Email letters, July 9, 2013

Abdicating control of forests has sparked disastrous fires

It’s not fire season yet, but already, tragically, we have lost 19 firefighters in Arizona and more than 500 homes in Colorado’s Black Forest fire. We now usually burn up more timber annually than we harvested even during high logging years.

How dumb can we be? We have let government and environists (‘environmentalists’ without the “mental”) limit logging, supposedly to “protect animal habitat.” As a result, forests are so thick and unhealthy and so filled with dead wood that they quickly become uncontrollable infernos. Instead of temporarily displacing wildlife during logging, we are now incinerating wildlife, habitat, people and homes.

Our government is intensifying this recession by eliminating resource-based jobs (especially coal and timber). It is wasting our timber resources. How dumb can we be? Why do we allow this to happen?

Forest fires spew tons of carbon dioxide in the air; global-warming alarmists ignore that inconvenient fact. Smoke-filled air damages human health. Lives and property are destroyed. Viewsheds are compromised for hundreds of miles.

Wake up, America! Judicious forest management (thinning, logging, fire breaks and prescribed fire) can increase forest health, reduce forest fuels and make fires easier to control. Our forests can be managed to benefit economies, increase forest health and habitat and minimize catastrophic fires.

Stop letting government neglect and destroy our forest resources and suppress our economic recovery. Tell your representatives that we’re tired of fire taking what we could be using, and that we want more of our forests managed for fire protection and economic benefits.



Societal right to free speech must be matched by responsibility

While I respect the opinions of those who do not agree with the comments I made regarding the Fourth of July parade, I ask those readers, in what universe is the Grim Reaper, a masked Al Qaeda soldier holding a military weapon (hopefully not loaded), a sign saying “The Aurora Movie Theater was a gun free zone” and someone dressed like George Washington (think how is George Washington portrayed to elementary school children) screaming derogatory comments considered family and kid friendly?

The Fourth of July parade was heavily promoted as a family and kid friendly event. If our society considers the images mentioned above as family friendly, why not let the owners of the adult topless club here in Grand Junction promote their business by building a float and having their entertainers pass out candy to children in American flag-printed thongs?

As far apart as those two things may seem, they are the exactly the same when it comes to being family friendly. The point of my initial letter is that there is a time and place for political rallies and adult entertainment, but a family friendly promoted Fourth of July parade is absolutely not it. I’m not saying our parade needs to be completely censored with only teddy bears and Mickey Mouse, but I’d appreciate some common sense when it comes to its planning.

While we enjoy freedom of speech and freedom of expression in this country, I think we need to be reminded from time to time of the strong responsibilities that accompany our great freedoms. I hope the parade organizers and potential participants will consider my comments when it comes to planning next year’s event.


Grand Junction

Lavish entitlements to burden next generation

Why are liberals writing in complaining about the lack of a budget in Washington when they have exactly what they wanted? Endless spending and no one can stop them.

Obama’s budget was nothing but another tax and spend joke. It had $1 trillion in new taxes while cutting chicken feed in spending. The Democrats new socialistic agenda is imploding on them.

People are realizing that Obamacare IS a disaster. But that’s what happens when you pass a bill before you find out what’s in it. Obama’s taken entitlements to almost 65 percent of our federal spending, and now they’re running out of working people to pay for all their handouts.

And, best of all, members of our young generation are finally realizing that even though liberals talk a great story and are great at blaming others, all they’re getting from Obama, Biden, Pelosi and Reid is a big, fat, unpayable bill!

Grand Junction

Bloated, slow government has no effective role in fire mitigation

In the July 9th issue of The Daily Sentinel the headline read,” Paltry funds play with fire.” Why is it always assumed by left-leaning government autocrats that fire mitigation must involve government funding or intervention?

The negative impact of the Colorado Roadless Rule of 2001 ( and the incessant prattling of the environmentalists have made it nearly impossible for the proper mitigation of dead timber in Colorado forests. This astoundingly shortsighted doctrine that says in part that “Roadless areas are important because they are, among other things, sources of drinking water, important fish and wildlife habitat” has resulted in just the opposite result.

Devastating fires occur that are magically blamed on some sort of fictitious man-caused global climate change and have overwhelmed the environment the do-gooders want to protect. Watersheds are damaged as a result of fire debris runoff ( and critters lose their habitat. Prohibiting the private mitigation of the forest in Colorado and the ongoing drumbeat of “government has no money” to “properly budget” for catastrophes are facts that miss the point.

When one waits for a bloated government to “do something,” one is going to wait a long time. Sen. Mark Udall,  D-Colo,, and the rest of his government-dependent paternalists think that more money and bigger government are the answers. It’s time for government to back off and give people the freedom to manage their own affairs and their forests.


In exposing misuse of power,  Snowden is a modern-day Paul Revere

In the month of June, a great man with love for this country and concern for his fellow Americans released a mountain of incriminating documentation and evidence regarding the unconstitutional and illegal spying and surveillance from our government over you and me.

In the past 15 years our massive security forces and their powers have swelled to the size and creation of many governments within governments. These organizations are filled with a large, unknown number of agents and opportunities, acting like third-grade girls who feel more empowered with the number of “secrets” they hold.

The end result of all this buying makes people feel more afraid and more insecure than ever.

It is a conundrum to me to wonder why we regular Americans feel so weak and powerless and apathetic to continue to accept the lies and waste of a government that has continually been proven to be corrupt.

Snowden did what he thought was best to strike a blow against the real criminals. Because of this, he is labeled a terrorist and criminal himself by the almighty media complex. To me, he is a modern-day Paul Revere.



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To Mr. Many: The homes in Black Forest were all on private land. It is up to the landowners to mitigate fire risks.

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