Email letters, July 3, 2013

Dems want to make July 4th
our Dependence Day
July 4 is Independence Day, or Dependence Day, depending on your view of the role of government.
The best example of our slide into government dependency experienced a setback. Employers were given a one-year delay, until 2015, to implement Obamacare mandates.
The reason for this is it provides cover for Democrats who voted for Obamacare to get re-elected in 2014. Obamacare is a mess. Democrats know it, including Sen. Mark Udall.
Up til now, few people could understand this law. It will not be until they actually feel the full pain of its implementation that ordinary people will appreciate how bad it is for them. It is why Democrats keep putting it off.
Younger people, the demographic whose members are the strongest supporters of President Obama, are the ones who will be hurt most.
You almost have to laugh. There was a phony war on women that was a center piece of the President’s re-election campaign. Republicans didn’t want health insurers to pay for their birth control pills. What was the cost, $10 a month? Now many of these same young women and their male partners will be forced to pay hundreds of dollars more per month for their health care. They don’t have freedom to make a choice. That’s a real war on both young men and women.
Hopefully, we will vote to return to the path of independence in 2014.

Columnist off target
with column about guns
Jim Spehar would be downright amusing if he weren’t so predictable. It does get rather tiresome, though, reading his opinion pieces as he tries so hard to,ome across bipartisan but in the end fails so miserably. His article in the July 2 edition of The Daily Sentinel was no exception.
When he mentions the county sheriffs who, in his words, “are challenging rather than enforcing duly enacted laws,” he once again belies the actions of the county sheriffs. I don’t recall any of them saying that they would not enforce the laws regarding gun control. In fact, almost to a man they specified that it was their sworn duty to uphold said laws. Most said they didn’t agree with them in recognition of the Second Amendment, but I don’t think any said
they would not uphold the law.
As usual, Spehar pretends to be all for gun rights, while all the while denigrating those folks who actually want to uphold the Second Amendment, going so far as to even call them “silly.” I’m sure our forefathers didn’t think the Second Amendment was silly and they certainly didn’t sophomorically compare it to a penile implant.
Most telling, though, was his quote of Thomas Jefferson: “Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.” I’ll quote the part that he left out: “I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.”
Spehar so adeptly partially quotes Jefferson but at the same time
chastises, admonishes, castigates etc. etc. those who would exercise the very rights he is talking about.
Grand Junction

GOP rules supreme
in Mesa County
This is regarding the recent article written by Virginia Brooks in response to the vacancy o the City Council as a result of the death of Harry Butler.
Harry was a refreshing member of the council because he was not owned by either political party, he was an independent thinker. I wish and hope that our council will become more of a group of free-thinking individuals and not be ruled by either political party. Of course, living in Mesa County, this is not going to happen.
Brooks was obviously disappointed with Sam Susuras for stepping outside the wishes of the conservative coalition of Mesa County. Shame on Sam for being a free thinker. I am sure she thinks Jim Doody and Bennett Boeschenstein should get on a bus and take their liberal leanings to metro Denver. While they’re at it, maybe Susuras should join them. I don’t know what Brooks is so worried about. The chances of a liberal winning that council seat are slim and none.
My personal feelings are that there should be two vacancies, Harry Butler’s seat and Rick Brainard’s — if both the City Council and the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce would do what they should do and pull their support of Brainard. After all, what is it that they don’t understand about a guilty plea.
The chamber has now decided to take the safe way out of this debacle and withhold its opinion until the recall is official. Why would chamber officials want to tarnish their spit-shined image?
I’m sure many conservatives also supported the election of Rep. Jared Wright, our shining example of the perfect state representative from our county. the only reason for going ahead with Wright was to make sure the Republican Party maintained that seat in the House. The GOP could have just removed him as its candidate and run a bulldog and still won the seat. This is, again, a sad commentary on Mesa County’s political system.
The Grand Old Party rules supreme in Mesa County. Please lock yourself in and vote the way your party thinks you should. There is no room for thinking out of the box. It is quite obvious that any of your party members who step out of line will be whipped right back int shape. Ask Sam Susuras about this.
Grand Junction


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