Email letters, March 24, 2014

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Noun: freethinker; plural noun: freethinkers;
1. a person who rejects accepted opinions, esp. those concerning religious belief.

Bill Hugenbooger is at it again.

He can’t even spell.

Why am I against ACA? for the same reasons I was against forced car insurance, helmet and seat belt laws, and other violations of my civil liberties.

Any time a government agency passes a tax forcing me to spend my money a certain way (legalized extortion) It violates our civil liberties and threatens all our liberties that so many fought and died to protect. We don’t live in the U.S.S.R.

Hans Croeber’s on-line letter (“President has lost credibility both abroad and at home”) aptly proves once again that watching “FoxNoise” and/or listening to Rush Limbaugh can be dangerous to one’s mental health and deleterious to one’s grasp on reality.

Contrary to Croeber’s fact-free premises, Republican economic policies – beginning with Ronald Reagan’s “VooDoo Economics” – resulted in the most extreme redistribution of wealth in our history.  President Obama’s policies have been intended to at least halt that growing inequality, if not reverse it, but have been obstructed by “conservatives”.

Likewise, Republican Reagan tripled the National Debt during his “stewardship” and Republican George Bush doubled it again by simultaneously cutting taxes and waging two unfunded wars.  President Obama inherited that Republican-created mess, and has brought deficits down to manageable levels – aided by Republican “deficit hawks”.

Thus, Republicans have been waging “class warfare” against the Middle Class since 1981 – under the rubric of “trickle down economics” – but have disingenuously appropriated that term to cynically castigate President Obama’s efforts to grow the economy “from the middle out” and/or “from the bottom up” rather than “from the top down”.  Meanwhile, Republicans still campaign on their now totally discredited fiscal ideology.

President Obama supports extending unemployment benefits, fully funding Food Stamps, and raising the minimum wage precisely because those policies are proven to stimulate the economy and create jobs.  The real “job killers” are the Republicans who shut down the government and refuse to vote on the American Jobs Act of 2011, 2012, and/or 2013.

Despite its missteps and the massive misinformation campaign waged by Republicans, the Affordable Care Act is already benefiting millions of Americans previously denied access to affordable health care.

Croeber’s slant is clearly revealed by his reference to the non-existent Benghazi and IRS scandals.  Meanwhile, House Republicans are blocking aid to Ukraine unless Democrats agree not to enforce the IRS Code prohibiting “dark money” political groups from masquerading as “social welfare” organizations.

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