Email letters, March 25, 2013

Brady Trucking locks gate at request of city officials

I read with interest an online letter from Steven Fleming accusing Brady Trucking of blocking the public right of way at 27½ Road to the detriment of public access and usage.

I would like readers to know that this is not some sort of punitive measure taken by our company. The gate is locked at this location at the request of the city police and the fire department to stop vandalism in the area.

We will absolutely open the gate if we can be assured that all of the people who enter the property will obey the law. Until then, both the police department and the fire department have keys.


Grand Junction

Worst societal offenders still deserve death penalty

In this 2013 Colorado legislative session our Democratic governor, senators and representatives have continually turned their backs on law-abiding citizens of this great state and in the process have greatly enabled criminals in our society.

By defeating Jessica’s law, they have favored the child predator over the truly innocent. They have passed and signed into law three gun control bills that sheriffs all over the state agree will do nothing to stop criminals from getting guns. They have killed legislation that would allow a business owner to protect his or her own business with lethal force, and they have made it even harder for law-abiding citizens to arm and protect themselves.

When writing these gun bills, why did the Democrats fail to add a minimum jail sentence for violent gun crimes? Why were they so focused on only taking our rights away?

Now, if that is not enough, Democrats in Denver are working to take away the death penalty in Colorado. The argument from the left is that the death penalty is rarely used. However, that is false information. District attorneys all over the state use the death penalty as a plea bargain tool for conviction of guilty criminals. The death penalty should continue to be used as a tool for justice on the worst of offenders.

When there is no fear of punishment, the criminal is emboldened, and when the criminal has more rights than the law-abiding citizen, we no longer live in a civilized society.


Government officials overstep their bounds

I wonder if the governor and his henchmen such as Mark Ferrandino take others’ views and feelings into consideration as we are supposed to theirs?

When are they going to tell us what newspapers and books we can read? When are they going to tell us how much of our salary we can keep? When are they going to tell us what guns and ammunition we can buy? Oh, wait, they already do.

If they don’t like what they do, they will legislate any choice away, Hey, girls, maybe they are going to legislate “choice” away next?

It doesn’t matter. The news media will make it written by “Saul Goode” and we will like it. Hoooahhh to every protester at CMU today.

Go home, Hickenlooper, and tell your plebe Ferrandino he has to pay a tax and go through a screening process every time he wants to change significant others.

Grand Junction

Chamber makes endorsements based only on best interests of community

Full disclosure: I am on the board of the Grand Junction Are Chamber of Commerce. I am also a fourth-generation resident of this valley. I was born and raised here in Grand Junction.

My wife and I have raised three wonderful children here (two of which moved back here after college) and enjoy every day we get to spend with them, their spouses and our five grandkids. Along with my brother and my wife, we have owned and operated a successful construction and design business here in Grand Junction for more than 30 years.

Our firm has been a member of the GJACC for more than 15 years, but it has only been the last 1½ years that I have become active in the chamber by becoming a board member and getting involved in committee work. To say that I do not have a passion and determination to see that our valley, our city, our businesses and our families have every chance of surviving, prospering and having the best quality of life possible would be an understatement.

I cannot tell you how honored I am to be a part of this organization and cannot speak highly enough of each and every board member with whom I have come in contact so far. These members come from very diverse backgrounds: age, sex, type of business, political beliefs and affiliations, and length of time they have lived in our community.

I believe I have been around each of them long enough to say that they have the same passion and determination that I do when it comes to trying to do what is best for this community and the people that live and work here. Do we always agree on every issue? Hell no. What group does? But I can tell you they are committed to seeing that our businesses (particularly our small businesses) grow, prosper and are successful. Exactly what the GJACC is empowered and set up to do.

The GJACC has come into a lot of controversial press recently, mainly in regard to the upcoming election and the new candidates who are running for City Council seats. You may have your opinion on whom you want to vote for to represent our city. That is your right and your choice. But anyone who portrays that the GJACC has any hidden agenda or is trying to take over the city for selfish, political reasons is dishonest and disingenuous and, from my perspective, is doing it for his or her own selfish, personal agenda and benefit.

If you do not like the candidates or issues that the GJACC has endorsed, don’t vote for them. I just want you to know that these endorsements come only from one perspective. It is what the GJACC believes is best for our businesses, their owners and their employees. When businesses thrive, so do our city, our community and the people who live here.

Grand Junction

Colorado no longer a free state

Liberalism is a mental disorder and Gov. Hickenlooper proves it. The REAL facts are contrary to his despotic dementia.

The Second Amendment—“A well regulated militia—(object) being necessary to the security of a free state (purpose for a well regulated Militia) the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, (acknowledgement of a fundamental right that preexisted our Bill of Rights) shall not be infringed (statement of fact-what the federal government may NOT DO).

Now the Colorado state Constitution, by law, must not violate the U.S. Constitution or the principles of the Declaration of Independence. Article II Section 13 of our state Constitution - Right to bear arms — the Right of no person to keep and bear arms in defense of his home, person, and property, or in aid of the civil power when thereto legally summoned ,shall be called in question;”

Note: Neither the Second Amendment and Article II Sec. 13 of our state Constitution make ANY exceptions as to whom these articles apply. The right secured/acknowledged by the law is a right of the people. The government (federal and state of Colorado) is prohibited from infringing upon the right of the people—or calling it into question—qualified only by how the arms covered by the amendment are used.

The Second Amendment makes no distinction - Article II Sect.13 of our State Constitution does qualify its terms as these arms are for the common defense. The real facts are that the state in its despotism has pressed bad laws—unenforceable laws—that have cost jobs.

Magpul is leaving. It is unreasonable for the state to suggest it wants the business revenues Magpul generates and the jobs it provides, but don’t sell to the citizens—except those employed by the state.”

But I hear, and believe, several citizens who do not wish to live under a drug-induced despotic rule intend to move to a free state. But when the delusional determine what facts they consider “real,” then they cannot reasonably be expected to accept the real facts.

A system of government in which the government presses unjust laws and the people have no voice is by definition despotism. Colorado is no longer a free state.



While civil unions are fine, homosexual marriage is not

As much as I despise agreeing with a Democrat Party that is systematically destroying Christianity in America (, I must agree with its members on civil unions.

When you have numerous friends and some family who are homosexual as I do, equal rights are an issue we should address. A civil union is a contract that gives homosexuals those rights without attacking Christ and the Bible.

Marriage, on the other hand, was created by God and is a covenant among a man, a woman and Him. No one can change this covenant (not even the Supreme Court), and no one outside of a man and a woman can ever be married – period. It’s God’s written word, and the Bible severely warns anyone who tries changing scripture will have hell to pay … Iincluding politicians, judges and lawyers (Revelation 22).

In other words, if you attack marriage, you attack Christ and the Bible. It’s that simple.

As I watch homosexual organizations call Christians “hate groups,” I believe their real problem is with God. God wrote the Bible (not man). He laid down the laws on marriage, and He also gave us His list of sins that can never be changed. These sins (and you know what they are) will always be sins, no matter what man does, and that makes some homosexuals unhappy.

Sure, America can pretend as if sins aren’t sins, but we should all remember God said He’s the same yesterday, today and forever. As for Christians, we’re taught to love the sinner and hate the sin, and that’s what we should do.

Besides, for Christians to judge homosexuals is like the pot calling the kettle black. Praise God for Easter or we’d all be going to hell!


Grand Junction


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