Email letters, Nov. 1, 2012

Governor not informed about local business closures

Apparently no one informed Gov. Hickenlooper that Eagle Express closed recently and that Green Fields Feed and Seeds closed just last week.  And there are more that I can’t remember. 
Nice timing, Guv.


Grand Junction

Media have right to present information as they see fit

Leah Davidson and the 13 other CMU students that are so quick to criticize The Daily Sentinel for headlining the opinions of the Sentinel editorial staff will find that after their many years’ experience huddled in the halls of academia - that all, or much of any, of the real media world is not as they believe it should be.

In other words – wake up! The media industry is just that – an industry, a number of privately or shareholder owned and operated businesses many competing with each other for readers (or watchers or listeners) and more importantly for advertisers or other supporters.

Because they are independent in the sense of ownership – they can print, voice or show anything their heads, hearts or even conniving minds desire -– whether you, I, your 13 friends or anyone else thinks it’s correct, wrong, misleading, indifferent or even conspiratorial.

Of course, if you’ve read this letter this far, you most certainly believe that I must be part of some media company upper management -– attempting to use my position to influence everyone –- you, your 13 friends, the CMU
faculty, and the reading public in general. Again, a quick jump to judgment will prove you wrong—again.

I have never been part of or been employed by or had anything to do with any media company. I have been reading, watching and listening to world media for well over 50 years (after I left academia and had to enter the real world.) I, too, see things in the media I don’t like – some that really upset me.

If I want to attempt to influence the media, or anyone, I research my position and go to great lengths to use facts and logic to base my argument.

I suggest you follow a similar “facts and logic” path as you leave your campus environment and begin your writing career - attempting to put your thoughts forward with the expectation that someone, somewhere might read and agree with you.


Closely examine environmental effects before promoting oil shale development

Is oil shale development a necessity at this time to ensure America’s survival? This question has long been overlooked in the desperate attempts by the Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce led by Diane Schwanke, Club 20, Craig Meis (term-limited county commissioner for Mesa County), Environmentally Conscience Citizens for Oil Shale and oil companies ready to gather continued subsidies, thanks to our U.S. Representative Scott Tipton and provided by you, the taxpayer.

Oil shale is NOT oil. It is fossilized algae that takes a tremendous amount of processing with dangerous chemicals, a thousand degrees of heat provided by natural gas (a clean burning fuel to process a dirty fuel), and WATER.

This is not just an issue about jobs or the environment. This is an issue about water. All extraction mining and processing takes water. All living creatures must have water, including humans. The 800-pound gorilla in the room is asking you, do you want to drink water and raise crops in the future; hunt, fish, enjoy water activities and bathe in the future?

Some of you reading this will be pooh-poohing my “hyperbole” outlook about now. Go ahead and put your head deeper in that sand hole you call daily life.

The long-term practical and realistic picture is a dooming horizon if citizens do not take individual responsibility for how we interact and protect our surroundings. Those surroundings are being steadily skewed to the destruction of the way we exist. Look to the East Coast and see the living filth and pollution for them this winter.

The West will be like the 1930s Dust Bowl, only far more extensive. You don’t know about the Dust Bowl? Here is a link:

Can we learn from the past? Or are we too afraid to change? The greatest nation …



Meteorite community vigilant about claims such as Curry’s

I am personally a little bothered and worried about what I saw at the sentencing of Steven Curry for his fraud convictions. His supporters seem to be completely inflamed with greed and seem to hold me personally responsible for their not realizing their “incredible riches” (believing that I am the “gatekeeper” for what can be officially recognized as a meteorite somehow).

Curry and friends believe that there is a grand conspiracy by the meteorite world to keep his material from the market. This part is actually true to some extent. The meteorite community is rather small, and we do keep an eye out for and try to eliminate fraud when we see it. However, there never has been nor will there ever be a “conspiracy” to keep new (genuine) meteorites from the market.

A simple analogy of the situation is to imagine a person picking up a used tray liner from a fast food restaurant. The “Printed by Am. Liner Co” is ketchup-smeared to now only show P … o. This “finder” through his “research” decides he has really discovered a long-lost Picasso and says, “I am rich!” Upon showing it to all of the art dealers, collectors and experts, he finds that they all have the same basic response: “This is certainly NOT a Picasso and, frankly, looks like a tray liner to us.” Now, is this conspiracy on the part of the art community or simply knowledgeable people calling it as they see it?

Regardless of irresponsible media coverage (TV news and at least one newspaper – NOT the Sentinel) hinting otherwise the past couple of years, fake is still fake. Curry’s “meteorites” contained no nickel (even by his own XRF analysis data) whereas genuine plessitic irons have 9 to 18 percent (simple textbook data, not opinion or subject to interpretation).

Nonetheless, Curry insists on dragging this onward with an appeal, needlessly wasting time and resources.


Will library debt become massive library fine for taxpayers?

The TV news recently did a story about the library expansion project on Grand Avenue. It was interesting and chockfull of details such as “footprint,” 9,000 new feet of space and the enormous cost. But, like most TV stories, it was brief and incomplete. Not only incomplete, but left me wondering if taxpayers are getting their money’s worth.

After doing a little basic math, I concluded that 9,000 square feet at more than $6 million comes out to more than $700 a square foot. My question then becomes, how many years at what interest rate will pay this debt off? And, is there a good answer that will justify a cost considerably more than that of standard commercial construction?

I’m thinking a good old-fashioned newspaper investigation and story would clear things up for the average reader/taxpayer.

Grand Junction

Vote no on Amendment 64

It may be that laws dealing with marijuana and other drugs should be changed, but Amendment 64, if approved, will do great harm. It is a fact acknowledged by its promoters that federal law prohibits marijuana possession and use. Established federal law according to Article VI of the U.S. Constitution is the “supreme law of the land.”

So, those who put Amendment 64 on the ballot and those who vote for it do so in total disregard of federal law and the Constitution. The proponents of Amendment 64 ignore federal law, so why shouldn’t people ignore state law when it suits them? Since Amendment 64 is predicated on breaking the law, why should anyone respect its provisions restricting the use, possession or distribution of marijuana? This amendment, if approved, will not merely boost marijuana use but deal a serious blow to the rule of law on which civilized society depends.

This exercise in “legalizing” the violation of federal marijuana laws has already been practiced by Colorado voters, as well as by voters in more than a dozen other states in regard to medical marijuana. This massive flouting of federal law was the result of the decision in 2009 by Attorney General Holder, in dereliction of his duty, to give such states a pass and ignore the widespread defiance of the laws he took an oath to enforce.

It is shocking the extent to which other political leaders, legislators and executives, have also participated in subverting the laws they have sworn to uphold. All legislators and officials who implemented the medical marijuana amendment did so in violation of their oaths of office. How is it that the damage to the rule of law inflicted by these unconstitutional measures seems to go unnoticed? Vote “NO” on Amendment 64.


Voters should educate themselves before deciding upon nation’s next leader

On Tuesday Nov 6th, we will have an opportunity to decide who will lead this nation for the next four years. This is an incredible opportunity that far too many take for granted; we have had 43 unbroken peaceful transitions of power.

This is truly remarkable and thanks to the precedent of George Washington and the brilliant system of constitutional government set up by our forefathers. A great many good men and women fought, bled and died to win and preserve our right to vote. I believe voting is a civic duty; however, if you can’t be bothered to educate yourself on the issues, at least do no harm.

Any one qualified to lead this nation must believe this country is exceptional, that the founders established a system of government in which individuals acting in their own self-interest created the highest standard of living in the world and exported that standard of living to those who would adopt it.

Of course, if there is anyone who can’t quite decide for whom to cast a ballot, call me. I would be happy to help you decide.

Grand Junction

East Coast storm points out dangers of climate change

Hurricane Sandy makes it clear: Climate change is real, it’s dangerous, and it’s now.

Although I do not live in Pennsylvania, my daughter does and the last I heard they had a flooded basement. Such a huge storm is evidence of climate change.

The future is likely to hold more mammoth storms and other extreme weather events, if we don’t slow, stop and reverse climate change. We need to replace fossil fuels with clean, safe, carbon-free fuels (solar, wind and geothermal).

Our future depends on it.



Romney’s mention of football field clean-up fail to score points

What a relief!  Now we know that Romney can handle a national natural disaster such as the one brought on by Sandy.  Romney has the tremendous experience of having helped clean a flooded football field once. That’s what he said.  You have to wonder about what other wonderful thing he might have done. 

Romney has to be an idiot to compare cleaning up a football field with the work that will have to be done on the East Coast.  It hasn’t been that long since he said that the Olympics in London were badly run.  He has made international pronouncements that create new wars.  Are the people voting for him equally as blind?

Grand Junction

President deserves another four years

Our country has moved forward with the strong mind, good heart and steady hand of President Obama leading the way. The president has been open and straightforward with the American people.

Creative financing helped trigger the near financial collapse of 2007 and resulted in the worst recession since the Great Depression. Despite the economic problems facing the world, we are now doing much better financially than most major Asian and Europe countries.

Obama released 12 years of his tax returns to the American people for full scrutiny. Mitt Romney flatly refuses to do the same thing. He’s hiding something in his past tax returns; what is it? We don’t need someone in power to further widen the economic gap between the wealthiest 1 percent and the remaining 99 percent of our citizens.

Obama understands the economic needs of the middle class. Let’s give him our continuing support on Election Day.





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