Email Letters: June 15, 2017

We need to support and adequately fund police and health services

A criminal can walk from their home to yours – quite as easily as disease spreads from person to person, neighborhood to neighborhood. Like a thief, disease passes through the walls of a house and through a neighborhood, hurting everyone. Even addiction and other psychological disease: when mental illness results directly (or indirectly) in violence, that violence spreads as easily as bacteria.

Criminologists concur, the solution to crime is difficult and complex – but this shouldn’t become a reason to neglect our duty. Every citizen relies on the security and safety provided by police and health services, which arrests the spread of disease and criminality, defends victims, and prevents victims. The difficulty of solving criminality should not become a cause for our own acts of injustice, for depriving our fellow citizens of the safety we ourselves demand.

When did we become so accustomed to criminality so as to tolerate its persistent presence, so callous as to turn our backs on those harmed by our underfunding police and health services and tolerate it in “those” neighborhoods so long as it isn’t in ours?

We should uproot criminality: if you provide for the higher education of those who cannot afford it so they may purchase the costs of living, they’ll be home at night teach their children the duties of citizenship. If you ask businesses to perform their duty by paying fair wages, rather than relying on the subsidies of public welfare to provide for their workers, they’d remember other duties neglected. If you volunteer, you relieve the burdens of your public servants.

The inability of Mesa County to adequately fund police and health services is our fault. We are “the government.” This is our problem. Provide for the public safety, for our safety. Support tax increases, encourage civil and business leaders toward responsibility, and volunteer for service!

Loka Hatha Yoga
Grand Junction

Rafters should wear life jackets for safety

It’s interesting to note, looking at the picture on page A2 of your June 13 edition, with the caption “Rafters put in on the Colorado River at Riverbend Park in Palisade,” that none of the rafters appear to be wearing life jackets (PDFs). That’s a very risky activity with the rivers running as high as they are!


How much longer do we have to put up with Donald Trump and his old white men?

Seeing the photo of Zinke and the article on the front page of The Daily Sentinel on June 1h, followed by the unvarnished truth in the political cartoon of Bears Ears, left me feeling so disgusted in its repetition of history –- the morsels of leftovers being tossed to the Native Americans in complete disregard of their spiritual practices so that greedy white men can have mineral rights, etc.

The article about a company that is a Trump/Kushner partner being one of the three contenders for the construction of the new FBI building, along with Trump’s nepotism and business practices while he is president is as nauseating and opulent as the recent Time Magazine article, The Swamp Hotel.

The constant threat of Obama Care being abolished and the negative impact that would follow is sickening and seems to be a daily feeling, like a pre-existing condition, while we endure this presidency.

Above are some definite examples of a narcissistic madman ruling our country. Yet, even worse than these, is the insidious manner in which the truth is being abolished while those in power are not able nor care to distinguish between stating the truth and lying. There is an erosion of good conscience occurring along with deflection of events, shoulder shrugging of Russian hacking in our election, and firing of those investigating events while, emerging simultaneously is a new era of elected officials working for the president rather than for the people.

How much longer do we have to put up with Donald Trump and his old white men?

Grand Junction

The reality is that COGCC serves oil and gas industry

The Sentinel’s editorial “Coffman to the Rescue” starts to go off the rails with this unsupported assumption concerning the Colorado Appeals Court ruling that public health, safety and welfare must be given priority in the COGCC’s permitting process: “That’s a departure from the COGCC’s long-held approach to trying to strike a balance between oil and gas development and public health, safety and welfare.” What?

While Hickenlooper did attempt to justify his not appealing the Court’s decision with a similar assumption, that’s a far cry from there being any truth to it. If the COGCC was to any discernible extent already “balancing” public and industry concerns, we would have seen a substantial percentage of permit apps being denied. In reality, not only have we found no, as in zero, permit applications denied over the time frame covered by the available online records of thousands of permits, but a call I made to a COGCC official a year and a half ago to ask how many permit apps had been denied resulted in only surprise that such a possible disposition even existed. And that was after I quoted the COGCC’s own website which shows that permit apps may be “withdrawn, rejected (for attachment insufficiencies), denied, or deleted.”

The reality is that the COGCC serves the industry and feels that that is its one and only mission. For the Sentinel to presume that the COGCC’s mission is anything but that demeans the very worthy and important action of those brave youth who brought the original lawsuit, while the reality cuts the legs out from any subsequent editorial argument.


Daily Sentinel fails by publishing leftist article from AP

I could not believe the epic fail of The Daily Sentinel in publishing the leftist, “Rallies against Islamic Law draw counter protests across the nation.” Pity the fool who trusts the journalism of the Associated Press, or the legal opinion of the Southern Poverty Law Center, or the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

If it were not for my training by the U.S. Army, and later by the local Christian college I attended, I might believe the Islamic lie – the leftist secular humanist propaganda that the speakers and supporters of ACT for America are in error. I am in agreement with ACT for America. They represent me and millions like me. The left can import busloads to bring violence and counter protest to disrupt these events, but only the beguiled would listen to the Obamanation. Thank God we live in a country that still allows the clear reason of Lt. Col. Allen West and the Allen West Republic.

For balance to the published story in the Sentinel, I point to “The One thing no one reported about this weekend,” June 12. For balance to the SPLC Islamic story published by the Sentinel, I point also to Pamela Geller Sharia Law exalted by the “Left,” June 14.



We should not prevent certain fish species in Colorado River from going extinct

I would like to know why we are so intent on saving three species of fish in the Colorado River. They have no value as a game fish. I recently saw the game department river shocking other fish, like bass, trout, bluegills, catfish, and carp. I asked why. They said it was to save the other fish that were deemed more important than the good fish that were removed.

I don’t know about anybody else, but I feel if the protected species are meant to go extinct, then let nature take its course. All the efforts to me are a waste of time and money. I would much rather catch a nice bass trout or channel cat than a fish that is a nuisance and no good for anything but fertilizer. I miss the good fish that used to be available in the river. Come on people. Let Mother Nature take her course.


Sentinel readers should know why contemporary conservatism is a fraud

Thanks to Emily Sigrist’s letter (“Conservative economics based on realistic principles”), Sentinel readers should now know why contemporary “conservatism” is a fraud – based at is on four vacuous “principles” that are largely devoid of any meaningful content.

First, while macroeconomics is not a “zero sum game,” even “conservative” economists concur that gross disparities in income and wealth despoil Emily’s “garden” and serve instead as a drag on an economy’s capacity to sustain desirable rates of growth. Yet, conservatives consistently oppose policies that would constrain such disparities.

Second, left to its own devices, the “free market” has no rules other than supply (which rewards monopolies) and demand (to which caveat emptor applies). While, ideally, hard work and a reliable work ethic should be properly rewarded, conservatives consistently favor tax policies that disfavor labor and protect the already wealthy with “tricks and quick fixes.”

Third, while “people should get to keep [most of] what is theirs,” conservatives refuse to recognize the implicit tradeoff between “keeping taxes low and crime down.” Thus, even if “the basic concept of personal property is the foundation for society” and derives from “natural law,” ordered societies routinely protect that foundation by constructing governmental institutions on top of it: offices to register credible evidence of ownership, legislatures to fashion laws to protect property rights, courts to resolve conflicts between owners, and – of course – lawyers to represent competing interests. Thus, “render unto Caesar…”

Fourth, while some “debtors” (e.g., Donald Trump) may be “slaves” to their “creditors” [e.g., Russian oligarchs], a country can prudently employ public debt to mitigate the ravages of the “business cycle,” just as businesses use commercial loans to manage their cash flow and individuals liberate themselves from landlords via home mortgages – all willingly carrying debt and exercising their collective and personal freedom to knowingly sacrifice alternative investments, discretionary vacations, and/or volunteer work.

Thus, “dedicated” as they are to dubious “principles,” it is no wonder that contemporary political “conservatives” seldom practice what they preach and rely on specious rhetoric to befuddle those – like Sigrist – who wistfully wish that their “principles” were realistic.


Grand Junction

‘Unity’ is the most overused word

In the aftermath of the shooting of Republican house members on June 14; we will be inundated by the term “unity.” That was the word of the day. “We must unify.”

Not one single member of either party is sincere. They will use the term unity to mollify, codify and show their great concern. Talk shows will be overrun with interviews of members of both parties and each will use the term “unity” at least five times. I predict, in two months, that earnest infighting will start anew and “unity” will be forgotten. Divisive rhetoric will become the norm.

“Unity” is just a word used to show your constituents you are a caring member only interested in their betterment. Better known as hogwash.


America’s credibility as a world leader has disappeared

After reading Kathleen Parker’s opinion article in Wednesday’s Sentinel, I felt good all day!

Insanity must be contagious, as the entire country has gone mad. What happened to truth, logical thinking, fairness, civility, common sense, pride in self and country?

The spin coming from the congressional intelligence commission hearings would make the “Spin Factor” jealous. After all the testimony and closed hearings, the results will produce nothing but air time for our congressmen and women while providing filler for the news media. Like the Kennedy investigations, nada results.

The only way of bringing the Trump family dynasty to an end will be to pursue their financial dealings. Similar to Al Capone, it was the IRS that finally brought him down, his finances did him in and Trump’s greed will get him in the end.

So far during Trump’s tenure, his family are the only ones who have profited by his election. His hotels are full, golf courses are full, his kids get to travel the world, and the first lady has personal living quarters all at taxpayers’ expense. Lucky us!

The entire world is laughing at us; our credibility as a world leader has disappeared, our country is in peril, legislation is being reversed that helped our country be cleaner, safer, and stronger, not to mention good will towards our fellow man has all but disappeared thanks to the hate mongering our president keeps spewing.

The only saving grace is believing this is one of those dark times in America’s history future generations will read about. I have faith in our country and faith in our citizens we will right this wrong.




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