Email Letters: June 13, 2017

Coal a dangerous industry that enriches a few at human cost

I read Monday column about coal and felt compelled to speak to this issue. The column discussed the coal industry, and how various regulations have impacted it, but didn’t dig into the human cost of coal.

When I read the statistic about coal producing 700 million cars worth of pollution, to be honest that figure doesn’t really mean anything to my mind. The exhaust from most cars is invisible, so you don’t really notice it so much.

But what does paint a picture for me is the litany of dangers that coal mining represents to the humans in the job. Cave-ins, black lung, cancer, poison gas – there is a reason the coal industry employs only 50,000 people nationwide. That is fewer than Arby’s, and less than 1/5 the number of Americans employed in solar.

For Americans to properly consider the issue of coal, we need to properly understand it for what it is: a dangerous niche industry that makes the few wealthy, at the expense of human lives.

It is also unnecessary. We have available safer, cleaner, cheaper fuel sources. So why not use them?


Grand Junction

Thanks for sharing uplifting stories about inspiring individuals

With all the negative news we get day-in and day-out, it was a real pleasure to see two inspiring and uplifting stories in The Daily Sentinel just a week apart. I’m referring, of course, to the stories of Rocky Baldozier and Stacy Antonucci.

While I’ve not seen Officer Baldozier’s actions first-hand, Ms. McIntyre’s reporting about his exemplary efforts to help, and his connection with “Fred” exemplify the best of what “to serve and protect” ought to mean.

On the other hand, just by being there working out for myself I’ve witnessed Stacy Antonucci working with her clients at Mesa Fitness (previously Gold’s Gym) over several years. I’ve seen her deal with terrified first-timers, clients having a meltdown, and I’ve watched as some of these same people became gym regulars – getting stronger and more confident as they progressed. The thing I’ve marveled at is her obvious caring and how she connects with her clients. This is an amazing program run by a truly exceptional young woman.

Thanks to The Daily Sentinel for seeking out these two individuals and telling their story.

Grand Junction

Sen. Gardner, work to protect health care for Coloradans

Recent reports are that Sen. McConnell has fast-tracked the Senate version of the ACHA, to be passed by Independence Day. Apparently there will be no public hearings or open debates, and no chance to review the CBO report before the vote. Fortunately, we have Sen. Cory Gardner on the committee of 13 Republicans drafting the bill. Surely we can count on him to protect Coloradans from the loss of coverage for millions, increased premiums for older Americans and damage to rural hospitals, which was guaranteed by the House legislation. I have his letter responding to my concerns.

Health care in our times!


New Castle

Recent column on incivility reveals a dash of wisdom

I write to commend Ruben Navarrette on his recent commentary on civility. His closing statement in the paper on June 1, “Until we start punishing bad behavior, we’ll get more of it,” reveals a dash of wisdom. It shows me that he was writing from a neutral observer’s perspective. I can appreciate that. I hope that in the future he continues with the same platform.

He did describe three situations where politicians were uncivil. I wonder why he didn’t include that one in which immigrants crossed into the country but did not contact the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service Department?


Consideration must be given to those living by national parks and monuments

In today’s editorial, alongside the feature article about possibly downsizing Bears Ears National Monument, your opinion writers see the sky falling and issue a call to arms concerning a new effort to make the Colorado National Monument into a national park in order to save it.

Would you please inform the opinion writers that the Colorado National Monument comprises about 30,000 acres, while Bears Ears National Monument comprises 1,300,000,000 acres?

As I recall, Utah now has five national parks and seven national monuments, plus national recreation areas and historic areas. And Bears Ears isn’t even the largest national monument in Utah – Grand Staircase is almost half again as large.

Some consideration must be given to the people who live in and around the conscripted acreage. As I understand the situation, these designations as federal acreage restrict all use within for any other purposes.

Grand Junction

Sentinel shouldn’t have covered Pride Parade

Wow! Just what newspaper thinks that a homosexual parade merits the front page of its paper? Answer: The same newspaper – The Daily Sentinel – that supports and endorses the slaughter/murder of innocent babies in the womb, that’s which paper. If that was not enough, on the same front page of the same newspaper, I see that Rep. Jared Polis (a professed homosexual) is running for the highest office of Colorado. Wake up people!

Oh, I know, I will be called all kind of names like homophobe or worse, and I will be called intolerant. You see, the left – and in particular the LGBTQ community – have redefined what it means to be tolerant. Their definition is that if you don’t agree and succumb to their ideology and
lifestyle, you’re intolerant.

Before you pass judgment on me, please note I will love them enough to tell them the truth and pray that they might come to the light of Christ.

Grand Junction

Sen. Gardner should work to ensure health care coverage for those with lung diseases

As the U.S. Senate considers the future of health care in the United States, we need Sen. Cory Gardner to prioritize the needs of patients with lung cancer, asthma, COPD and other lung diseases. People with lung disease simply cannot risk going without health insurance.

More than 32 million Americans have lung disease or lung cancer in the United States, many of whom have quality health insurance thanks to the current law. Without affordable treatments and doctors’ visits, lung disease for Coloradans will become worse. Any replacement plan should increase the number of insured Americans and make care more affordable.

As the Senate debates proposals to repeal and replace the current health care law, please remember people living with lung disease and their families in Colorado are counting on you to ensure continuous, quality and affordable health coverage.

Greenwood Village

It appears that Trump was right in getting rid of Comey

So what did we really learn from James Comey’s testimony? For me there were many interesting takeaways and some readily obvious ones:

1. James Comey, like many others, thinks President Trump plays fast and loose with the truth. We already knew that.

2. That Trump says unsettling things. Knew that too.

3. The Obama administration knew months before the election that the Russians were actively trying to meddle in the election, but did nothing about it other than “thinking about what to do.”

4. That in Comey’s own words he acted cowardly in front of others. Just what we need in an FBI Director: Strike 1 for me.

5. That Comey purposely leaked information to disrupt an open FBI investigation and force a special investigator assignment. Strike 2.

6. That Comey said he only took notes on Trump when in reality he kept notes on Bush as well. So we have an issue with his honesty, another great trait for an FBI Director. Strike 3.

7. That possibly the only people who likely broke the law or at least committed ethics violations were Comey and Lynch.

8. That the media has been publishing inaccurate articles on multiple occasions with respect to this investigation.

9. That AG Loretta Lynch was possibly working in concert with the Clinton campaign with respect to the email investigation.

The Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, and even allies like Israel have been for years spying on the U.S., trying to access our systems, processes, and disrupt our way of life. The Russian election issue wasn’t even a big thing until the “wrong” person won. It has been compared with Pearl Harbor and Watergate, when in reality it looks more like an episode of Geraldo Rivera and Al Capone’s vault. And it looks like Trump was right in getting rid of Comey after all.

Grand Junction

Sen. Gardner needs to vote for what was initially promised re: health care

I never knew that Sen. Cory Gardner would refuse health insurance to 22 million Americans. But as the health care bill moves through the Senate it now appears to be true.

The senator was elected on a wave of Trump support and he should work to fulfill the president’s mandate and promise, to repeal and replace Obamacare. Anything less and Gardner isn’t representing his constituent’s desires. Trump and his advisors repeatedly made statements that Trumpcare would:

• Include “insurance for everybody”
• There would be “no cuts … to Medicaid”
• “No one will lose coverage”
• “Nobody will be worse off financially”
• It would “get rid of artificial [state] lines”
• And “Everybody’s going to be taken care of”

If Sen. Gardner votes for the current bill, all of the president’s promises would be denied. Sen. Gardner needs to first uphold the president’s promises and secondly consider the Physician’s Hippocratic Oath, “That I remain a member of society, with special obligations to all my fellow human beings, those sound of mind and body as well as the infirm.”



Contrary to recent letter, Donald Trump is in touch with this country

Donald Trump is in touch with this country, regardless of what Gary Stubler says. The facts and reality of our situation in this country is that the stock market since November 9, 2016 has set all time records, unemployment is below five percent, and the illegal aliens crossing the border are down over 70 percent. The Paris Climate Accord that Mr. Stubler mentioned was a horrible deal. Twenty-five percent of the pollution on the West Coast comes across the Pacific from China, and they get 10 years to comply? How stupid are we? Trump is correct: Obama and even Bush gave away
the farm.

I, for one, as an American taxpayer am tired of paying for these great deals our leaders get us into. Mr. Stubler, like most liberals you ignore reality and the facts and base everything on hype, emotion and the fake news that we get forced down our throat by the liberal press, like this paper.


Grand Junction


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Mr. Schroeder,  You’re kidding, right? Gardner looking out for his constituents, all of them?

Mr. Rininger, the State of Utah loves all that money that comes in from people from all over the world to see it’s natural wonders. Will they come in to see it’s oil rigs and mines? And cattle grazing which they can see pretty much everywhere? Or do the state officials see themselves as real estate moguls getting and selling the land that belongs to all of us? They want it free, right? Pure greed at the expense of all of us….. except Utah residents, of course.

GEORGE GUSTAFSON, I too find reading Reuben N.‘s commentary very informative and at times educational. It’s a rare find to find a columnist who takes both parties to task and holds them accountable.

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