Email letters, March 29, 2013

President’s logic about business owners can be applied to golfers, too

Sadly, spring has sprung. Powderhorn is closing, and soon there will be bugs, weeds, yard work and heat.
And golf!

It would be nice if all golfers remember that they didn’t make the balls or clubs.  They didn’t plant, water, fertilize or mow the grass, and they didn’t build the roads to get to the golf course.

So, it behooves all of us golfers to honor President Obama’s infallible logic about business owners, which makes just as much sense when applied to golfers.  When you see a great golf shot, yell out, “Hey, you didn’t do that. Someone else made that happen!”

Grand Junction

Laws barring courts from curbing GMO or GE crops are alarming

On March 26 President Obama signed HR 933, a last-minute funding bill to avert a federal government shutdown.

Attached to this bill was a section called, “The Farmer Assurance Provision,” or section 735. The Farmer Assurance Provision puts Monsanto and other companies that genetically engineer new plants and species beyond the reach of the judicial system and specifically denies court authority to consider lawsuits brought against them based on the complaints of farmers who have suffered contamination of their crops by the genetically mutated crops known as GMO.

This legislation effectively bars federal courts from being able to halt the sale or planting of GMO or GE crops and seeds, no matter what health consequences from the consumption of these products may come to light in the future.

Considering that the plants and other new organisms being produced have undergone little or no third party testing and have been approved for consumption by the public despite a complete lack of third-party assurance as to their safety, this action is striking. 


Gun registration denies U.S. citizens their freedom

Ruth Marcus proposes that perhaps universal background checks on the sale of guns would pass through Congress if the government would not require recordkeeping on private sales.  For the Ruth Marcuses of this nation, we must pass legislation that will control the use of guns in order to solve the issue of mass killings. 

No one argues that background checks on the sale of guns in gun shops have stopped the wrong people from obtaining guns.  Now, the feds want to follow our state’s example and go for universal background checks.

Marcus makes an extremely wrong statement when she says, “The government knows who owns a particular car and when, and to whom, it is sold.  These records are computerized an searchable.”  Her statement may be true in regard to car sales from dealers; but it is false when it comes to the sale of a car between individuals. No one knows if I buy a car from another person until I register the vehicle. 

At this point, the enemy within the Trojan Horse of gun safety is revealed.  Universal background checks are not possible without universal gun registration.  Once our government can induce its free citizens to register their guns, our free citizens will cease to be free.

Now, if our mighty government can not tell how many people are here illegally, how in the name of common sense can the government tell who among us owns a gun?


Politicians compromise citizens’ lives by ignoring job responsibilities

The silence is deafening! What has happened to Americans that they so casually ignore a very blatant disregard of what our federal leaders are doing (or NOT doing) as is required by their job?

The constitutionally most important task of our federal government is the protection and safety of the country.  With that in mind, why is it that some of the first things cut because of the sequester directly contribute to our country’s safety?  Examples would be the TSA, the military, border patrol, air traffic controllers and towers, and release of illegal alien criminals.

These all directly affect our wellbeing.  Meanwhile the papers are filled with a multitude of other wasteful spending that should have been cut instead.

In the real world a person would be fired for not doing his or her job as required.  The president even swears to do his job in his oath of office.  So, America, how much longer are you just going to sit back and let our federal leaders place us in harm’s way?

Forget the politics and partisanship. Our lives are being put into a very dangerous and compromising position by our elected officials who have chosen to ignore the job they have been hired to do.  How long would you keep your job if your performance were similar to theirs?

Grand Junction

In next election remember those wishing to take away rights

I was not surprised that our feel-good Democrats in the state Legislature tried to pass all of the gun laws they could, and most which will not do one iota of good, but I was surprised that our governor went along with these people.  I have felt that the governor was trying to be a man for all of us since he has been in office, and it is a shame that he would fall into lockstep with these bills.

I am also surprised that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service didn’t try to use some of its pull in stopping some of these bills.  No matter if these new laws cause ten or a thousand out-of-state hunters to go someplace else to hunt because of an unfriendly gun state, it will make F&W lose thousands of dollars in hunting money. 

These monies are something they cannot afford to lose. Fewer hunters are taking to the field now than they have in the past so every dollar the service can take in means the more that can do for our fisheries and our big game.

Maybe these same Democrats can vote in some more money that we don’t have for F&W. That would make them feel even more feel-good politicians. Hopefully at the next election, we all remember these people who voted to take away our rights.


Compassion is also due to Jacie Taylor’s family

I feel compelled to write this letter as a reminder to the general public and the media that justice has yet to be served after 19 long and difficult years regarding the murder of Jacie Taylor.

The continued focus on Robert Dewey and his attempts to obtain compensation for the time he served for her killing should not overshadow the fact that Jacie’s family and friends now have to endure another trial with all the accompanying heartache and grief it will bring.

Some compassion for them would seem to be in order, as well.

Clearwater, Fla.

President Obama let Benghazi victims down

Mr. President? Shame on us?

President Obama claims we have forgotten the insanity at Newtown, Conn., and the children that were attacked by a psycho with a drug problem? From an admittedly liberal family background, known to have dysfunctional social capabilities? I say shame on him for trotting out mothers and children and playing on people’s sympathies and blaming guns and gun owners for the deaths of children.

This wasn’t an NRA member? This wasn’t a responsible taxpayer? This was somebody’s son. Somebody that didn’t take responsibility and whom the state had apparently let down in the past when help was requested.

This wasn’t someone with no idea what military service means and honor and responsibility that let my brothers at arms die after seven hours of siege when Obama could have helped them. It was a “who,” not a “what” in Newtown. In Benghazi, however, those people did their jobs, and Obama let them down.

I sincerely hope Obama slept well that night.

Grand Junction


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