Email Letters: May 30, 2017

Corrupt health-care system affecting middle class Americans

Homes, businesses, and bank accounts. That’s what many in the middle class are losing while a hundred million Americans have no sweat in the medical game at all. And it’s all thanks to our pathetically corrupt health-care system.

America has 55 million seniors on Medicare who still have to pay for Part A and B out of their small Social Security checks even though they paid into Medicare all their lives. But we now have a staggering 75 million people on Medicaid, riding on taxpayers’ backs, who aren’t paying a dime. They get free medical, free prescriptions, free everything. Medicaid was meant for our very sick Americans, not for a handout to keep politicians in office. And now we also have millions more Americans having their premiums paid by taxpayers through Obamacare.

The middle class is being plundered by a corrupt system and if we had any sense at all we’d march on every capitol and demand a value added tax be started throughout America to cover us for catastrophic illnesses. We’re not freeloaders and we can afford broken arms and sore throats, but to see many in the middle class going bankrupt from medical costs due to catastrophic illnesses is corrupt and un-American. Catastrophic illnesses are eating up more than half of all medical costs.

So if we’re going to have a third of the country paying nothing, the least we can do is help middle class America by starting a VAT. It’s fair, it’s Godly, and it’s past time all Americans get back in the game. Living in America was never supposed to be a free ride.


Grand Junction

God presented to us a creation to be investigated and explored

Charlie Quimby criticizes “Creation Science,” and Timothy King explained that “a growing number of Christians share Quimby’s criticism towards the approach and conclusions of creationist researchers.”

Although there are a number of Christians, I suppose, who believe in the literalness of the six-day creation passage in Genesis, I have yet to meet more than one in my lifetime. Truth is, the vast majority of Christians accept that God created, without fussing over whether it was six days or 60 million years. After all, the Bible teaches that for the Lord, “a day is a thousand years and a thousand years a day” (2nd Peter). Through Scripture, we read of God’s words to us through symbolism, metaphor, and parable, as well as certain truths to be received literally, such as the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Reduce that particular account to metaphor, and you have no Gospel.

As one wise ol’ clergyman one quipped, “If it’s true in the science lab, it will be true in Scripture,” which is to say that there really is a Creation Science, since God created, and in doing so, God made the discipline of science possible. Many scientists today focus on the processes of life and evolution without accepting that behind the origin of any process is an intelligent source, a living Creator God.

But it was not always so. It’s no accident that the forerunners of modern science were people who believed there was a God and believed that God had presented to us a creation to be investigated and explored, as well as enjoyed.

Life does not come from non-life. Primordial Soup may have been in the beginning, but it was not its own origin. About this, Antony Flew, once considered the world’s most notorious atheist, determined to follow the truth wherever it led, and came to believe there is a God. He wrote, “Believing that all the complexity and precision of the universe and life itself is the accidental result of mindless forces, is akin to believing a 747 airliner, with all its sophisticated computer systems, was created by the forces of a tornado ripping through a junkyard.”


Data indicates conservative media has more impact on public opinion

Last week my good neighbor, golfing buddy and political opposite Paul Currie-Mills had a letter on this page in which he complained that “the free press in this country, being overwhelmingly liberal in their bias” unfairly picks on Republicans. Looking at who currently holds the reins of our government, one would have to conclude that the liberal media are not being very successful in swaying public opinion. In fact, one could argue just the opposite. Let’s take a look at some of today’s sources of political news and commentary and assess their impact on shaping the views of voters.

Print media: The New York Times and the Washington Post are bastions of liberalism, with national audiences. But the Wall Street Journal, a conservative paper, has a larger national circulation that the Times and the Post combined. (This includes both print and digital paid subscriptions).

Talk radio: Liberal talk radio is almost non-existent, while conservative programs have a huge following. Together, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Dave Ramsey reach almost 50 million listeners each week. The only large player on the liberal side is NPR, which has around 15 million listeners. NPR strives to be balanced, but they lean a little left anyway. NPR’s news shows cover diverse areas such as sports and the arts as well as politics.

Cable news: In 2016, FOX News had about 2.5 times as many viewers as MSNBC, and about as many as CNN and MSNBC combined (in the last few months, MSNBC has made large gains amid scandals at both the White House and FOX).

Network news: For the past couple of years, NBC has had the ratings lead for nightly news. Their anchor, Lester Holt, is a registered Republican.

News sources are very diverse these days, and most of them are biased in some direction. But the data seem to indicate that overall, conservative sources are having more impact on public opinion than liberal sources.

Media has a liberal bias? That’s fake news, Paul!

Grand Junction

Recent national column was clearly divisive

Ruben Navarette’s column on May 28 was clearly divisive. Finding a comment that railed against Trump supporters on a site that few of the public ever read clearly presents an unbalanced view. Why not mention the two men who died protecting a Muslim woman on a train, or Defense Secretary Mattis, saying his most worrisome problem is the lack of “political unity in America.” Perhaps Mr. Naverette wants to stir up more diverseness. If so, he certainly does a good job of it.

Grand Junction

Only one logical choice for I-70 curve issue

Now that the designing civil engineer has weighed in as to the reason for the rather sharp corner on Interstate 70 in De Beque Canyon, I see only one logical solution to smooth out the problem. The Grand Junction City Council should annex the area around the corner. This would allow them to remedy the situation as they have with other troubling roads around the city: install a roundabout. This would include both east and westbound lanes. The “traffic calming” humps from 1st Street would be cloned for the entrance to it to slow traffic and the whole project paid with federal funds (our money), state funds (our money), and county funds (also our money).

Grand Junction

Article takes swipe at those who voted against pot

The article in the May 28 paper regarding the winery in Oregon converting to a pot farm was just another swipe at the folks in Grand Junction for not voting to allow Grand Junction to become another pothole in Colorado.

Repeated attempts to mock, shame, ridicule and portray contemptuously by The Daily Sentinel are prevalent. The Sentinel just can’t comprehend how residents can’t see the riches rolling into the city’s coffers and how much “good spending” could result. Utopia! The view that all you have to do to create a thriving community is just pour tax monies into it without regard for the whole human being is the shortsightedness of progressives worldwide.


Grand Junction

Express your views regarding community center at upcoming meeting

A community center saved my life when I was 13 years old. My mother had to work after my father was killed in a railroad crossing near our farm. We moved to a city and I was really lost. I started hanging out with some guys who thought it was cool to tip over outhouses and throw eggs at cars. After some of us were caught, someone gave me a free pass to the YMCA. While mom was working I went there after school and walked home with her. The Y was such a cool place because we become a close community. We played basketball and other indoor sports without a pool or weight equipment.

If you are interested in having a community center like Fruita and Montrose, you can attend a City Council workshop to express your views. The open meeting is June 5 at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall.

Grand Junction

‘Just the facts’ should guide all political discussions

“Just the facts, ma’am.” That famous line from Dragnet should guide all of us in our political discussions. A recent letter complained, “No one should be above law in politics.” The writer felt that the “overwhelming liberal press” was giving Democrats a free ride and picking on Republicans. Similar complaint is frequently heard about liberal professors and teachers in our education system. Both reporters and teachers depend completely on facts for their credibility. The Democrats accused of being above the law; Clinton, Holder, Rice and Lerner were thoroughly investigated and the facts were found wanting. The Republican Party loves to accuse, the facts be damned. Nothing is more frustrating than debating someone whose argument is based on prior beliefs and feelings; you confuse them with facts. Science doesn’t care about your beliefs and feelings, facts will win out. The “overwhelming conservative news” from Fox promotes half-baked talking points that you might want to check with other sources.

Grand Junction

Letter parrots Trumpian talking points

Dave Kearsley, Mesa’s pollyannic apologist for arguably the worst president in our history, is at it again – mimicking Baghdad Bob, Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders in parroting Trumpian talking points in Tuesday’s letter (“President Trump is David battling the deep state Goliath”).

Of course, Dave’s biblical reference is just as absurd as candidate Trump’s transparently self-serving assertion that – next to “his own” (but ghostwritten) “Art of the Deal” – the Bible is his favorite book. Hypocritical “social conservatives” simply chose to overlook Trump’s history of amoral hedonism to gain a Supreme Court seat. While Trump may see himself as a “King” (as David became), others (including French President Macron) perhaps more objectively consider him an ignorant, unprincipled, authoritarian thug.

Likewise, to the extent that there is a “deep state,” it is largely composed of dedicated men and women who take seriously their oath to support and defend the Constitution – which Trump obviously does not. While Kearsley would impute philistines’ motives to the entire federal bureaucracy, the fact that career national security experts take umbrage at Trump’s cavalier attitude toward intelligence and that career scientists charged with protecting our clean air and water object to their firing should come as no surprise.

Contrary to Dave’s insinuation, the primary sources of embarrassing “leaks” have been “federal employees” in the White House – some of whom are apparently alarmed enough by what they see and hear to risk criminal prosecution. Given Trump’s (and Pence’s) penchant for concealment and blatant dishonesty, we are quite fortunate that the reputable press responsibly investigates, confirms, and publishes their revelations.

Meanwhile, Trump and his surrogates – not the mainstream national press – have been the primary purveyors of “fake news” and “alternative facts,” while “90 percent” of Trump’s “negative” news coverage comes from quoting his “extremely careless” rhetoric back to him and accurately fact-checking his pathologically disingenuous pronouncements.

Finally, with a few exceptions, Dave’s reference to “brilliant” cabinet picks and “draining the swamp” was surely meant as a bad joke. Unimpeachable investigators are building the case for Trump’s possible (if not inevitable) impeachment, while he hysterically rails and tweets about his purported “victimhood.”

David and Goliath? Nixonian Hogwash! Bigly.

Grand Junction

We have lost our country if what we see and hear can’t be trusted

Included in AP story entitled “Democrats question Kushner’s Russia ties” are Trump’s comments, yet again, that the story, supposedly, is just more talk of fabricated lies in the fake media. Yes, he’s ranting about leaks to the press but what he’s really doing is spreading mistrust.

I realize the story was originated by AP but doesn’t all media have the responsibility of demanding just what is fabricated, but more importantly, what are the lies that the “fake media” has spread? Ask any Trump supporter, or Republican, if the serious media spreads fake news or not and I’m sure you’ll get an almost universal, yes. Why is that? Because a huge part of our citizenry will believe it if it is continually repeated. Don’t let then get away with it!

Is it healthy for the mainstream media in our country to not be believed? Why isn’t there a massive campaign to demand corroborating details when those who are trying to make the public media distrusted claim lies have been told? The president ordering an investigation doesn’t get it! Does everybody believe that anything Trump says cannot be trusted? Again, ask around and I’ll think you’ll find that half of our citizens believe he can be trusted. You are kidding yourself if you believe there isn’t a huge problem here. Our way of governing ourselves is being threatened when our way of determining the truth cannot be trusted.

Just as the AP has the responsibility to demand details I think you have the responsibility to demand of AP that they protect the integrity of the mainstream media by doing their job. We have lost our country if what we see and hear can’t be trusted. Does Fox, Limbaugh and all the others care or are they more interested in advertising revenue?

If we cannot trust you – the mainstream media – who can we trust?

Grand Junction

Trump has demonstrated he is not qualified to sit in the oval office and make policy

Boo hoo hoo! Poor Mr. Trump. Everyone is picking on him. Poor guy. It has probably never entered his mind that he has asked for every investigation, every criticism, and every negative comment that has come his way. His behavior is abhorrent, aggressive, and abominable. Any child who behaves the way he has deserves to be disciplined.

He continues to tweet his disparaging remarks, criticizing anyone who dares to disagree or challenge him. He’s like a pouty teenager. He retains his right to withhold information about his dealings with Russia; he bullies our allies and pushes his way to the front of the line with total disregard for whom he is shoving aside.

My take is he had no clue what becoming the president of the United States entailed.
Our government is not a business. It is a body of persons, duly elected to run the nation and guided by the Constitution. His behavior thus far demonstrates that a “businessman” is not necessarily qualified to sit in the oval office and make policy.

He thinks because he is president every one in government is required to obey his orders, no matter how outlandish, underhanded or self-serving they may be.

I am sorry to say that nothing that he has done or said surprises me. It’s like the handwriting was on the wall. He gave himself away during his campaign with his promises that could not possibly be kept and his constant degrading of his opponents and Washington D. C. He does not respect others; only loves himself. He has made our country the laughingstock of the world. Other world leaders are too diplomatic to show how they really feel about Mr. Trump as our president. I just hope that things will change dramatically before it’s too late.



As summer approaches, remember that pets don’t belong in parked cars

As we all kick-off the sunny season, American Humane, the country’s first national humane organization, is reminding pet owners that hot dogs belong on the grill – not in parked cars.

Even when it’s a comfortable 70 degrees outside, the temperature inside a parked car can climb to 90 degrees in just 10 minutes – and up to 110 degrees in less than hour – exposing our furry friends to serious risks, including discomfort, severe illness, and even death.

Responsible animal lovers should also remember to do their part to help save other pets from danger: if you see a distressed dog inside a parked car on a warm day, immediately call local animal control or law enforcement for help.

President and CEO, American Humane
Washington, DC


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Ms. Von Helms, you are being too generous. It is a pouty 6 year old. The businessman in him deals in money and how to get that belonging to someone else. The statesman deals in lives and how to save them and improve everyone’s well being. Money is involved but not central to decision-making. Businessmen are everywhere, Statesmen are rare.

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