Email letters, March 25, 2014

Religious puppet show foisted on kids at dinosaur museum

I have held a family museum membership for several years. This past fall I was upset by an incident at the Dinosaur Days exhibit in the Fruita museum, but was initially reluctant to speak out. The recent attention to church advertisement in a District 51 school compels me to write this letter now.  I hope the lateness of this statement does not minimize this important issue.

The schedule of events included a puppet show, which obviously I assumed would be related in some way to dinosaurs. The announcer introduced the puppet troupe as hailing from a local church. This was not mentioned on the schedule but did not initially concern me. However, it became immediately apparent that the show consisted solely of religious themes. Every song performed was a Christian song. There was zero content regarding dinosaurs, aside from a dinosaur on the puppets’ shirts. The show both began and ended with an invite for children to attend the church. Children stood at both doorways, offering flyers for the church as attendees left the room.

I was incensed to have a religious presentation foisted on my children in disguise as a learning experience about dinosaurs. This was proselytizing at its most blatant. The fact that the show was not advertised as being Christian in nature is most concerning because it seems designed to trick families with children into attending. 

It is highly inappropriate for any type of religious indoctrination in an environment in which families come to learn about science and enjoy a museum. At the very least, the show should have been described on the schedules as containing religious themes, so parents could make the informed decision on whether to attend, based on their choices about how to present religious information to their children. 

Grand Junction

Is the Internet being given away?

Who is for giving away the Internet? Russia, China, and the man who would be king in the White House.

Worried, anyone?

Grand Junction

County commissioners ought to investigate missing reports

As former chief deputy coroner for Mesa County, retiring in 2013, I read with great interest the article in last Sunday’s Daily Sentinel regarding missing files. I felt the article was very good, but it left me with questions.

Robert A. Kurtzman, DO, the former Mesa County coroner was quoted as saying, “I guess I’d say the obligations of coroner are to investigate death, determine cause and manner. I did that…” He is correct that he performed his duties as prescribed by Colorado Revised Statutes pertaining to the duties of a coroner. However, he completely failed in his fiduciary responsibility as coroner to insure that individuals contracted to his office performed to the terms and conditions of that contract. He was both the coroner and the forensic services contractor and a conflict of interested existed. In addition, the Mesa County Board of County
Commissioners did not monitor the performance of that contract.

Hundreds of reports reportedly went uncompleted during the 8-year period. Mesa County had an estimated number of autopsies of less than 200 per year (168 in 2007 for example). Also, the standards set forth by the National Association of Medical Examiners required the completion of a report as an integral component of an autopsy. Therefore, if one extrapolates during the eight years Dr. Kurtzman was in office, considerably fewer than 2,000 autopsies were conducted. If hundreds are indeed missing, Kurtzman failed to complete a sizable portion of those cases.

As a result, I wonder what liability may exist to the county for this apparent gross misconduct. Why was Kurtzman’s forensic services contract paid in full when he did not perform in kind? At what point does this become fraud when apparently Kurtzman was in breach of contract and continued to take money from the citizens of Mesa County without any obvious attempt to make corrections? Were mistakes made as a result of a comprehensive overview of the missing cases not being performed?

Anyone who has worked in the medical field knows how important written documentation is. The mantra of, “If you didn’t put it in writing, it never happened” is as true in this case as in a case of a live patient.

Therefore, I urge the county commissioners to look into this matter. In addition, I urge all delegates to cast their vote for Dean M. Havlik, MD. Dr. Havlik has demonstrated a complete responsibility to his office and deserves a third term.

Mayer, Ariz.

Author of WaronJesus ad shows little compassion

In my 56 years I have read many disturbing and vile things much like the ad that was placed in this past Sunday’s Daily Sentinel. There is no doubt that the placer of the ad, Mike Bambino, is an Obama hater and staunch Republican neo-con of this town.

What makes the ad he paid for so amusing is that it is filled with numerous lies, much like the ones to which he refers. His claim that Americans without health insurance, high premiums and huge deductibles are to blame Obamacare. This is simply not true, and there is no data to support this.

The health care industry has had double digit increases year over year for years leading to the previous three items. The average American patient has been subject to a broken health care system that can charge whatever it wants. Both parties are cutting our military medical benefits. This is disgusting, to say the least, since most of them chose to go to war along with “W” on false pretenses. They put two wars on the credit card, and now our generation and future generations will endure the consequences.

Bambino refers to an ENDLESS line of Medicaid recipients, illegals and low-income people as if they were the scum of the earth. What is the doctrine of Bambino’s church? Obviously, it is not one of compassion and love for the less fortunate.

Bambino complains about a tax that allows all Americans, including those beneath him, to be able to have some sort of health care coverage. Then he goes on to knock the godless Democratic Party, which is not based on America working. How godless and the Democratic Party become one makes no sense, as this seems to be one of his right-wing talking points fresh off Fox News.

Finally, using another right-wing talking point, Bambino goes off on promoting handouts and taking money from other people’s bank accounts to pay for it. I believe the saying that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones would be appropriate here.

In closing, let me add that using Jesus and fellow Christians to try to sway people politically about Obamacare (or any other political issue) is in itself godless and vile. I will pray that Bambino’s mind is opened and his heart is opened, as well. From Peter 3:8, “Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble.”

Grand Junction

ACA has been a boon to millions

Hans Croeber’s online letter (“President has lost credibility both abroad and at home”) aptly proves once again that watching “FoxNoise” and/or listening to Rush Limbaugh can be dangerous to one’s mental health and deleterious to one’s grasp on reality.

Contrary to Croeber’s fact-free premises, Republican economic policies – beginning with Ronald Reagan’s “VooDoo Economics” – have caused the most extreme redistribution of wealth in our history.  President Obama’s policies have been intended to at least halt that growing inequality — if not reverse it — but have been obstructed by “conservatives.”

Likewise, “conservative” Reagan tripled the national debt during his “stewardship” and Republican George Bush doubled it again by simultaneously cutting taxes and waging two unfunded wars.  President Obama inherited that mess and has brought deficits down to manageable levels.

Indeed, Republicans have been waging “class warfare” against the middle class since 1981 – under the rubric of now-discredited “trickle down economics” – but appropriated that term to cynically disparage Obama’s efforts to grow the economy “from the middle out” and/or “from the bottom up,” rather than “from the top down.”

Obama supports extending unemployment benefits, fully funding food stamps and raising the minimum wage, precisely because those policies are proven to stimulate the economy and create jobs. The real “job killers” are the Republicans who shut down the government and refused to vote on the American Jobs Act of 2011, 2012 and/or 2013.

Despite its missteps and the massive “Teapublican” misinformation campaign, the Affordable Care Act has already benefited millions of Americans previously denied access to affordable health care.

Croeber’s slant is clearly revealed by his reference to the nonexistent Benghazi and IRS “scandals. Meanwhile, “feckless” House Republicans are blocking any aid to Ukraine unless enforcement of the IRS Code prohibiting “dark money” political groups from masquerading as “social welfare” organizations is prohibited.

Grand Junction

Caprock unfairly dresses down sympathetic girl with shaved head

With astonishment I read that the girl who shaved her head to support her friend who undergoes cancer treatment was told that she breaks the school dress code.

What a shame is this reaction of her educators!

Instead of being thanked for her courage and high morals, she is put down over a trifle. Now we know she did not get her high standards at this school.

Cartago, Costa Rica


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Again we have Bill Hugenburg staff writer apparently for the Sentinel and Social Parasites everywhere! Go Bill, you tell them dude, you must be the smartest man in the world as many times as the Sentinel prints your “view from the bubble” of Socialism. You claim to know something of job creation and taxes yet any economics 101 major sees things differently. You don’t outrage me anymore because after all it isn’t the Man in office that created this mess it is the group with your mentality that “Republicans” are responsible for everything bad in the world. Welfare doubled, joblessness doubled, Government agencies being used to target private citizens and groups, IE the IRS, NSA, DOJ, FCC, ???? Name calling, rhetoric, IE “Propaganda” from the mind of Hugenburg the Staff Socialist at the Sentinel. One of my friends died in Benghazi BTW and in the 9-11 attacks in NY city, I’m sure those are bogus too, never happened. Da Svendanya
Not Mrs. Bright

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