Email Letters: June 7, 2017

Harvey Logan dead-or-alive question has simmered for decades

Regarding Bob Silbernagel’s recent column, the Harvey Logan dead-or-alive question has simmered for decades. Worth mentioning are two excellent Harvey Logan biographies, Mark T. Smokov, He Rode with Butch and Sundance: The Story of Harvey “Kid Curry” Logan (2012) and Gary A. Wilson, The Life and Death of Kid Curry: Tiger of the Wild Bunch (2016), and as well as my minor contribution to the story, “Tap Duncan Wasn’t Killed: New Revelations About Harvey Logan Following the Parachute Robbery,” WOLA Journal, Spring 1997:

Exactly how Tap Duncan’s name got mixed up in the holdup is not entirely clear, but he could not have been the suicide, because he was later a rancher in Arizona, dying there in an auto accident in 1944. Wilson believed that a second robber, apart from Harvey Logan, also died, George Kilpatrick. Wilson thinks he was wounded, escaped, and died soon thereafter. His body was never found.

Lowell Spence had seen Logan up close during his Knoxville incarceration and trial a couple of years before the train robbery, so I would give his identification serious credence. Several other people also said the dead man was Logan. As for Logan’s wrist scar, as well as a telltale head scar, both were observed on the suicide’s body, though not in every account, thus fueling the controversy.

An excerpt from something I wrote in 2014 on the scar question:

“Marks on body: a number of people examined the bandit’s body before it was buried and after it was exhumed. Not surprisingly, they did not agree on every particular—this was turn-of-the-last century forensics, not 21st century CSI. Keep in mind that there was disagreement on what distinguishing marks Logan had, pre-Parachute. In any event, several of Logan’s apparent pre-Parachute marks were observed on the dead bandit’s body. Of note: the presumed wrist scar, which looms large in some accounts (but is not mentioned at all or described as slight in other accounts) was noticed by one examiner, see Smokov, p. 297. More importantly, a major scar on Logan’s head, resulting from his fight with Knoxville policemen, was noticed on the head of the dead bandit, see Smokov, p. 308.”

Washington, D.C.

Our country sank to the bottom over the last eight years and is only now starting to rise again

After reading Jim Spehar’s column last evening I can only assume that he and his family are off vacationing somewhere and either poor old Bill Grant or Sean Goodbody wrote the column for him. Either that or my assumption that Mr. Spehar was a reasonable, middle of the road Democrat was totally in error.

I would suggest that those who are apoplectic over President Trump pulling us out of the Paris climate agreement read it – I mean actually read it to see what is in it. Why should China and India get a pass until the year 2030 on their carbon emissions?

By the way, I don’t recall Mr. Spehar having anything to say about Obama’s many trips to the golf course. It didn’t bother me when Obama was doing it and I have no problem with President Trump playing golf as well. Any semblance of a “we’re all in this together” attitude was destroyed by the Obama regime. I like the U.S. not leading from behind. By the way, ask the people how efficient the solar panels sold today will be in 20 years and what the life expectancy of a solar panel is. Why is it not possible that we can have both fossil fuel extraction, renewable energy, and strive for energy efficiency at the same time?

Finally in my view this ship sank to the bottom over the last eight years and is only now starting to rise again.


Grand Junction


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Mr. Higgins,

The issue isn’t that Trump plays golf, nor was it an issue when Obama played golf. The issue is his hypocrisy in criticizing Obama for playing golf, stating he would be too busy to play golf as president, and now has recently made his 22nd trip to a golf course in 18 weeks. Being President is a high-stress job, one that Trump shows no sign of having been prepared for, and I don’t blame him for needing a hobby. But the hypocrisy in his attacks on Obama for golfing, and then spending far more time than Obama did in the same period on the links is what liberals are pointing out.

And it is also what conservatives seem desperate to ignore.

Mr. Iles,  Liberals have demonstrated a remarkable ability to ignore things themselves.  How about the lack of being prepared for the presidency that Obama confirmed every day he woke, never a problem for 8 years to liberals even when he proved daily that he wasn’t learning anything while on the job.  He continued to be taken advantage of in his dealings around the world whether it be the Paris Climate Agreement, Russia in Syria, or the give away to Iran among many other things.  Liberals weren’t desperate to ignore the failings of Obama they were delighted to, it’s what they do.
                          Rick L. Coleman

Well, Mr. Coleman, you have your definition of unprepared, and the rest of have Trump as an example. We’ll just have to agree to disagree.

One thing that’s hard to miss is that 8 years of the United States, “Leading from behind”, seems to have emboldened the bad actors of the world.

And now one of them is President. How about that, Mr. Meyers, we agree on something else.

We gee, Mr. Iles, in your scenario perhaps we need a bad-ass to get those bad guys back in line!

Maybe. I’d vote for Dwayne Johnson.

Trump is too easily manipulated.

Mr. Iles, Do you know what was going on in the world while Obama was worrying about what bathroom schoolchildren can use?

Lots of things, Mr. Meyers, which he was handling as well. Maybe not to your satisfaction, but at least Obama didn’t handle crisis situations in restaurant dining rooms, or brag about sexual assault. Do you know what was going on while Trump was walking into the dressing rooms of teenage girls?

Name a couple of these situations Obama was, “handling well”.

I asked you first. How do you justify a president who handles crisis situations in public, with aides using cell phones (with cameras) as flashlights? One guy even took a picture with the officer carrying the nuclear football and posted it on Facebook! Doesn’t that display a rather cavalier attitude towards national security? How do you defend that behavior?

Mr. Iles, If you wish to take questions in order then you tell me what situations Obama allegedly handled well while he was worrying about school children’s bathroom habits.

What does it matter, Mr. Meyers? You don’t think Obama did anything very well, so anything I bring up you you will dismiss.

But just to play along, how about passing Wall Street reform to prevent the 2008 recession from happening again (which Trump has already undone), signed on to the Paris Accords (which trump has already pulled out of), and saved the US auto industry (which Trump hasn’t undone, but you never know…)

Now, how do you justify the cavalier attitude Trump has with national security? Not to mention his bragging about sexual assault.

I’m very interested in your thoughts on these matters.

All that happened while Obama was worrying about what bathroom children use?  I don’t think so….

Does it matter? The public records regarding what Obama was thinking of at every given instant during his presidency are lacking. Perhaps you have better information? Or are you just trying to distract attention from the fact that you haven’t answered my question. I’m betting I know which.

I asked you a question which you have failed to answer, but somehow that’s my fault?

I gave you three things that I felt Obama handled well. Since we can’t know exactly when he was also concerned with making sure children weren’t being discriminated against, you can’t know it didn’t happen at the same time. So I did answer your question, you don’t want to go on record defending a sexual predator and an idiot who can’t handle national security issues in the Oval office, so you are making excuses. Wish I could say I was surprised, but I’m not.

We absolutely know when Obama was flying all over the country giving speeches about what bathroom children could use.  I did not ask you to justify his foolish actions, but now you want me to justify the actions of a person that I have no control over?  Got it.

I just want you to answer a simple question, since I answered yours. You are doing everything you can to avoid doing so, which is an answer in itself. The one I expected, in fact.

Thanks for playing, Mr. Meyers.

Keep it up.  You got another chance to put down our President.  That’s what you really wanted.  I know you will not be happy if you and yours don’t manage to destroy his presidency.  You are no better than the Antifa anarchists that you claim to know nothing about.

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