E-mail letters, May 24, 2011

Go green by recycling Congress

You won’t usually hear me saying “Go green,” but I think it is time to recycle … Congress! We need legislators who will secure our borders, make English our national language, mandate quarterly drug tests for everyone on welfare and food stamp programs, balance the budget by cutting spending, reserve freebies (education, health care, welfare, food stamps, etc.) for American citizens only, repeal the obscene health care bill, end the birthright provision that allows illegals to give birth to automatic American citizens, end congressional pensions for legislators with only one term of service, require proof of American birth for all presidential nominees and adhere to the U.S. Constitution.

I am tired of electing representatives who quickly become part of the existing system that buys votes by selective redistribution of taxpayer money. Our country was based on limited — very limited — federal government powers. In most matters not involving national security, the states and the people were to have maximum responsibility and power. That has now been turned upside down.

The federal government is controlling our toilets and our light bulbs, and is starting on our health care. Meanwhile, it is neglecting its national security responsibility (securing our borders), and even suing a state for trying to do so.

Let’s take the power back. Recycle Congress. Every election, throw out every member who does not work toward limiting the federal government to Constitutional principles. Accept no excuses.


Carbon dioxide is necessary for life on Earth

Liberals and environmentalists are proving that they don’t care one bit about global warming, greenhouse gases or saving the environment. All they really want is bring the downfall of big bad oil. How, you ask? By pushing compressed natural gas, or CNG, as an alternative.

Sure, burning CNG produces none of the carbon monoxide, soot, smog, etc that burning gasoline does, yet it still produces the one and only greenhouse gas which is supposedly causing global warming: Carbon dioxide. Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for switching to CNG. It’s cleaner, cheaper, doesn’t contaminate the Gulf of Mexico when it spills and produces one of the two most important gases essential to the survival of life on this planet: Carbon dioxide.

That’s right. Carbon dioxide is not killing the planet. Plants need it. They breathe it in and exhale oxygen, which all animals need to live. Animals in turn exhale more carbon dioxide. Life on this planet needs carbon dioxide. The environmentalists claim that carbon dioxide is killing the planet, yet they push for switching to CNG, which produces nothing but “planet killing” carbon dioxide. So which is it? Why the double-talk? Because all the left cares about is killing big bad oil. They care nothing for saving the planet.

Grand Junction

Practice safe driving habits

As we head toward Memorial Day and summer vacations, I think now is a good time to remind parents and teens about some safe driving tips.

Unfortunately in Colorado in 2009, there were 48 auto-related teen deaths. As an auto dealer in Grand Junction, I am reminded every day that enforcing safe driving habits is the only way to bring this number down.

I’d like to offer a few practical tips for everyone:

Insist on safety belt use. According to the latest data, in 2009 the use of seat belts in passenger vehicles saved an estimated 12,713 lives in the US.

Drinking and driving don’t mix. More than a third of all teen traffic fatalities involve alcohol. This should be obvious, but no excuses, no second chances, no alcohol. Period. Make sure you talk to your child about what to do or who to call if they are ever stuck in a situation without a sober driver. There are always other options.

Avoid distractions. Driving demands full attention. A driver’s responsibility is to operate the vehicle safely. Distractions like the radio, cell phones and passengers take attention away from the road. Colorado’s Graduated Driving Licensing Laws have helped decrease distractions, but it is still up to drivers to follow the law.

Today’s vehicles are safer than ever, and advanced technologies such as Sync, MyFord Touch, and other manufacturer’s offerings are helping to keep our kids safe. If your teen is borrowing your car, make sure you take a drive with them first and they know how to properly use all the features.

For parents especially, safe driving habits are a crucial involvement in your teen’s life. Ford recently released a survey reporting that more than three quarters of tweens say they will rely heavily on their parents’ advice when they start to drive. That’s great news for parents. On the flipside, though, the same study showed that while nearly all (95 percent) of parents believe they’re safe drivers, 82 percent of teens report seeing their parents be careless when driving.

The bottom line is we all need to practice safe driving habits. Let’s do it for ourselves and the safety of our kids.

Sales Manager, Western Slope Ford Lincoln
Grand Junction

Obama is right about restoring borders

In the 1967 Six Day War, Moshe Dayan led the army of Israel. They occupied the Golan Heights, Gaza Strip, West Bank, east Jerusalem, including part of Egypt.

Ten years later the Egyptian President Anwar Sadat announced he was coming to Jerusalem to reclaim his land. The people of Israel were terrified that he would be assassinated and they would be at war.

I had dinner with a large group of Jewish ladies before Sadat arrived. They were praying that he would not be assassinated because that would mean war and their husbands and sons would be going away again.

At that time every soldier carried his gun with him everywhere he went. I saw them on the streets, in the restaurants, always carrying their gun.

Jerusalem was completely shut down from the time Sadat arrived until he left. Sunday morning I had planned to attend a service at the Garden Tomb. The cab driver said, lady you aren’t going anywhere, the whole city is shut down. About that time Moshe Dayan stepped out of my hotel apparently on he way to take part in the discussions with the Government of Israel.. I spent the day reading papers and talking to people to see what was happening. Sadat had arrived on Saturday and I was detained on a tour of the Sinai Desert and we had been held up not getting back to our hotels until after midnight on Saturday.

Sadat successfully completed his mission and the lines were restored that had been lost in the Six Day War.

The late King Hussein of Jordan had given some of his land to the Palestinians. After he was gone Israel began building their homes on that area and then were very upset when some of them had to leave.

I do not believe it is right to step in by force and claim another country’s land.

President Obama is right. The lines of the 1967 War should be returned to the owners.

I was there.

Grand Junction





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