Email letters, May 2, 2014

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Mr. McCarney is right about the Tea Party not being racist. GJResult held the first Tea Party in Grand Junction with the featured speaker being Ryan Frazier and was proud to have him.

This get together on Sat. May 3 is not being sponsored by a tea party. Freedom!Colorado is not a registered tea party, they are masquerading as one the way WSCA did. They are more accurately known as representatives of the MC GOP operating in a way that tries to convince the public that they are truly conservative so they can give the GOP candidates a Tea Party endorsement like they did Scot Tipton.

They use Americans For Prosperity to pay the insurance and bills and to give them some credibility as being independent from the GOP. I would bet that the Koch brothers have no idea who and what they are promoting.

Sorry Dennis, TEA Party is an event not a Party. When is your next event? Oh that’s right, all you guys can do is claim success for an event you did not plan in 2009 and then complain when other Conservatives get together. There is no masquerade, we are filling the need that your group can not, because you have alienated just about everyone in the Valley. When was your last event? the Obama speech at Grand Junction? Over two years ago. What have you done since? Where have you helped one Conservative Cause? I did not see you in DeBeque fighting for the economy of the Western Slope. I have not seen you at City Hall fighting for budget sense. I have not seen you at the PLAA events standing up to the BLM. I did not see you at last year’s gun rallies. All of these were put on by cooperating Conservative groups.

Thanks for putting the same old arguments up again. We will keep on fighting for the Conservative Causes on the Western Slope. You guys can keep on doing nothing.

Easy there Mr. McCarney, I would hate to see your blood pressure sky rocket. Before you get off on any more of your ranting I would suggest you verify your information (you won’t need a lie detector for this).

This is a quote from the original flyer for that event…“FOR MORE INFORMATION AND UPDATES, CONTACT:
and if you want to help insure we “get er done”, volunteer. Contact admin or americanpatriot at “” and ask what you can do? Reprint this announcement and distribute it in your area and stay “connected” to “” for the latest info”.

I will gladly furnish you with a copy of the entire flyer if you would like. Then there is this link.

How many times are you going to change your group’s name to keep people from connecting you to the GOP? You know most people who keep up on what is going on do remember that you were 2nd vice chair of the MC GOP and that you still kiss their ring. We also know that the Republican Party puts out email blasts for you using a name registered to us, Freedom Colorado (No ! point) which you were advised by our lawyer to cease and desist using.

Easy there yourself DP or AP or whatever letters you go by. We all know how you do business, illegally cybersquatting on corporate names. Pat yourself on the back and be proud. Why didn’t you call me bobble head, isn’t that your nickname for me.

As I said, you guys keep doing what you don’t do, and we will keep defending Conservatives. By the way, I changed my affiliation to Unaffiliated last year, what is yours? Or are you even registered to vote? Who kisses the Party Ring? Ha ha ha.

Mr. McCarney, I don’t know you and have no idea what your nickname is and could care less what you like to be called. I was raised to show respect for others and will continue to address you as Mr. McCarney. Once again you seem to be accusing me of being someone else. Once more I ask you to prove that I am not who I say I am. The last time you made those accusations you wanted to use a lie detector but we let the Daily Sentinel settle the matter. Have you forgotten that little item? Maybe you have just been too busy “organizing” to remember that so I will excuse you this time.

There is nothing illegal about reserving a name with the Sec. of State, it is done by people all the time. What isn’t done often and is illegal is using the name of another group (besides ours) such as the one in Colorado Springs that you tried to use for a while. I think you know who I speak of (Colorado Liberty Alliance) and I can furnish the proof of that also if you would like.

Ahhh, Dennis!
Or should I call you by one of your aliases, AP, American Patriot, Chuck Beacham or Chuck Beauchamp, or this Dennis Patton, PAST board member of gjresult that allows you to use his email because he actually pays for a paper. I understand you now have taken my name as a Tea Party Of 1 and Mad as Hell! Good for you! Lets see now, first you took Western Slope Conservative Alliance, changed it to WSCA “Tea Party” so they couldn’t claim to be a Tea Party. WSCA is now no longer a functioning group. McCarney started Freedom! Colorado, 6 months later you register with Secretary of State as Freedom Colorado and claim they are using YOUR registered name, hahahaha. Now you have taken my name ATPO1 and claim it’s yours, the second time you have taken it (first time it wasn’t even spelled right) and claimed I am using it while it is registered to gjresult, hahahaha I now proclaim it is A Tea Party of 2 and Mad as Hell. Now what? Re-register it! Who cares. A Rose is a Rose is a Rose, by any other name, would smell so sweet. What’s in a name? It’s the actions that count, the things that get done, the effort put into the cause.

McCarney is right, you have alienated every conservative in the valley, that is why you have turned to the left and support the Dems. Kanola, and now the still unannounced candidate for sheriff, Benita Phillips that you told me about last fall. Nice try Chuck, Dennis, AP, Beacham, Beauchamp, APTO1, WSAC Tea Party, Freedom Colorado, gjresult or whatever you want to call yourself today. As McCarney said, Tea Party is an event, not a group. What difference does a name make?

Just look at our poor, poor AMERICA. Look at her and see those that want to lead her. Jeez. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

Tim, I know you so I feel I can use your first name in replying. Your comments are so full of lies that it is hard to know where to start.

First you should come clean and tell the truth about why you are not the President of GJResult/TeaParty. No, you didn’t resign as you have been saying, the truth is that three years ago the Board unanimously voted you out of office because you were trying to give the TP endorsement to Scot Tipton without Board approval. There are minutes to that meeting if you would like your memory refreshed. You were acting as a shill for the GOP. GJResult is not, has never been, and will never be a shill for any party. 

The 2nd truth is that you never legally owned the name Tea Party of 1 (no matter how it was spelled). You may have used the name but the Sec. of State’s Office shows no record of you ever having owned it. The name was reserved once and when that ran out it was picked up in January 2014 by gjresult/tea party under Drew’s name.

The 3rd truth is that the name Freedom Colorado was reserved by GJResult.Tea Party in Drew’s name on Feb 14, 2013.  Mr. McCarney did not file any paper work with the Sec. of State’s Office until March 25, 2013.

It is a simple matter to go to the Sec. of State web site and check all of this information to see who is lying and who isn’t. Or, are you accusing gjresult/tea party and the Sec, of State of perpetrating a fraud or committing some conspiracy.??  If a name makes no difference, what is the big deal who registers it? It must be important to you as it seems to have sent you off the deep end. Tim you need to get a grip, I am afraid your health is going to suffer if you don’t calm down.

Ahhh, Chuck,
Yes you do know me, and if you were Dennis you would remember that you (Dennis) quit as Treasurer the same time that I quit as President. Dennis also left the board the same day I did.
I do remember the argument that we had, it wasn’t totally about Tipton but your interference on the board of which you weren’t even a member. I have a recording of that meeting if you don’t remember, I don’t need forged minutes, I have the recording. This was verified by Mr. JJ Haas when he visited our home last week, I don’t think I need to offer any more proof to your unfounded accusations.
I’m not sure how I can be considered a shill for anyone; I changed my affiliation from repub to unaffiliated last fall. I turned repub again this last week to be able to vote in the primary for the best candidate in the race, Pennington. Shill, hahahaha I have complained about the leadership of the repubs much more than you or anyone else. That’s provable.

Names, I do not accept donations, nor do I give contributions to anyone under the name A Tea Party of 1, therefore I don’t need to have a registered name. The reason you want my name is simple, you need to harass and intimidate anyone who doesn’t agree with you.
Freedom! Colorado (McCarney’s group) registered the name on 3-25-2013, your group gjresult, registered the name Freedom Colorado on 10-17 2013. Now maybe my math isn’t good since I am a Tea Party guy, but that’s 6 months before your registration and the reason you’re are after them is for the use of an ! , wow. McCarney can verify this if he wishes but it is on the SOS site under trade names.
I started ATPO1 about a month after I left gjresult, you registered it the first time about 6 months after I used it, why, if not to intimidate? Does it matter, not much, I can change the name again and again. How about a Tea Party of 5? Would you like to register that one too? Do it! Don’t forget the ! !

There is a web site maybe Ruth could look at, it may help you understand your anger and why you do the things you do to people you called friends.
Ruth, I hope it helps.

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