Email Letters: May 19, 2017

Erdogan and thugs should be prosecuted for attack on protestors

In these days of partisan division and extreme rhetoric, I have become numb to most of the noise. But something that happened this week that broke through my calloused sensibilities.

On Tuesday, Turkish President Erdogan was visiting Washington when his bodyguards viciously attacked a peaceful group of protesters in front of the Turkish embassy. This is America, where we respect and protect the right to peacefully speak our minds, regardless of our politics. The Turkish ambassador should be thrown out of the country, and Erdogan and his thugs should be prosecuted for assault.

One good thing: At least now, no one can be in doubt as to exactly who Mr. Erdogan really is.

Grand Junction

Letters opposing Trump should not be published

Personally, I don’t think letters in opposition to our President Trump should be printed. It continues to divide our country and there is enough of that without printing them. I think our mindset should be to build up our country in word and deed.


Parks and Wildlife predator study not funded by taxpayer dollars

I take umbrage to Chris Suiffet’s May 18 letter, “Predator study a waste of taxpayer dollars” telling folks it is a waste of taxpayer money.

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife, for those than do not know, is not funded by taxpayer money. It is funded by outdoors people in the form of licenses, etc. Please do your research before making such statements.

Grand Junction

Kudos to Trump administration for reviving Jordan Cove Project

Kudos to the Trump administration for reviving the Jordan Cove Project and vowing to make the project a priority. It’s refreshing to have an administration that supports energy development and is excited about stimulating our country’s economy while contributing to our independence.

In western Colorado, we are sitting on a treasure trove of natural gas reserves in the Piceance Basin. Expanding U.S. LNG exports is critical to the development of this area. Our gas is a “dry” gas that doesn’t have the value of the “wets” that most other gases have. We need to find sources that value it for the energy value primarily. Asian markets recognize this. Green lighting Jordan Cove will reinvigorate natural gas development in our region creating a vast economic benefit to surrounding bedroom communities like Grand Junction and Rifle.

Boom and bust naysayers should also be quelled by the Jordan Cover project. LNG development is sustainable for decades to come and several Asian Pacific markets have already committed to purchasing LNG for decades to come. This sustainability removes the fears of the boom and bust cycles that we have experienced in the past and that are typically associated with the industry.

The Jordan Cove project is truly a win-win: it’s good for our region, our state, our country and is helping our global allies. We have a valuable resource in our backyard that the rest of the world needs – it’s time to cut the red tape and capitalize on it. Now that the voters in Coos Bay have knocked down the radicals’ proposal to prohibit it, the Jordan Cove Project can proceed and should, for our health and that of the economy of Colorado, Oregon and the Unites States.

Grand Junction

Congress and press are crazy because they lost track of reality

I want my news fix. Make it entertaining. I don’t care about sources and accuracy. I want the story to precede fact.

A crazy person may be sane…if you buy the premise. The members of Congress and the press are crazy because they lost track of reality…spoon fed by a “shadow.” Our highest-ranking general/president had a name for it in his farewell address. Suffice to say, this “shadow” looks out for its own interests in the guise of keeping us, the U.S., safe.

It is now the fourth branch of government after Congress, the courts and executive branch. “Shadow” is a good name but it doesn’t resonate with the other three. It’s not supposed to. It is an entity unto itself. It eats up a good portion of the federal budget. It is necessary in small doses, but when it outgrows its intended purpose, it looks for other purposes. It is invincible and unaccountable. We want the invincible, not the unaccountable. Ever wonder about the unaccountable source of leaks and “fake news?”

This is the kind of blather our forefathers fought against. We would have already begun a war with Russia if Hillary were elected, just to keep the “shadow” happy. The “shadow” does not give up. It’s still trying with Trump.

It’s ironic that a part of the USSR famous for vampires, has found a home within the U.S. Thanks “shadow.” More likely attributed to the weaker side of human nature, rather than Russia. Sorry, all you “daisy down the gun-barrel” pushers. Oh yeah: “make love, not war.”
This is no good, on any number of levels, when there is so much injustice throughout the world, and so much untapped potential in the universe.

Grand Junction

Reader takes issue with recent letter

We are so lucky here in Grand Junction to have the world’s leading expert in all things political, Bill Hugenberg. I refer to his letter printed in letters on May 18. He just knows for a fact that, despite all denials, President Trump has violated all sorts of laws, yet Hillary was just careless because none of her emails were marked as “classified.” This is a dodge used by some to avoid the extra effort required for handling such information and to get the info out more easily. Yet, he readily accepts the notion that “our leaker-in-chief,” President Trump, should be locked up and impeached for “laundering Russian money and violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.” How much “money” was that, Bill? And where did it go?

Grand Junction

Mueller’s ‘safari’ won’t have far to hunt for the warlock-in-chief

Yesterday, our contemptible so-called president told the graduating Coast Guard Academy class that “no politician in history . . . has been treated worse” by the press than him – albeit conveniently forgetting that no politician in recent memory has treated women, the disabled, his primary rivals, his election opponent, and/or a sitting president more reprehensibly than he has.

This morning, Trump tweeted that the appointment of Former FBI Director Robert Mueller as Special Counsel was “the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!” – once again revealing his profound ignorance of that history, which includes the Whitewater investigation that led to Bill Clinton’s impeachment (but exonerated him of all “high crimes and misdemeanors” other than lying under oath about his liaison with Monica Lewinski) and the admittedly partisan Benghazi probes (“one of the longest, costliest and most bitterly partisan congressional investigations in history”), by which Republicans excited and bilked their base while finding “no new evidence of culpability or wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton.”

Today, we learned that – last year – the Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan directed his colleagues to conceal their informed concerns about Trump’s own Russia connections, and that Trump campaign associates had 18 previously undisclosed contacts with the Russians. Thus, Mueller’s “safari” won’t have far to hunt for the warlock-in-chief.

Under Article I, Section 2 of the Constitution, the House of Representatives “shall have the sole power of impeachment” – by simple majority vote. The 115th Congress – which is nominally composed of 435 members – is currently comprised of 238 Republicans and 193 Democrats, with four open seats. Thus, it would take only 23 patriotic Republicans to join a unanimous Democratic minority to impeach Trump by a vote of 216 to 215.

Under Article I, Section 3 of the Constitution, the Senate “shall have the sole power to try all impeachments” – with conviction requiring the concurrence of two thirds of the Members present.” The current Senate is comprised of 52 Republicans, 46 Democrats, and two Independents (both of whom caucus with the minority). Thus, it would take only 21 patriotic Republicans to join a unanimous coalition of Democrats and Independents to impeach Trump with 67 votes (assuming no absences). Only 66 votes would be required to remove Trump from office if any single Senator absented him/herself from the vote.

Grand Junction


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Ms.Thompson, just pretend it isn’t happening? It is, and we need to know what and why. And above, what kind of people are we electing?

Mr. Stewart, that’s a long way around to take a fortuitous shot at Hillary. How do you know we’d be in a war now? You are ingesting way too much Fox “news”.

Hey, Creight, why are you so jealous of someone who actually pays attention to what is happening and makes sure that he has correct info? As opposed to merely following the well-worn path of the intelligence-challenged envying onlookers with some kind of ax to grind?

Even if we can all agree with the thrust of Friday’s editorial (“Let’s trust the process of independent inquiry”) and with the headline chosen by the Sentinel’s opinion page editor for Gary Reeder’s Friday letter (“Citizens need to work together for the good of all”), it’s still hard to fathom why Creighton Bricker (“Reader takes issue with recent letter”) and others of his ilk remain in abject denial about President Trump’s demonstrated shortcomings, potential criminal liability, and lack of commitment to any principles other than self-interest.

While I knew that Illinois state senator Barack Obama was being aspirational in 2004 when he expressed similar “unity” sentiments at the Democratic National Convention (proclaiming—perhaps naively—the non-existence of “Red States” and “Blue States”), I did not expect the virulent bigotry and Republican obstructionism – including Trump’s racist “birtherism” – with which President Obama had to contend for his entire two terms.

Thus, in order to cogently respond to Reeder and Bricker, I had to first turn to the dictionary to refresh my memory as to the precise meaning of certain words.  For example, “hatred” is defined as
“prejudiced hostility or animosity” and “prejudiced” means “an opinion for or against something [or someone] without adequate basis”.  So, applying that definition, I am quite confident that I have no hatred for Donald Trump.

Conversely,“unprejudiced hostility or animosity” necessarily implies “with adequate basis”, and is therefore synonymous with
“disdain” or “contempt”—not “hatred”. Applying that definition, I have no trouble admitting to well-founded contempt for those hypocrites “whose hearts were filled with hatred toward our president” Obama for no good reason (other than that he was only half-White), but now want our oafish would-be king to be treated differently than he treats others – and shows no respect for the truth or for our Constitution and its norms.  Rather, I give him only the respect he deserves. 

Don’t get me wrong – I truly want Donald Trump to succeed in fulfilling his campaign promises:  to strengthen our military, to undertake a massive job-creating infrastructure program, to enact a “great” health care system superior to ObamaCare, to humanely enforce our broken immigration system, and to reform our tax code to benefit the Middle Class.  Of course, that will only happen when “the base” admits his and its hypocrisy.

The liberals are back from the Friday coffee and cannot wait to take turns telling everyone how wrong they are about most everthing.  Have you ever read one of their group attacking another?

Hi Ron, have you ever seen a conservative or Republican attacking another in the paper? If you are so concerned about what happens on Friday mornings you have a standing invitation to come and straighten the attendees out. That invitation is to anybody which has always been our policy, regardless of political preferences.. It’s a discussion group and we discuss all the things that might interest you. Like I say, come and straighten out the people there to correct thinking. Just last week we had a Republican speaker who was enjoyed and pleased by everybody. Today we had a well known Republican join us to discuss city financing. Maybe you could have added to what we learned. You only embarrass yourself in this venue with your hatred of liberals. Maybe you’ll add some rationality to our discussions. You never know. See you next Friday?

Fred Stewart, President Eisenhower warned alert and knowledgeable citizens of the “machine”. President Kennedy also warned us about the “dangerous secret societies.” Yet I see most people here fighting each other while the “shadow” runs in the background.

Here is something that all viewers on this site ought to read, particularly the regular trolls. Those trolls should understand that they have been conned. They claim to believe the junk Fox News presents. Now they might realize just how gullible and dumb Ailes believed them to be. There are no “alternative facts” other than those conjured up by Ailes, and those joining him, to appeal to gullible and ignorant audiences. You’ve watched and reacted and they’ve collected billions from advertisers that could care less what you believed. You watched, that’s all that mattered to them. What it has done to our country is apparently of no concern to the advertisers — and Ailes and friends. You have been manipulated, bigly!

Mr. Borgen, I’m so happy you found Roger Ailes to blame for your nasty divisive rhetoric.  You constantly call people you disagree with trolls, but you are the one who seems to always be shopping for a fight.  That’s the definition of a troll!

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