Email letters, July 7, 2013

Chamber’s position on
Brainard is squishy
At last we have heard from a Chamber member, (Michael P. Anton on July 2) who is “sickened by the falsehoods regarding the Chamber of Commerce’s position regarding domestic violence.”
Well that is good to hear, but why is the Chamber President Dianne Schwenke, basically silent on the issue? I say silent other than to have said, at least twice now, that they would be “prepared to take a position on the candidacy of Councilman Brainard” after certain things occurred.
The first time was regarding Brainard’s guilt or innocence on the charges of domestic violence. Guilt has been determined in the court of law, by Brainard’s plea of guilty.
The second time was more recently, after a chamber monthly meeting responding to a question. The chamber is now “prepared to take a position ... if a recall is certified.”
The upset with the chamber has to do with its political backing of Brainard, before his domestic abuse became apparent, and then giving us, twice, the squishy “prepared to take a position after….”
So, one can unequivocally state that the Chamber still backs Brainard. At least until Schwenke comes out with a definitive statement, that is the case.
Grand Junction

Eurasian doves threaten
native mourning doves

Most everyone likes hearing the cooing of mourning doves in our area.  However, a new invasive species of Eurasian dove hit the U.S. in 1982 and is now in our area. It is about 25 percent bigger than mourning doves, has an irritating screech and is so dangerously invasive that the state has given permission to kill them anytime—no season, no body count. They are not afraid of humans and are acclimated to live in urban environments (think pigeon).

I watched as one of these doves attack a mourning dove in our back yard and then run off all the others by hanging around. These larger doves, have squared off tail feathers, don’t make the dove whistle when taking off and most importantly for identification, have an easy to see small black ring of feathers around nearly all of their neck. They could eventually run off the mourning doves.
Jim Shults
Grand Junction

Postal Service employee
provides great service
I just want to nominate a woman named Lynn for employee of the decade! I met Lynn when I recently had to go to the Bulk Mail Unit on Patterson to retrieve a postage due package. I did not have enough money so Lynn took the money out of her purse to cover it! She was so cheerful and happy to help. I went back a few days later and repaid her. I hope her boss reads this; she is a treasure!
Grand Junction

SF airliner crash suggests
its time for nonhuman pilots
Several years ago my wife and I enjoyed a combined birthday celebration and family reunion at my brother’s home in Houston. An attending cousin’s husband has spent all of his professional life as an electrical engineer working for Hewlett-Packard in Dallas. Most of that time has been with a team developing remote-control and programming of vehicles moving through three dimensions, generally airplanes.
I rather flippantly asked him to tell me when he and his fellow researchers were going to be ready to put all of the appropriate equipment on the flight deck of a commercial airliner, eliminating the human presence that we’re so used to seeing. He said: “That’s not the question. When are you and the flying public going to be ready? We are.”
In view of the recent horrific and apparently unnecessary crash of an
Asiana 777 at San Francisco, which at this point suggests a serious lack of attention by pilots to basic flying protocol, perhaps it’s time to consider a change in who (or what) is flying our airliners.
Involuntarily we glance to the left as we board to see who will be
controlling our airplane and our lives. Has the time has come that we should no longer see human pilots but a secured area without even the familiar narrow access door? Are we ready?

Immigration reform bill
won’t help this country
Someone needs to reach our congressional delegation, which includes our U.S. senators, and tell them to read the senate’s immigration amnesty bill before signing it.
The bill will not help the U.S., it will not help our economy, it will not control our borders, it will not reduce the unemployment rate, and it will not improve our nation’s sustainability.
Read the bill and you will have no doubt that you need to vote NO. Please, vote NO on the immigration amnesty bill.

Let’s return to sane policies
of the 1950s and 1960s
Joel Prudholme wrote an intelligent letter, published July 6, which unfortunately included “erroneous and contradictory wrong” assumptions he prescribed to another writer of an earlier letter.
Sequestration came as result of level-headed, intelligent adults realizing that our country was being directed down a pathway to bankruptcy by free-spending liberals intent on making everyone in the country totally dependent on government for the necessities of life. President Obama took the bait, thinking sequestration would never be accepted by conservatives, but he got fooled!
We could be having White House tours and fireworks if Obama used reason and intelligence in his decision making. We need economic growth and a reasonable reduction in the size of the federal government to get a handle on our mutitrillion-dollar debt.
How do we do that? By turning loose our economic logjam, beginning with removing restrictions on the development of energy resources, oil, coal, natural gas and nuclear, and by drastic reductions in federal agencies such as the Departments of Education, Energy, Commerceand the EPA. Even one of the better agencies, The Federal Highway Administration should be downscaled and the federal gas tax eliminated.
None of us wants to go back to the 1850s, as suggested by Prudholme, but a return of a “sane” government of the 1950s or 1960s would be welcome. Those would have been appalled at the current size of our national debt.

Local patriots defend rights
even of those who oppose them
I’m writing in response to George Johnson’s letter of July 7. I am a
proud American who loves the freedoms our Constitution provides for us.
The patriots who reside in Mesa county, are the very reason I live here. I take offense at his description of what he calls “political filth”. The so-called radicals are decendants of the “radicals” who fought for the freedom we enjoy today. The 13 colonies were, in fact radical right-wing extremists, and thank God they were brave enough to fight for our rights, and in so doing founded the basis on which our great United States were formed.
I will fight to the death to defend Jophnson’s right to express
himself without reprisal. He apparently has forgotten that there are many of us here, and we do not all subscribe to his type of political correctness. I, for one,  am a forth generation native, and I support the rights of The Mesa County Patriots to voice their free speech, in anyway, provided it does not infringe on the rights of others.
Johnson had no rights violated. In fact, he used his free speech to denigrate some very fine people who will stand up for his rights as well as their own. I think he owes an apology to the Mesa County Patriot group as a whole. People like him are the very reason this country is faltering, due to political correctness.
I applaud the parade organizers for realizing the value of “truth” in the form of protest, that allowed these law-abiding citizens to speak their mind.
Grand Junction

It’s time to bury
‘Doonesbury’ strip
I know you have heard this before, probably frequently, but I feel compelled to continue the argument: Why is “Doonesbury” still presented on the comics page?
Call me old fashioned, but I can remember when the comics page was reserved for humorous and entertaining, light-hearted slices of life
that we could all relate to. Instead, we are subjected to sophomoric,
sarcastic, one-sided political views that would make you wonder if they aren’t prepared by some unemployed slacker in his pajamas writing from his grandmother’s basement.
It’s easy to vilify a political point of view when there is no opposing opinion offered. You could run cartoons of president
Obama to be fair and balanced. There are quite a few every day on the
Internet. In short, lets bury “Doonesbury”.
Grand Junction

Letter writer’s rant did not
make sense until others ran
I would like to thank the the Daily Sentinel editorial page for adding perspective and reason to the otherwise mindless rant of George Johnson. I had read his letter in the Free Press — and, as an honorably discharged,disabled Vet who was also at the parade, until I read Sunday’s Sentinel, I could not figure out what the old boy was ranting about.
The excellent letters by David Cox and Michael Triplett, published by the Sentinel, made it possible to understand what Johnson was blathering about. Needless to say I can agree with the honorable
David Cox and Michael Triplett and their letters made sense — either one or both — even had they been published alone.
Can’t say the same for Johnson and I cannot agree with his rant. The Mesa County Patriots deserve a well-earned patriot salute.

Krauthammer column wrongly
blames President Obama
As evidenced in Sunday’s Daily Sentinel, “conservative” huckster Charles (“Chicken Little”) Krauthammer is at it again – vacuously asserting that “Obama’s climate-change proposal amounts to U.S. economic suicide.”
Impliedly blaming President Obama for all the world’s ills, Krauthammer’s prefatory indictment asserts, first, that “the economy stagnates” – even though steady economic recovery continues, despite Republicans’ calculated efforts to both induce and exploit “stagnation” for partisan political gain, by imposing job-killing cuts while refusing to even consider reducing unemployment by investing in infrastructure.

Second, Krauthammer states that “Syria burns” – as if there is anything the U.S. can or should do that would actually alleviate the carnage and/or achieve a favorable political outcome, the persistent hectoring of familiar Republican war-mongers notwithstanding.

Third, Krauthammer claims that “scandals lap at his feet” – but fails to mention that those scandals were either inherited from President Obama’s Republican predecessors and/or cynically manufactured by contemporary Republican demagogues.

Fourth, Krauthammer claims that “China and Russia mock him”, even as China promptly rid itself of Edward Snowden, who now apparently remains in an airport “transit area” – a stateless person not free to mockingly roam the streets of either Hong Kong or Moscow.

“How does President Obama respond?”, Krauthammer asks, deriding as “grandiloquent” his exercise of responsible leadership by looking beyond the distractions of the moment and using his “bully pulpit” to alert the American people to the impending challenges posed by climate change.

Krauthammer also falsely asserts that climate change “lies at the very bottom of a list of Americans’ concerns”, when the most recent Pew poll found that 40 percent of Americans (not to mention the Department of Defense) regard climate change as a major threat to our national security. That percentage ranks well below the rest of the world precisely because Republican “deniers” continue to delude themselves and each other.
Grand Junction

Mesa County Patriots float
honored spirit of our Founders

Independence Day: a celebration of expressing resistance to tyranny. Free men and women risked their lives and everything they had fighting and declaring their sovereignty and independence from a government that they decided had overstepped its legal, lawful scope.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…”

Regarding the letter to the editor from George Johnson in response to the Independence Day parade, your published letter from Gladys Woynowskie makes an excellent point on the importance of free speech and freedom of expression in a free society.
I am sincerely unsure of what George Johnson believes Independence Day commemorates. Our float and subsequent rally celebrated EXACTLY the same protest that our nation celebrates on July 4th. We are all familiar with the controversy of the federal government’s/NSA’s unlawful, warrantless spying on its own citizens. And its use of the IRS to unfairly silence political dissent. Drone surveillance and the president’s assertion that his branch alone can indefinitely detain or execute Americans without a trial or due process of law, and other issues are all bringing to light many of our own governments “long train of abuses and usurpations.”

Recently, our own state legislators have passed citizen disarmament statutes that many legal experts, including nearly all Colorado county sheriffs, understand are unlawful and unconstitutional.

As firm believers in “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms… being necessary to the security of a free State,” our float also represented a model of a gun. This was a reminder of
the right of free men (and women) to keep and own the same arms as the political class, which, in a historical context, is extremely relevant at a holiday celebrating America’s birth. Certainly, if the founding fathers of America had sought the approval of every government and local body before they expressed their dissatisfaction, America would not have been born.

The Mesa County Patriots are not advocating initiating violence nor a
radical attack on our government. We are proud gun owners who wish to help awaken our neighbors to the dangerous expansion of the police state and concurrent loss of individual rights. We honor our United States veterans by defending the very freedoms they have risked their lives defending. The feedback we received from our float and event was overwhelmingly positive.

Thank God we live in a society that is still free enough to allow the Spirit of ‘76 to be proudly (and peacefully) displayed on Independence Day.

Mesa County Patriots
Grand Junction

Republican Party being hurt
by those on the radical right

Over the past few years, a disturbing trend has emerged in the Republican Party: the disappearance of the moderate voice. The traditional, fiscally conservative (excepting recent Republican presidents) wing of the party has been overrun by a hard-right faction consisting of anti-government zealots (aka the “tea partiers”), the gun lobby and the millions who worship at
the pulpits of Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage and the like.

In the Grand Valley, this is particularly noticeable. It’s not news that our valley is strongly conservative, but what is alarming is the vitriol coming from these individuals. Going well beyond basic ideological differences, it runs from deeply disrespectful to downright scary.

One particular nugget I’ve heard on more than one occasion is, “Obama is intentionally trying to destroy the American economy.” Please. I understand we are all influenced by what we are exposed to, but how about a little independent thinking? How much difference is there between the lemmings of today who believe everything they see and hear, and those in attendance at the Jim Jones Kool-Aid party in Guyana a few decades ago?

The national Republican Party recognizes that the center controls national, as well as many state elections (Colorado included), and that the hard right is costing the party at the polls.

Even so, it’s doubtful that the bluster from these groups will subside anytime soon. After all, it’s all about partisan politics. If not, why didn’t the tea party arise several years ago, when the Bush administration was in the middle of expanding the federal
government on a level not seen since the Johnson years? Where was the furor then?

If the Republicans regain the White House in 2016, the radical right
will most likely retreat back to their bunkers, only to be replaced by their counterparts from the far left. Aren’t politics grand?
Grand Junction

Republicans must act like
players if they want a role

It’s interesting that in a democracy, a simple request denied makes the request flawed. It’s any easy setup to fail, and the article Josh Penry wrote on July 5 puts the party line front and center. Obama may let things drift in hopes of raising awareness, but the opposition members look at it as an opportunity to further retreat to their fears.

Penry’s point was, since the enactment of “Ocare” as it’s now
metaphorically known, original mandates have changed. Such arbitrary changes are not legal.

The main point is that big government doesn’t work. So to prove it,
“oppose every measure to improve it and condemn every measure that
doesn’t conform”. It’s that simple, and there is no alternative given. And all this is proof that we don’t need government?

It’s the classic situation. A child holds behind him a bird in each hand and asks: “In which hand it the dead bird?” to which the answer is given: “It’s your choice.”

So be it with Republican Party. If they want to be players, act like it. Otherwise, by default, they are spoilers.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed are as good as Obama has?

Grand Junction

How many secrets are
hidden in immigration bill?

How many more secrets are kept from us besides the fact that the illegal immigrants will be given welfare checks?

Will the final bill be like Obamacare, where we learn more details every day?

It would be interesting to see a survey of our county or city asking how many of use know about welfare for illegal immigrants.

Grand Junction


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Re: For Dick of Meeker
You used sweeping generalities to attempt to brush aside Joel’s well made observations - it don’t work that way Dick. However,
Dick suggested a return to the sane years of the 1950’s and 60’s, which I would echo in part. The tax rate on corporations’ taxable income was 52% in that period and , contrary to all the current hyperbole, the country was far more prosperous - sorry, Dick of Meeker 0 Joel 1 !

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