Email letters: March 8, 2017

We should all agree to support our duly elected president
Donald Trump is our elected President. He has pledged to improve our nation by returning control of the nation to the people. I find the letter by Jim Denton, published March 8, to be particularly offensive in the matter in which he denigrates and belittles the citizens of our nation who voted for Donald Trump. He goes on to criticize many things and people.

1. The Electoral College System which has served us well over time.

2. Anyone who watches Fox News (Rust Belt buddies) I would venture that they are in general better informed than many progressives who can’t answer some of the simplest questions regarding American history.

3. Trump’s concern over possibly illegal wiretapping. It needs to be investigated.

Is his statement “the stupid electing the stupid” supposed to be an intelligent utterance? Just wondering. I know that progressives feel they are intellectually superior beings, but that is over the top.

I do thank the Daily Sentinel for publishing letters supporting both sides in our national debate, but we should all agree to support our duly elected president.

Grand Junction

Colorado senators should support BLM methane rule
Dear Sens. Bennet and Gardner:

As business owners and operators from across Colorado’s Western Slope, we write to urge you to oppose efforts to abolish the Bureau of Land Management’s methane waste prevention rule through use of the Congressional Review Act.

We recognize that the BLM’s oil and gas program is an important economic contributor to our national economy, with nearly 100,000 onshore oil and gas wells, producing 11 percent of our natural gas and 5 percent of our oil each year. But without this rule in place, along with that production comes a tremendous amount of waste. Without the BLM’s rule, more than $330 million worth of natural gas is wasted each year from development on public lands, which could cost taxpayers $800 million in lost revenue over the next decade.

Between 2009 and 2015, federal and Indian onshore wells vented or flared enough gas to serve more than six million households for a year. The BLM’s methane rule makes good business sense. One study found that the cost to clean up the waste was only one cent per million cubic feet (Mcf) of natural gas sold. As of Jan. 30, natural gas was selling for $3.14/Mcf. The cost to business to fix this problem is a fraction of a penny on the dollar. As an added benefit, the BLM’s methane guidelines will clean up needless pollution from oil and gas wells on public lands in Utah and New Mexico, and thus help to safeguard the clean air that makes the Western Slope a great place to live and visit.

As business owners, we know not to waste. Waste directly affects our bottom lines and results in decreased revenues. Simply put, the BLM’s methane rule makes good business sense. We hope that you will lead the way with your colleagues in the Senate in the effort to preserve the BLM’s methane waste prevention rule.


Adobe Inn, Ridgway
Albrechta & Albrechta, LLC, Durango
All Metals Welding & Fabrication Co., Grand Junction
MD Allergy & Asthma Center of Western Colorado, Grand Junction
Grassroots Cycles Grand Junction
Alpacka Rafts, Mancos
Alternative Power Enterprises, Ridgway
Aspen Skiing Company, Aspen
Atlasta Solar, Grand Junction

We need a monument to Walter Walker
Are we supposed to take away from Thomas Acker’s letter in Friday, March 2, that Walter Walker was just a Klansman? He was more than that when he renounced his affiliation to the Klan, was beaten up on the street, and still ran the Klan out of Colorado.

Perhaps a monument, if only a bio to acknowledge Walter Walker would be appropriate. Moyers and Trumbo each have one downtown. The Daily Sentinel building should at least be so honored.

Grand Junction

Letter condemning Trump supporters reveals author is ill-informed
In the Daily Sentinel on March 8, in Letters, one of the world’s leading experts, at least in his own mind, Jim Denton expressed his opinions on the last election.  He calls himself a “progressive,” whatever that is, but appears to mean way, way left-leaning. He dumps on President Trump, “who was only elected because of the outdated the outdated electoral college system where someone can lose the popular vote…and still be elected.”  Apparently Jim has not studied history.  The electoral college was created precisely to prevent a few densely populated areas from controlling the entire country.

He goes on to say that “past studies” have shown the “Fox News crowd” are the “least informed viewers out there.”  Wow!  Perhaps he could enlighten us all by providing us the information on where these “studies” are documented and who did them. Apparently, in his mind, anyone who voted for President Trump is “stupid.”  I might apply that term to anyone so ill-informed about the reason for the Electoral College.

I watch both Fox and MSNBC, just to keep fair and balanced.  I wonder if Jim does?

Grand Junction

And the point was?
Food for thought concerning this Day Without Women. I wonder how many of these women who decided to make a statement by taking the day off have paid sick days or are salaried and will lose nothing by their action? Do they care about the women who are paid hourly, work on commission, or work for tips who cannot take the day off? Will they expect the baristas or the waitresses who will serve them today to be working or will they be upset at any inconvenience if they are not? How many kids will to miss school, many having to make it up at a later date? Are they concerned about the many other women had to take a day off or find baby sitters or stay home to care for these kids? 

These are just a few of the questions concerning this Day Without Women. And the point of all this is?

Grand Junction

City missed opportunity to get answers on broadband
Faced with the daunting challenge of deciding the fate of public partnership high speed internet access here in the Grand Valley, City Council demurred. Rather, they opted to forego even the minimum backing for stage two of the multi-year investment — the part where studies would indicate the degree of citizen demand and participation as well as overall feasibility.  The apparent rationale is that government should not be in competition (or, apparently, cooperation) with private enterprise.

I have no idea what the parameters, costs, degree of city participation or liability behind this whole project… but then, no one in city government does either. Will the city be asked only for right of way? Who is in charge of the ongoing operations? What are procedures in case of an emergency? These questions demand answers, yet city fathers are willing to maintain this plausible deniability by withholding a (proportionally) miniscule amount of funding to obtain this vital information. They and the public need to determine the future of e-commerce here in Grand Junction.

Grand Junction

First Amendment lawyer has a good sense of humor
Did anyone else get a good laugh out of the recent editorial in The Sentinel from Denver attorney Steve Zansberg?  I know I did.

Consider his knee-slapper regarding “Fake News”: “That label is obviously inappropriate for the reports published in The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and other legitimate news outlets who have adopted, and strenuously adhere to, well-established canons of journalistic ethics.”


Please keep ‘em coming Steve. We all need a good laugh nowadays.

Grand Junction





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