Email letters, July 31, 2014

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To Mr. Hugenberg:  I see you are up on your high horse again, trying to paint Tipton as a bad guy. (He is a Republican, after all - that’s all that is needed for you to get all uppity)  Where do I start?  You say he voted 50+ times to delay, defund, etc, the Un-ACA)  I say - good for Tipton.  Just too bad none of those votes resulted in doing away with this Alinsky-inspired takeover of the healthcare industry by this Socialistic government.  Maybe I could say:  Tipton was FOR it before he was AGAINST it - much like John Kerry was about the war?  Hey - it apparently was good for Kerry.  The Congress didn’t actually vote for the ‘Mandate Delay’ - the King usurped that bit of Legislation with his pen - or his phone - I forget.  That the law had been passed and signed into law by the Democrats ONLY, in the dark of night, with nary a Republican vote, then signed by the would-be King, to become law, and adjudicated as law by the Supremes - how is it you think Obummer didn’t overstep his authority by changing any part of it?  Now, I know he thinks he’s a King - unfortunately, he is but one part of three parts of government, and he cannot legally change law in any shape or form, once it has been passed - all by his lonesome.  He’s pretty adept at his failures to enforce laws that have been on the books for years - he even directs Holder to not prosecute laws that don’t agree with his Kingly view of how things should be.  Obummer’s only ‘PURPORTED transgression’ was the delay of the Employer mandate?  I don’t think that’s the only one, but even if it were - as Democrats are constantly saying:  “He’s a Costitutionsl Law Professor” - one would think if ANYONE should know better - Obummer should.

Hey Hugenburg. Did you read the Sentinel lately? Club 20 and the upcoming debates being skipped by Polis? One topic——-3 counties in COLORADO have some of the highest insurance rates in the land. husseincare needs to be de-funded. Duh.

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