries. 

There are those who would take away what we have as Americans. We continue to maintain an armed force to protect our borders so that we can continue to enjoy what we do have. This is something to give serious thought to. 

Our men and women in uniform stand ready and willing to rise against those who would take away our freedom. Many of those who survived the battles of years past and present day, come home broken and in need of the help that was promised. 

Where does this help come from?  It comes from Veterans Affairs, a government run agency regulated by our government.  But in view of scandalous indiscretions, many veterans are simply tossed aside in a “hurry up and wait” situation whereas many die just waiting for help.  What is
wrong with this picture?  Improprieties and interpretation of who gets what and for what. Or, just let the veterans wait and maybe they will die.  Is this how our veterans who fought battles should be treated? 

The American people need to stand up and be counted, urge our elected legislators to do what is right to care for those in need.  Call your members of Congress to do what is right for our veterans.

US Navy retired
Media, Pa.

Udall’s campaign rhetoric and actions not in alignment

I recently saw one of Mark Udall’s campaign ads on Denver television in which he says, and I quote: “Each of us has the freedom to make our own choices, to live our life on our own terms, that you have the right to be an individual….  No one, not government, not Washington, no one should ever have the power to take those rights and freedoms away….”
Well, if you truly feel that way, Udall, why do you so strongly support the following: Obamacare, the U.N. Small Arms Treaty, your “Not My Boss’ Business Act”, obliteration of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, opposition to the Keystone pipeline, burdensome EPA regulations, cap-and-trade, and myriad other things that trample our individual, Constitutional, and God-given “individual” rights? 
I’m sorry, but I’m finding it pretty well impossible to reconcile your campaign rhetoric with your progressive, anti-individual actions.


Unaffiliated candidate has credentials and experience to be loyal sheriff

As a candidate in the race for Mesa County Sheriff, many good people have asked my opinion of Steve King’s early exit from the race. I really have no comments about his decision other than to wish him the best in any future endeavors. People make mistakes, and they are truly measured on how they handle it and what they do after it’s over.  However, I am concerned about the process to replace him.

Republican voters in Mesa County stand to have no say in who replaces Steve King as the party’s candidate.  I believe the voters should have the final decision in all elections. As an unaffiliated candidate I well understand the frustration of not being allowed to vote in an election (another debate for another time).  I believe this is not in keeping with what our forefathers had in mind when creating this great country. So, I give you an alternative.

My name is Patrick Arotin. I am an unaffiliated, conservative candidate who is on the November ballot for Mesa County Sheriff. I entered the race in April and earned my way on to the ballot by gaining signatures and meeting people in person.  I have 27 years of public service that includes 15 years as a law enforcement officer and 12 years in the military. I have served Mesa County faithfully as a Deputy Sheriff for the past 8 ½ years. I have the credentials, experience, and education to be an unbiased and loyal sheriff. I owe no party any favors. I have reached this point by working hard, being honest, and always being fair. If these are the characteristics you seek in your sheriff, I ask you to vote for me. I encourage you to do so only after researching the candidates, understanding how they were selected, and who they truly represent. Be a voice in your community.

Please visit my website at or on Facebook at Pat Arotin for Mesa County Sheriff.

Grand Junction

Daily Sentinel should also investigate airport authority

The Daily Sentinel has investigated sheriff candidate Steve King relentlessly.  And properly so.

Why not the airport authority and airport board?

Grand Junction


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