Email letters, July 21, 2013

Consider future needs – and history –  when thinking of immigration

People of reason remain dubious that Republicans will come out with a positive immigration law because they are by and large working on a personal agenda that has been for the most part to destroy or diminish President Obama’s agenda.  Instead, Republicans seem intent on diminishing their own political futures.  Consider that for hundreds of years Hispanics have been insulted, demeaned and deprecated with Republicans and many Anglos in general thinking that Hispanic would never be equal to them.  While Hispanics carry these negative baggage, newer or newly arrived do not,  thus the paying field has changed with newcomers being more venturesome as is seen in more business startups with more of their children excelling in college.  This will become more apparent as educated Hispanics join professional fields, educational, government and private enterprise in ever increasing numbers.  In spite of Republican and extreme conservatives Hispanics will continue to advance (porque si se puede).  Here in Grand Junction the time is past when a local banker could say, “There would never be a Mexican of substance in Mesa County.”

Republicans give little thought to the future need for more workers necessary to support the increasing and larger numbers of “Baby Boomer” retirees.  To put it simply, a larger retiree pool cannot be supported by a greatly decreasing labor force.  Perhaps robotics, nano technologies and other sciences will bring about the innovation to create a nation of leisure but it is also possible that it won’t. 

Will we, not I. those that are around in 10 to 15 years be destroying the Iron curtain in the southern border.  Will we be tearing down the plastic curtain in the north?  Will concerned people be yelling to a Republican president, “Tear down those walls” as Reagan did to the Russians?

Another important thought is that if our GNP goes into a downward spiral because of stupid decisions being made and propounded by Republicans we can rest assured that the Chinese will control us—the quickest way to more debt is less income.  If we don’t want to be controlled from the East we have to further develop the West (meaning the Western Hemisphere).

International business, global business requires cooperation among governments.  It requires control of business corporations that go about doing business as if they were sovereign countries.  It requires assisting neighbor countries and it require assisting friendly countries to new development whereby they are able to provide employment to their own people.  Under this best scenario immigration problems take care of themselves.

We have created a brain drain for other countries for centuries by recruiting their best. Now we want to return the favor to Mexico, specifically by sending back young educated student that can’t function due to inability to speak Spanish and whose arrival in this country was beyond their control.  Dreamers fortunately have gotten a break even though many Americans still want to deport them back to the countries of origin. 

In this nation of laws, we create more laws that create more criminals as if harboring more prisoners was a profitable venture.  Interesting numbers I’ve seen indicate that we spent $40,000 to $48.000 per year to incarcerate each prisoner and only $ 8,000 per year to educate a child.  The justice system seems to benefit mightily from remuneration and recompense created from all these old and newly created adverse and destructive laws.

Republicans should consider the self-created low quotas that created the problem of too many illegals in this nation of Laws.  Agriculture needed more workers and trough word of mouth and other means of recruiting more workers than were allowed were recruited. This was the result of Congress not willing to deal with problems of the day.  “Bring forth your huddled masses” became “Come here to work but as soon as you are done go back to where ever you come from.”  It certainly was poor way of handling worker shortages.

Much has been said of the USA being a nation of laws and therefore illegal aliens become criminals for their intransigence.  Little thought is given to the Mexican American war of 1848, a war started by president Zacchary Taylor to force Mexico to sell the southwestern portion of what is now the United States.  Mexico two years earlier had ended its war of independence against France. 

President Taylor took advantage of Mexico’s weakness in order to force Mexico to sell.  Forcing a sale or stealing land does not make a nation of laws.  Some would say, “All is fair in love and war.”  If so why not say “all is fair in war, love and hunger.”

Grand Junction

Holder makes wrong decisions in Zimmerman case

Attorney General Eric Holder has now decided he wants a freeze put on all evidence in the Zimmerman trial and also has decided that Zimmerman cannot have his gun back, even though Florida law says he is entitled to it.

Another case of Holder deciding if he doesn’t like the law, he’ll make one up. Gestapo politics!

Grand Junction

Grant wrongly uses Trayvon Martin case

It seems interesting to me that far-left-liberal columnist Bill Grant wants Colorado’s “make my day” laws repealed based upon the Trayvon Martin case. Then he goes on to quote equally far-left-liberal Claire Levy as support for his position. He calls the law “discriminatory.”

Pardon me, I’m just a common sense conservative, but what could possibly be “discriminatory” about defending my property, my family, and my life against a violent intruder who has broken into my residence with the intention of doing harm to any of the above?

Should I check the perp’s DNA for any possible minority statuses before I shoot him or should I shoot him and then send off a kit to the lab to find out if any point in the past the perp’s ancestors were in any way harmed by
previous Democrat policies such as slavery, Jim Crow laws or poll taxes?

Or should I look at the color of his skin and assume that no person with increased pigmentation should ever be resisted in the commission of a crime and let him have his way?

Grant makes the incredibly naive assumption that because a black person is killed committing a crime it automatically follows that the person defending “their castle” is a racist.

Well, looking at the history of the United States and of the policies supported by the major parties over the years, it becomes crystal clear to me. All registered Democrats must immediately surrender their weapons. Grant can send his to me. I’ll see that they’re given a good loving home.

Grand Junction

Founding Fathers recognized human fallibility

Kevin McCarney’s letter (“Bill of Rights is unassailable by any branch of government”) mischaracterizes my July 16 letter regarding legal aspects of the county sheriffs’ “gun rights” lawsuit (which I support).

As Sentinel readers may recall, McCarney is the local Tea Party “leader” who dubiously claimed that his “political” group – disingenuously masquerading as a tax-exempt “social welfare” organization—was illegally “targeted” by the IRS.

Now, McCarney falsely asserts that “liberal elites” and I believe that “decisions made by the Supreme Court regarding the Bill of Rights are infallible.”  While I do not speak for all “liberals,” I personally “believe” that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were written by men and are therefore inherently fallible, that our Founders adopted “checks and balances” in recognition of those fallibilities, and that the “people” constitutionally conveyed to Article III courts the power to authoritatively declare “what the law is.”

According to McCarney, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are so self-explanatory that neither requires any judicial interpretation and mean only what “conservatives” say they mean – replacing a “government of laws” with a government of men who claim that their own self-serving rendition of constitutional language is “unassailable”.  Meanwhile, our Supreme Court has provided ample evidence that its rulings are not “infallible.”

Thus, in defiance of common sense, “conservatives” like McCarney impliedly believe that – had the Founders sagely anticipated the proliferation and potency of contemporary “arms” – they would have written the Second Amendment no differently.  “Liberals” – and the Supreme Court – trust that our Founders were smarter than that.

Consequently, fear-mongering “conservatives” habitually use the word “tyranny” as a meaningless epithet to describe any governmental action they don’t like, while “liberals” accept as valid the Founders’ express Constitutional reasons – as stated in its Preamble – for establishing and empowering our representative government.


Grand Junction

As nation becomes more and more socialist, common sense must prevail

Where are we going?

Looks like the Republicans have decided to delay the individual mandate for health insurance. Since Obama has decided that his executive privilege allows him to amend laws passed by congress by delaying the employer mandate for providing health insurance for one year, opponents of socialism have had a difficult decision to make. (As a side note, I believe that is exactly what our government had eroded to - the socialists vs. the non-socialists.)

Do you let the individual mandate take affect and allow hundreds of thousands of people feel the financial burden that has been placed on them, or do you delay it and prevent more people from becoming dependent on the government? When you consider government subsidized housing, food stamps, extended unemployment, cell phones and many receiving other monthly checks, the number of people becoming dependent on the government is growing exponentially.

Add in free health care and that number takes another significant bump. Our illustrious president proclaims everything he does is to help the middle class, while the exact opposite is true. Socialism is basically a two-class system, the Haves and the Have-nots and the upper class decides what is best for the people. Only a democratic society based on capitalism provides a path for a true middle class.

It has been touted over and again about how the fall of a democracy occurs when the people realize they can vote themselves money, are we not just about there?
Fast and Furious, Benghazi (“At this point, what difference does it make?!), NSA, IRS, Obamacare ,,, enough!

Should I give up and leave the U.S. to the socialists and start looking for another country, because this sure isn’t the country I knew growing up. I only hope that common sense (which, admittedly, is a rare commodity these days) will prevail.

Grand Junction


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