Email letters: March 6, 2017

Hypocrisy on parade
Once again, we are treated to hypocrisy from Dr. Pramenko in his commentary “ACA replacement proposals that should have been debated.”  My immediate reaction to the commentary title was where was the debate before the un-ACA was ever passed?  Oh, I remember, there was none. We were told “it had to be passed to find out what’s in it.”

Also reeking of hypocrisy, he describes a con man (Trump) as “a man who cheats or tricks someone by gaining their trust and persuading them to believe something that is not true.”  Doesn’t that perfectly describe Barack Hussein Obama and his comments (keep your doctor, keep your plan, save $2,500/year)?

Continuing down the road of hypocrisy Pramenko writes “in a more coherent world, legislators would have had to campaign around these specific proposals instead of springing them on us after the election.”  Blinded in bias, he apparently forgets that the un-ACA was sprung on us after Democrats were elected with little, or no, campaigning on specific proposals.

Dr. Pramenko would do well to remember that readers of The Daily Sentinel do have memories of what has transpired regarding the collapsing un-ACA and how we got to where we are.  His commentaries are doing nothing to change that. He is only embarrassing himself.

Grand Junction

We need a real president, not a celebrity
We progressives are told we need to get over the election of Donald Trump. But why should we do that? We were trying to prevent the very thing we are experiencing now with Trump. Isn’t everyone tired of his incessant tweeting and his man-baby behavior? His latest tweet attack accusing former President Obama of wiretapping him without any evidence is just more of the same lying we have heard from him since the start of his presidency. Can Trump just make up anything he wants and people will defend him? How low can you go? How low can his supporters go?

Trump was elected only because of the outdated electoral college system where someone can lose the national popular vote by almost 3 million votes and still be elected president. And the people who voted for him are largely the Fox News crowd (his Rust Belt buddies) where past studies have shown that they are the least informed viewers out there.

So yeah, it’s hard to get over the fact that such ill-informed voters have elected one of the most idiotic men ever to lead this country. Donald Trump can say and do whatever nonsense he wants and his supporters don’t care. It’s the stupid electing the stupid. So don’t bother me any more about getting over it. We need a real president, not a celebrity.

Grand Junction

Democrats lost their way
It’s time for the Democrats to accept their loss and shut up. All the things that are being dug up are just stall tactics to hinder progress, and are just wasting tax payers money. There is nothing really in those things that really mean any thing worth while by now. its one investigation after another with no real value other than pride. The Democrats over the years forgot the blue collar working people and the industries in American that employed these workers. They got caught up with making the working class support the non workers in the name of fairness . But then on the other hand eliminating the blue collar good paying jobs we had before. This just a short form of the story.

Grand Junction

Trump rally typical of “huge mandate”
The not-so-huge crowd of nearly 120 Trump supporters in Grand Junction on Saturday as reported in Sunday’s paper appears to be typical of other March 4 Trump rallies held across America that day. In light of the president’s performance in office to date, it’s surprising that so many showed up. It is hard to ignore, even when your guy wins the White House, all the lies and confusion that has dominated his administration. But it is understandable that some can think all is rosy if your only news source is the original Fake News Channel, Fox News.

You elected and rally for a man who has shown he has no knowledge of, or respect for, our judicial system. He wants to eliminate freedom of speech and assembly, even though he swore on two Bibles to protect and defend the Constitution. He cannot accept responsibility for his actions so he invents alternate facts, and behaves like a child with his Twitter tantrums if he is challenged. He deserves every bit of negative news he has created. Real news, not fake.

Yet, some attendees at the rally can’t understand why there is an opposition to Trump, and think those opposing him should “not get in the way.”

What is difficult to understand is how someone can think destroying the Earth that God entrusted us to protect is either noble or wise, yet the Republicans have been trying to do just that for decades. I hate to think what our environment would look like if the Democrats had not been the voice of logic and not fought hard to defend Mother Earth all these years. We oppose Trump because we fight for the environment and the lives of our grandchildren, and we fight in the struggle for human equality, decency, and respect, the real American values.

Our elected Conservative officials that choose profit and greed over the basic needs of clean air and water have no right to represent us and need to be replaced. Rose Pugliese states that Trump’s policies have good common sense, and she must know those policies include destroying our environment and Constitution. Her acceptance and promotion of Trump’s poor judgment, manners, and ethics is more than objectionable.

Grand Junction

Finish Avalon before starting other projects
If the Grand Junction city council would attend some of the stellar performances of the Grand Junction Symphony they might be more inclined to finish what was started on the Avalon. Finish one project before starting another.

Grand Junction

Testing doesn’t promote a child’s full potential
How accurately do state tests reveal a child’s capabilities or shortcomings in that child’s ability to live life productively? I have monitored children during these tests. I noticed that the lack of enthusiasm in taking what many consider to be boring tests greatly interfered with the accuracy of what is measured. These tests firstly imply that teachers are not trustworthy, that schools are often deceptive, and that all children must learn uniformly. And though there certainly are individuals who are not trustworthy and schools that can be deceptive, this is more the exception than the rule, and is usually addressed by internal administration. And uniformity of learning is a trap that does not support reality.

More important than children scoring well on general academic measurements is the issue of them being happy and comfortable where they are at. Truly, no real learning can take place when a child is stressed, fearful, or totally bored. One can memorize short term answers, but very little real learning occurs. One learns what is important to oneself to know, not just what is handed down from “experts.” Imposing learning on children is undemocratic and uncivilized in many ways. It implies that the children do not have the capacity to stimulate their own curiosity about life and about what they need to know to live productively.

Spoon feeding knowledge is invasive and creates resistance. If we could trust the human potential within each individual to guide them, and then support that inner awareness, then we would create a society that is cooperative and self-directed. It is actually easier to promote our innate abilities than try to superimpose someone else’s directives. Imagine a society that is healthy and vibrant, where each individual is appreciated for who they are and what they desire to contribute.

Of course, it is hard to envision this when we are so conditioned to respond only to outside prodding to conform to an unnatural life. Prodding is not needed in nature where what is necessary for survival is easily learned through play and community. Are humans less capable than animals?

There are many questions that must be addressed in order to right the wrongs of the current model of education. Some issues are being successfully solved in some schools. If we made this a priority we could quickly incorporate change. Our children in many ways are demanding change by not buying into the status quo. Will we rise to the challenge or keep forcing compliance to archaic ideas? Let the structures of the old dissolve as we embrace new concepts of humanity and education.

Grand Junction

Campaign to get rid of protections will hurt those pushing for them, too
Two of the three letters printed in the Sentinel Sunday morning mention two of the many regulations in effect that the current Congress wants to abolish. They relate to clean water and methane escaping into the atmosphere. They’re only two of the many regulations Congress vows to get rid of.

Why this campaign to rid industry of common sense protections for the environment, and ultimately, you? Is it sheer orneriness We’ll show you guys! Or is it based on principle? I guess the principle is less regulations, the less the cost to whom ever the person that has to follow the regulation. Today the cost of the regulation is baked into your costs of the finished product or service. So, if the regulation goes away your price will go down. If you believe that I’ve got a bridge that you may want to buy. 

Fewer regulations will result in a lower cost of dealing with the regulation but in most cases the saving goes right to profits.

So, who are the people pushing for fewer regulations? They are already in business and you are paying for the cost of the regulation in the prices you pay. Trump voters supposedly feel left out of governmental processes and they want to take back the country. They are now looking for Congress to do just that. But Congress has been marching to the tune of their donors who have been responsible for policies that are designed to abandon those very same voters. This will change? Remember that bridge I was offering you?

The push for fewer regulations that Congress is hell-bent on achieving will actually hurt those who are under the delusion they are ”taking back their country.” You voted for Trump? You’ve been conned. In fact many of those hated regulations were meant to keep you from being conned.

Is it too late?

Grand Junction


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