Email letters, May 13, 2013

Man-made global warming increasing at alarming rate

A Sentinel writer quotes The Weekly Standard as his source refuting man-caused global climate change? That’s not much different than using “Saturday Night Live” as a source for explaining genetically caused diseases.

For the Sentinel writer’s information, nine of the hottest annual worldwide temperatures ever recorded have occurred in the last decade. This is per the 97 percent of peer-reviewed scientists that study climate. Of this group of more than 1,100 scientists, 92 percent now ascribe this climate warming to fossil-fuel activities. Our 1 percent rise in world temperatures occurring over the last 20 years compares to a similar temperature rise of 1 degree that happened 10,000 years ago.

However, since that older, naturally occurring 1 percent rise took place over a period of almost 5,000 years, scientists can correctly pronounce that only man-causation with fossil fuels could be producing such fast-acting change now.

The devastation that humans, wildlife and plants will endure if we don’t immediately address the scientific reality of global warming due to fossil-fuel use is incalculable. The devastation will make absolutely silly the two percent rise in electrical rates that the Colorado rural electric associations are scaring us with by their expensive advertising campaign.

Grand Junction

Support BLM’s sensible proposal to control dust in open areas

As someone who is concerned about our valley’s air quality and the resulting quality of life, I felt quite unsettled after reading Sunday’s article entitled “North Desert’s Dusty Future.”

I’m all for folks of all types enjoying our public lands, but I’m also all for prioritizing the health of our community. Off-highway vehicle use and maintenance – especially in areas open to cross country travel – relate directly to air quality in terms of both fugitive dust and increased ozone formation.

Let’s be smart in planning for these opportunities so as not to grow Grand Junction’s brown cloud and keep our desert a place of calm, quiet and natural beauty.

Whether or not you support a reduction in the size of the motorized “open area,” I urge you to support BLM’s common-sense proposal in its draft plan to issue high-wind closures of open areas in order to control dust.

Grand Junction

Are wheels coming off Teflon-coated presidency?

Recently a friend mentioned needing a newer vehicle. He said his current one had more than 200,000 miles on it and was beginning to fall apart. I envisioned it being like stretching a rubber band to its limits and waiting for the snap.

Thinking on that made me wonder how long anything, especially a presidency such as Obama’s, can limp along on worn-out parts and wobbly wheels.

Listening to the Benghazi whistleblowers made me more curious, so I started a computer search. Entering the words “Obama scandals” and hitting the enter key, I was bewildered and amazed at the sheer number of sites that appeared.

Opening the first, a list compiled by Syracuse University, I was both disgusted and saddened. It contained a “table of contents” enumerating
actions by this president, chronologically arranged in groupings of 100.

There were more than 300 with dates, places and explanations. The last, number 304, was dated August 2011, before Solyndra, Fast and Furious and also before the end of his first term. They were all familiar on recall, though obviously long forgotten since Obama was elected a second time.

So, are the wobbly wheels of this Teflon-coated presidency finally about to come off? Or will they try to sweep this one under the carpet, too, and hope it’s forgotten like the others?

Curious minds want to know before the midterm elections.


Grand Junction

Benghazi deaths do indeed matter

Does anybody else feel as though Washington D.C. is completely out of control?

The IRS has been targeting certain segments of the population because of political affiliation. Illegal immigrants receive tens of thousands in fraudulently filed tax returns, and the IRS doesn’t seem to care, but talk bad about the Messiah and look what happens.

These people misled us, lied out right and let our brave men at arms die in battle with no attempt at rescue or support. How is this possible?

It happens when our leaders are not leaders but pacifiers that cannot take any criticism when they get caught lying and have no military experience.

One president was impeached for lying and being a scum bucket, but nobody died. How do our own elected Colorado officials side with this type of behavior? They say nothing; they lament of the greatness of the messiah, Barrack Hussein Obama.

How does it feel to be lied to and then left to die? It, by gawd, does matter, Hillary.


Grand Junction

High-living bank executives invited $45 million theft

This letter is in regard to the $45 million withdrawal. Does it trouble me that the banksters are on the receiving end of some well-orchestrated techno-theft? I honestly have to say nope, not at all.

The banksters have been inviting this type of criminality for decades. They’ve been so busy cleaning the clock — not only of the American public but also of ALL nations — they’ve failed to realize there are others in the underworld even cleverer than they are. And lest they should forget, to bring up an old adage, “If you lie with dogs, you get fleas.”

While globe-trotting in private jets, getting cushy, self-serving cabinet posts in the past four or five administrations and successfully having socialized their corporate losses, why would they expect anything less than being the target of highly organized theft?


Which tea party was writing talking about?

Mr. Phillips, you stated in your letter that two of the county commissioners who were responsible for the “misuse and possible fraud” regarding TABOR were self-appointed tea party members.

Maybe you would like to tell us what tea party you were talking about. The self-appointed astro turf party, Western Slope Conservative Alliance/Freedom!Colorado (and other names they have fraudulently used) have much the same connection to the GOP as Western Colorado Business Alliance has to the Chamber of Commerce. They are all rubber stamps for the GOP, but we are not supposed to know that. Maybe you do know that and just have a sore spot for anyone who may oppose some of your pet projects.

Where were you when GJResult Tea Party called for the resignation of Commissioner Meis and whose members were writing letters to the editor about the TABOR end-run that were never printed? Where were you when the improvements to turn the fairgrounds into a racetrack and casino were being drawn up? Did you speak up then? GJResult has been working hard for five years to keep its membership informed of events that will impact their lives and the future of our community. What have you been doing other than supporting the head of the Democrat Party (your wife) and saving the horses?

GJResult Tea Party does not curry favor with ANY political party (endorsed the Libertarian in the last election) and has stood in opposition to the GOP more than any other.

Mr. Phillips, you are helping to condemn the very people who have been fighting your opposition.

Grand Junction

Neither tea party group spoke out about commissioners’ end run around TABOR

I learned after writing a letter to the editors regarding my perception of what I have seen regarding the lack of the tea party’s voice regarding the former county commissioner’s end around of the amendment, that there is more than one group that claim to represent the tea party. I apologize for not knowing the ins and outs of the tea party.

I was informed that GJresult is that group that was the original group and Freedom!Colorado is the old Colorado Western Slope Alliance. I still have to wonder why neither group has been speaking about the commissioners’ action of going around TABOR and thus cheating the taxpayers out of our money. This has been going on since 2007.


Bureaucratic bungling of Benghazi was costly

Let’s see. It took at least a half dozen government agencies, a multitude of people in various departments and several political advisors to come up with 12 revisions to a one-page report on Benghazi that was wrong or a lie.

Wow! Your tax dollars at work.

Grand Junction

Council contribution to chamber
needed more for social programs

I am sure that our newly elected City Council members will change their votes and vote to give the money they gave to the Chamber of Commerce to the programs that feed our very young and elderly, such as Head Start and Meals on wheels, as these programs have been reduced due to the federal government’s sequester.

Surely they will. Won’t they?

Grand Junction


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We all know that Al Gore invented global warming shortly after he invented the internet!!!

Global climate change is also believed to be caused by the 65,000 year + ice age cycle. We are still coming out of the last ice age before we start cooling again and have another ice age.

Global volcanic discharge causes more temperature fluctuations than man made activities.

M. Todd starts with “We all know…” The only thing anybody knows when this illogic statement is made is there will be more junk stuff to follow. What he claims we all know is then a distortion of the following statement Al Gore made on Wolf Blitzer’s show in 1999.
“During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the internet. I took the initiative in moving forward a whole range of initiatives that have proven important to our country’s economic growth and environmental protection, improvements in our educational system.” This was citing the legislative initiatives he had been involved with. Political spinsters then took it into “invention” by distorting meaning and context. People to lazy or stupid to find out the truth behind the hype have perpetuated the distortion.
Next, “Global climate is also believed ... .” By some and in a previously undisturbed set of circumstances.  “Global volcanic discharge cause more temperature fluctuations than man made activities.” Sorry, M. but volcanic flucs are temporaries of occurrence , while the mankind activity just keeps increasing. Besides, they are additive not exclusive. Man has two things going as well. He is adding carbon, both CO2 and CH4 (20 x CO2 in effect) and reducing vegetation that produces oxygen by removing CO2.
It is half-baked logic and thinking, like the inane statements put forth by M. that continues this decline. A new record high for CO2 registered just days ago.
Yet nay-Sayers take refuge in things like saying volcanoes “are worse” when they are just another contributor; or, “it is a natural cycle” which are only cyclic when there are no changes made by other sources like releasing more CO2 and reducing the O2 from CO2 production at the same time.

Quotes by Mark Twain: “Better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.”

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