Email letters, July 2, 2013

Obama team still pushing
the sequestration hoax
It was announced July 1 that the White House has decided to cancel all July 4th fireworks displays on all military bases. These military fireworks displays have become a July 4th tradition, providing for a great opportunity for all America’s military personnel and their families to celebrate the Fourth.
The White House announced the canceling of these displays, blaming it on the need to cut expenses due to the onerous budget cuts, allegedly resulting from the recent passage of sequestration. Let’s not forget two critical facts.
1) Sequestration was introduced by the Obama administration in an attempt to bluff Congress regarding its stand to cut federal spending, although Obama continues to hope that many Americans will be uninformed or misinformed enough to blame sequestration on Republicans.
2) Even with sequestration, the total federal budget has not been reduced. Sequestration simply reduced the rate of growth in the increase of the federal budget.
Recall that the Obama administration, almost immediately after passage of sequestration, also canceled all civilian tours at the White House, again citing budget constraints resulting from his sequestration. You might also recall the e-mail sent by the White House to top management of federal departments, directing them to make sure that all budget cuts made “are painful and visible” to the American people, in the hopes that once again, Obama could pull off yet another political sleight of hand, blaming his policy on the Republicans.
Regardless of your political affiliation, we should all be outraged at the Obama administration for cheating our children out of their right to tour their house, the White House, and for cheating all of our military families out of their tradition to celebrate July 4th, all the while Obama himself is wasting between $60 million and $100 million on a non-essential trip to Africa.
Grand Junction

Immigration reform makes
economic sense for everyone
I’m writing concerning immigration reform. I believe that such reform would make economic sense for all of us, and a big difference for the many, many children of illegal immigrants who are unable to go to college, get a driver’s license so they can get to work, or whatever, with our current unjust laws.
We need a definite pathway to citizenship for them, however long it takes. (We need that, economically and morally, far more than we need to spend billions on more border security.)
I hope that everyone in the Grand Valley will call/write their congressmen to add their voices to the effort to change our unjust laws.
Grand Junction

Predators cull the weak
and improve game herds
In response to the Harold Cherry letter of 7/1/13, some facts are in order.
Predators are an important link in the ecological chain. Natural predators cull the weak and sick and serve to improve the genetic line of the prey animals, as well as keeping browsers from over- grazing their territories.
Conversely, man — the ultimate predator — takes the strongest and fittest out of the genetic pool. Now which would any thinking person suspect of weakening the herds that are so important to our natural resource base?
I write as a Librarian Emeritus at the Entomology, Fisheries and Wildlife Library, University of Minnesota
Grand Junction

Letter writer misused
data about climate change
This a rebuttal to Ben Etheridge’s letter published July 2.
The website for the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies is as follows:
I would suggest that Etheridge get his head out of his gas tank and quit sniffing those fumes, or he needs to go back to grade school to learn to read.
The information he imparted in his letter is an unethical representation of the information, at best. What is it with people that they can’t read and interpret scientific research papers with some semblance of accuracy? Do you actually read these papers or just take what someone else told you what they thought was in it?
Humans, in their large numbers have become a cancerous invasion on Earth. Anyone who believes humans cannot be the cause of global climate change and who uses ignorance or religion as the basis of their retort are just foolish.
God promised he would not destroy humanity, but he never promised humanity that humanity would or could not destroy humanity.
Free will has consequences and requires mature responsibility. Reading scientific research improperly is not responsible nor is making erroneous statements on that research a mature reflection of the information.
Don’t expect science to get us out of this mess if you don’t believe
what science is warning. We, the human cancer, are wholly responsible for the destruction and denigration of our future.


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