Email letters, July 21, 2014

“War on Women” a mantra designed by Progressives to enrage their base

The recent Supreme Court decision in the Hobby Lobby case has resulted in articles and letters to the editor decrying the “war on women,” a mantra designed by the Progressives to enrage and try to engage their base. It seems the Progressives’ “ war on women” is blatantly discriminatory.

After age 45 or so, women are less interested in preventing pregnancy and eliminating unwanted fetuses and much more interested in eye tucks, facelifts, stomach stapling, tummy tucks, and hair color. Don’t you think any respectable government insurance plan, dare I call it a plan, should cover these expenses too?

There is no war on women. Look at all the educated, accomplished, successful women, whose entire sense of self-worth do not revolve around their reproductive organs or how government handouts dictate the use of those organs. I am embarrassed for the women who feel it necessary to have this level of government interference in their personal lives.

Grand Junction

President has failed to uphold oath in respect to immigration

The President takes an oath to protect this country against all enemies, foreign and domestic. At the current time enemies are coming across our borders in record numbers and he has done nothing to protect this nation and the states from having these people forced upon them.

Violation of oath of office is impeachable.

Grand Junction

The Bible offers guidance for immigration issues

To those whose hearts are hardened to the young refugees on our border, I ask what the Bible says:

“He who oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the poor honors God.” Proverbs 14:31

Grand Junction

Reader raises questions about the Naval Oil Shale Reserve

This letter is in response to the Daily Sentinel editorial regarding the BLM’s most lucrative onshore gas lease sale ever, which netted $114,000,000 in revenue to federal, state and local taxpayers from the Naval Oil Shale reserve.

Upon reading the editorial I can only hope that the Daily Sentinel’s staff will obtain answers to the following questions prior to the consummation of any proposed agreements between the federal government and environmental groups:

1) Under the proposed settlement how many federal, state, and local tax dollars will be forfeited to satisfy the environmental advocates that have sued federal, state, and local taxpayers to rescind the bona fide lease sale that took place in 2008?

2) What is the total amount of legal fees that will be paid out to the environmental attorneys that sued federal, state, and local taxpayers to rescind a bona fide lease sale that took place in 2008?

3) What is the total amount of damages in terms of interest expense and lost profits that will need to be paid out to the companies that paid federal, state, and local taxpayers $114,000,000 of certified funds in 2008 only to be prohibited from commencing natural gas development on the Naval Oil Shale Reserve?

4) What is the total amount of damages that will need to be paid to citizens and taxpayers from foregone economic activity and past, present and future tax revenues due to the suspension and ultimate cancelation of natural gas leases on the Naval Oil Shale Reserve?

Before anyone can make a determination of win-win, win-lose or lose-lose, the public needs to know the past, present, and future cost of the environmental lawsuit that has been perpetrated on the citizenry of the United States at their expense.

Grand Junction

Locals express support for Israeli state and solidarity with Israeli citizens

For the past several years, day in and day out, the people of Israel have had to endure rocket attacks coming from the terrorist organization that runs Gaza called Hamas. This terrorist organization indiscriminately targets Israeli civilians and uses innocent Palestinians as human shields. The world should demand that Hamas immediately renounce the use of violence and recognize Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish and democratic state.

No one should expect Israel to stand idly by while its citizens are the targets of continued rocket attacks. Every country and every government’s primary responsibility are to protect its citizens. The government of Israel and the people of Israel should not be held to any other standard.

If we in the United States had missiles being fired onto our innocent civilians from across the border, we would move across the border to stop those terrorists from killing our people and do what we could to prevent those attacks from happening again. That is what Israel is doing.

On this issue, we express our unconditional support for the State of Israel and our solidarity with its beleaguered citizens.

Lay Leader, Congregation Ohr Shalom
Lay Leader, Congregation Ohr Shalom
Lay Leader, Congregation Ohr Shalom

Immigration chaos an example of current administration’s corruption

The current chaos on our southern border is surely one of the finest examples of the Obama administration’s blatant corruption and attempts at deceiving the American public.

Obama first created the problems on the border by: 1) ham-stringing the efforts of the US Border Patrol by disallowing them to do their respective jobs; 2) refusing to enforce existing immigration laws which he is sworn to uphold, while claiming that we need more laws; 3) filing lawsuits against the very states whose legal citizens are most directly impacted by illegals crossing the border; and 4) essentially announcing to the world that “if you can get here, you won’t be forced to leave.” .

Obama then re-labels the problem as a “humanitarian crises,” rather than the straightforward illegal entry into the US and violation of the US Constitution that it really is. And all the while he places blame on those bad Republicans who just won’t work with him.

Obama and the Democratic leadership in the Senate, enabled by the corrupt liberal press, have largely been able to hide from the American public that virtually all bills proposed by the Republican House simply get tabled in the Senate. Let’s recall that the Democrats had a full majority in the House, Senate and White House for Obama’s first two years in office, and could have passed any immigration bill they wanted. Obama promised to pass a new immigration bill in his first year, and yet Obama and the Democrats never even presented a bill to vote on.

The reason the Democrats have no interest in passing an immigration bill is that they would rather keep immigration a highly divisive issue, whereby they believe that they can score political points against Republicans simply by repeating the same false talking points.

Sadly, Obama encourages even little children and teens to travel a thousand miles of extreme danger while crossing Mexico, and to risk physical and sexual assaults, robbery, abandonment, extreme risk of dehydration and illness, and even the death of some of these innocent children. The horrific suffering of these children is simply collateral damage and is a cost Obama and his fellow Democrats justify in the hopes that they can create millions more unskilled, uneducated, government dependent generations of Democrat voters.

These people are not only being allowed to come into the US, but at tax payer expense are being flown or transported in buses to locales all over America, even though they have not been properly screened for communicable diseases, criminal history, terrorist affiliation, etc. This also exemplifies the disdain Obama exhibits towards all Americans who are being subjected, illegally and immorally, to the perils of these improperly screened illegals in the process.

Grand Junction

Coffman and Gardner’s votes blocked chance for immigration reform

Colorado Republicans Mike Coffman and Cory Gardner’s votes to deport young immigrants who have been living in Colorado for nearly a decade are right in line with the most extreme in their party.

Coffman and Gardner blocked any chance for immigration reform in the near future. And if that wasn’t bad enough, now their Republican colleagues are using child refugees at the border to again call for deporting young immigrants.

Coffman and Gardner can keep claiming they’ve been for immigration reform all along, but their terrible voting records on immigration since they took office say otherwise.

Colorado Republicans like Coffman and Gardner should remember that Latino, APIA, and immigrant voters are watching and will determine the winners in November.

They forget that the hard line stance of the Republicans in order to hurt Obama are destroying everything that is good for the public and everything this country once stood for. This cannot continue. If they will not change their behavior, we will change it for them and look forward to doing it.


Conservation Colorado helps inform public on conservation

Thank you to Conservation Colorado, Jerry Nelson, Petrika Peters and Kate Graham for a factual presentation about what we know and don’t know about climate change on Thursday night.

Scientific projections of global warming over the next 100 years can make a person feel powerless, but at this meeting, participants found the courage to write public comments and pledge to #actonclimate.

Each of us can feel so small trying to make a difference with individual behavior changes, often feeling we are acting in isolation. What we need are levers that multiply our effort, so that a little bit of sustained engagement on our part results in big changes. Citizens Climate Lobby, a group of thousands of volunteers with chapters all over the U.S., is exactly such a lever. Their mission is simple: write to and meet with your local member of Congress (Rep. Scott Tipton) and ask him to
support a federal carbon fee and dividend bill. This policy is the revenue-neutral, free-market solution advanced by Republican economists.

Instead of asking people to choose between their wallets and their conscience, carbon fee and dividend makes environmental choices financially preferable, without subsidies or expansion of government. A recent economic study predicts that carbon fee and dividend will produce 2-3 million American jobs, increase GDP, reduce U.S. carbon pollution by 50% by 2035 and save 227,000 lives from increased air quality.

In order to pass the policy, Tipton needs to hear from us. Learn how to get involved at Thank you to Conservation Colorado for empowering an informed public, including at their next panel on Monday, August 4 at 5:30pm at the Mesa County Library Downtown Branch, titled Our Food, Our Forest, Our Water.


CLAWS and Community Cat Care offer humane solutions for feral cats

This last week I heard about the advice the Humane Society gave out concerning feral cats. Basically, what it said was leave them alone, do not feed they will die off, die from illnesses, injuries from fighting or simply not make it past kitten-hood, freeze to death in the winter, or get run over, etc. The Humane Society said these poor cats keep the mice in check, so don’t kill them. Let nature take its course.

How about we as a community get behind Community Cat Care. They trap, neuter and return these feral cats to their area, they take care of vaccinating them and a caretaker feeds them and provides methods of keeping them from freezing to death in the winter. CLAWS also help with finding homes for tame cats that heartless people abandon for whatever reason.

The TNR method of ear tipping cats so you can tell if the cat was neutered has been in existence for many years and is very successful. Alley Cat Allies and Alley Cat Rescue do this very successfully and upcoming cities and counties are using this method to control the feral cat populations.

Personally, I fully support the organizations that actually help these unfortunate cats. It is not their fault they find themselves in this mess and the place that calls itself humane isn’t humane at all. I enjoy helping CLAWS and Community Cat Care. Wouldn’t you rather do so, too?


GOP continues to obstruct immigration reform

Two items in Sunday’s Sentinel and a recent report from the University of Texas at El Paso aptly illustrate the “opportunity costs” of continuing Republican obstruction of “comprehensive immigration reform.”

Emily Schmall’s timely AP article (“While some towns dig in heels, other shelter illegal immigrants”) describes the “sharp contrast” between those who fear an “invasion” by terrified children (whose vaccination rates for childhood diseases are higher than Texas’) and those who recognize a humanitarian crisis when they see one.

While Abel Tapia’s guest column is plaintively entitled “Immigration reform should not be an issue,” its content accurately describes why any such reform remains a divisive partisan issue – because our present “broken system” is exactly what Republicans and their “base” (including both “Tea Party” nativists and powerful business interests) prefer.

Under Article I of our Constitution, securing our borders and establishing immigration policy are the sole purview of Congress. In June 2013, the U.S. Senate (with fourteen Republican votes) passed the bipartisan “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act” (S. 744), but the “Tea Party” controlled House has not been allowed to vote on that bill – even though it would reduce deficits by $1 trillion over twenty years (after spending $43+ billion to better “secure” our borders).

In 2008, Congress unanimously passed the Trafficking Victims Protection Act. Despite its administrative complexities – as detailed in UTEP’s “Unaccompanied Alien Children Project” report (March 2014) – and current budget-busting ramifications (as the number of UACs from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras has exploded), the Obama administration seeks $3.7 billion to “faithfully execute” that law.

Indeed, the Department of Homeland Security recommends prompt establishment of “Welcome Centers,” where UACs can be quickly transferred to the Department of Human Services as Congress directed, but Republicans apparently prefer continuing partisan controversy to effective solutions.

Grand Junction


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