Email Letters: May 16, 2017

Hypocritical Republicans loathe to practice what they preach

Tuesday’s “below-the-fold” headline (“White House denies Trump shared secrets with Russians”) and the accompanying photograph of our so-called President shaking hands with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov illustrate how the so-called “lamestream media” is complicit in the normalization of Trump’s erratic and irresponsible behavior.

Indeed, when read more closely, the AP story actually confirms that – while National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster “denied” that Trump shared secret information about “sources and methods” with the Russians – his “non-denial denial” and his subordinates’ notifications to the CIA and NSA constitute “admissions” that Trump did in fact violate our intelligence-sharing agreements by leaking highly sensitive information which both the Russians and others can “reverse engineer” to ascertain those “sources and methods.”

Moreover, the article confirms what the photograph conceals: that Russia’s Ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak was also in the Oval Office with Trump and Lavrov – a fact that the White House did not disclose until after the Russians published their exclusive pictures.

Sentinel readers should recall that now former FBI Director James Comey famously but injudiciously testified on July 5, 2016 that Hillary Clinton had been “extremely careless” with classified information – because she received a few e-mails from subordinates that were retroactively deemed “classified” (but were not properly marked as such when she received them) and then stored them on her private server (which could have been hacked but wasn’t), unaware that any of those e-mails contained any classified information.

On July 7, 2016, Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan tweeted that “individuals who are ‘extremely careless’ with classified information should be denied further access to such info.” Of course, hypocritical Republicans like Ryan remain loath to “practice what they preach.”

Meanwhile, the only way to deny our “extremely careless” and demonstrably dangerous “leaker-in-chief” any “further access to such info” is to impeach him and then “lock him up” for laundering Russian money and violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Grand Junction

Predator study is a waste of taxpayer money

Tax money well spent? Regarding the predator study, I can save taxpayers some money. I have the conclusion of the study already figured out: bears and lions get hungry. When they are hungry, they will eat mule dear fawns. So, let’s see if killing them will increase the amount of fawns. Duh! I guess the wildlife people aren’t able to figure that out, so let’s kill dogs to see if we will save on dog food.

Humans should not interfere with nature’s course. All the people involved in this study need to think about ways to be more productive in their jobs and stop wasting our money. This is pure idiocy.

Grand Junction

Mainstream media should cover outrageous hypocrisy

Over the last week, every elected Democrat in D.C. who could rushed the cameras and talk shows to tell us the importance of the president selecting a new FBI director who is non-political and experienced. Over the weekend their leadership, Sen. Schumer, et al, rushed to the talk shows and threatened they will hold the FBI director’s job hostage if they do not get what they want politically over outstanding matters.

So far I have seen or heard no mainstream media news commentator, news service, or left-leaning talking head question this logic. And you wonder why the mainstream media is held in such low esteem? Do these people really think that the voters of this country are asleep and not noticing this outrageous hypocrisy?

Grand Junction

Sen. Gardner needs to stand up and do the right thing for our public lands

I am an environmental science student at Colorado Mesa University. I have been following The Daily Sentinel’s coverage of whether a recently passed rule to reduce methane and natural gas pollution would be rolled back in Congress, and how Western Colorado’s Congressional delegation voted on this issue. I wanted to share some of my thoughts with our elected officials.

For the record, Senator Michael Bennet supported keeping the rule in place. Representative Scott Tipton and Senator Cory Gardner both voted to support rolling back the rule. Even though Sen. Gardner can argue his vote was a procedural one, it could have enabled his colleagues to gut the rule.

The Senate failed to roll back the rule yesterday, and that’s a good thing for western Colorado. As the Sentinel pointed out in their editorial, air pollution from Utah doesn’t stop at the Colorado state line and turn around. It comes right in. So it makes sense to make sure we’re not polluting for no good reason when companies drill for oil and gas.

The Daily Sentinel is right; Sen. Gardner’s vote was disappointing. But disappointing is an understatement. Sen. Gardner needs to stand up and do the right thing for our public lands, not cater to the oil and gas industry and vote to sell out future generations like mine.



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Ms. Smith,

Perhaps its because it isn’t hypocrisy, but merely playing the game by the same rules as the Republicans. Remember how they refused to consider Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court for a full year? You reap what you sow. The only hypocrisy is from those who complain about the Democrats using the Republican’s tactics against them.

Ms. Smith, I think the illogic rests with you. it’s illogical to want the job filled but with someone who can be trusted to be non-partisan and thoroughly experienced for the job? What planet do you live on?

OMG! A letter to the editor sees something nefarious in the fact that the administration did not reveal that the Russian Ambassador was in the Oval Office at the same time when the President met with the Russian Foreign Minister. Wow, must be a conspiracy there somewhere! I am guessing that the writer would be just as suspicious if the Ambassador was not there.

No, Mr. Hunley. What is suspicious is that Trump refused to allow the American press in the meeting, but allowed Russian media in, intentionally or not. And during that meeting, he gave away information that should not have been given away. Not illegally for him, although for anyone else it would have been a criminal act.

What is sad is that you apparently see nothing wrong with Trump’s actions, especially after his previous remarks about those who are careless with classified information.

Well Mr. Iles, I guess you find any action by this President as suspicious. Just tired of “there is a report by unnamed sources” or “unconfirmed report” stories, many of which have been untrue and merely attempts by the left to tear down a Presidency just because things didn’t go as they expected. That is frightening! I suppose you are just another of those “party-first - good of the country-second” folks.  My guess if the President donated $100 million to cancer research you would complain he ignored the plight of the people with heart disease. Nothing will ever satisfy you. It seems all you do is wait for people who are unafraid to send in signed Letters to the Editor and then become an armchair critic. Give it a try sometime instead of trying to stay as anonymous as possible. I just won’t waste any more time with you. Have a good night!

So former FBI director Comey is an unnamed source?

I suggest that all Trump apologists and sympathizers read the May 17th column by David Brooks which is found on the the Daily Sentinel editorial page.  This is an unbiased and accurate assessment of our “child” president.  He is simply not qualified to be president, period (with an exclamation point)!

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