Email Letters: July 26, 2017

Name change not the panacea for our problems

About every two to three years, we go through this changing the name of several key things in the town. And now once again we’re back to North Avenue being changed to University Boulevard, and 12th Street to Maverick Way. And we’re being persuaded by some that this is the panacea for our problems, and that by doing this people will flock to Grand Junction and our university by the thousands, and thus an economic boon will happen. Get serious! This is a want, not a genuine need, and it’s certainly not our salvation.

People move here not for boulevards named after some university, nor our sprawling highways and byways named after obscure individuals or animals. When asked, 90 percent of transplants respond to why they moved here, as being the “small town atmosphere, close-knit community, beauty, and low crime rate,” the latter of which is worsening geometrically, as evidenced by Sunday’s front page article on the “Satan’s Disciples” gang terrorizing a neighborhood. This is what happens when you call attention to yourself or town. And now we have air service to L.A. Wow! Now the cartels can fly their drugs in as well as drive them here on Interstate 70.

People move here to get away from the very thing that so many are trying to turn us into – another Denver, L.A. or Chicago. If that’s what you want, please feel free to move there. Now of course only a fool blocks the wheels of progress, which this name change is not, and only a moron lets those wheels run over history and traditional values. So once again, if you truly cherish what we have here and moved or live here to escape the boulevards, stay off the radar, or the next name change will be when city fathers rename Grand Junction to Denver West, and the boon becomes a boondoggle.

Grand Junction

When our personal will aligns with love we create solutions that work for everyone

As we discuss the needed changes for our society and planet, we must be honest about the current status of societal structures. Despite the fact that our constitution proclaims our freedoms and equal rights, this is not what is true in our current society. Far from equality, we have our communities fragmenting repeatedly. These fragments each have their valid point of view. What most don’t acknowledge is the truth of quantum physics, that we are all intimately connected.

The apparent separation is merely a 3D sense perception, which is not true when looked at from an energetic level. This awareness creates a profound shift. No longer are we struggling for survival of the fittest, but instead we are aware that as we do to others, we are doing to ourselves, literally. And instead of judging and criticizing others, we look to how we can be of service to our fellow man and environment.

Many will object, citing the limitations of human nature. However, the current expression of human nature is highly distorted by the fear-based beliefs of our society. We are each conditioned into these beliefs in many ways right from childhood. We are discouraged from validating our intuitive voice, and instead are compelled to do as “authorities” and “experts” and parents tell us we must.

There is another way. There is the way of love, where we understand that we are each divine beings of light, connected to one another and a greater whole. We are born with the wisdom that we need to live. We are love, at the very core of our beings, not simply giving or receiving love. And as love we focus on being and doing that which aligns with our greatest good, as well as the greatest good of the whole. When our personal will aligns with love we create solutions that work for everyone. We are each capable of this if we do the work to release our fears and the false beliefs that support them.

Remember, our thoughts are very powerful. They are not contained in our heads, but radiate out indefinitely. Our thoughts energize our emotions for better or worse. And our thoughts and emotions create our experiences. We can build a better world for all as quickly as we will allow. The only limitations are the ones we create for ourselves. True change must happen within us first. From there, love finds the perfect way.

Grand Junction


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