Email letters, Nov. 13, 2012

TV viewer drops service due to plethora of ads

CNN convinced me to drop my television service.

I have been contemplating dropping television service for sometime. I am fed up with paying someone to supply me as an audience to advertisers. I have timed programs and found that a full 33 percent of the programming is commercials, let alone product placement. I will save $816 a year by dropping this service.

What do I lose? Many programs are available within days on other platforms, sports are more fun to watch with friends and other fans at a local establishment, news ... let’s get real. When a program called “Newsroom” editorializes more than it reports, I am giving up nothing but punditry across the board.

Almost $3 a day to be told what to think and what to buy … It took a while, but my eyes are open.

Grand Junction

Those who enjoy dependency on government re-elected Obama

The variety of reasons given by an army of political pundits as to why President Obama won so convincingly boggles the mind. I believe the major reason is cultural.

Obama won in those areas where the recession hit the hardest and the economy slowed the most. The Republican brain trust, wrongly, assumed that Obama would be hurt most in these areas, as it was his policies that caused their pain. What actually occurred was that most people in these hard hit areas voted for Obama because they did not want to endanger the receipt of their government benefits from food stamps to cell phones to health care.

It is human nature for those with less to envy those with more. Since our founding this characteristic has been minimized because most everyone believed that they, too, could become wealthy. Over the past several decades Democrats have played on the negative side of this characteristic with their unrelenting “class warfare ” rhetoric. We now have large segments of our society that expect to be cared for by government rather than to be self-reliant.

Many of our black and Hispanic citizens, young unmarried women and others over the past decades have developed a culture of dependency on government. They have decided, for a variety of reasons, that they are owed a living by government at the expense of their fellow citizens. This is not surprising, given the class envy message constantly rained down upon them by Democrat political leaders.

Conservatives can’t water down their principles in order to win elections, as they would simply become progressive light and continue to lose. They have the difficult task of developing an argument that will convince more people that capitalism and self-reliance will better serve both the national and their personal prosperity.


Gen. Petraeus would have easily won presidency

Well, the Oh-Twelve election is over. Time for celebrating for some, complaining for others with, probably, for many more, large sighs of relief for the simple fact — it’s done. 

And then along came the Petraeus story. It brought to my mind a lot of “what if’s” regarding this man, whom I’ve never known, met or seen, but have read much about and from that, grown to admire and respect greatly. What if the Republicans had selected him, rather than Mitt, as their candidate? 

I’d have bet you even money, the day I heard Mitt was their candidate, he’d be defeated. Then he picked Paul Ryan for the VP slot, and I’d have doubled the bet. Everything Ryan said sounded like George W., who had displaced Jimmy Carter as “Worse-President-of-My-Lifetime’” in my mind.

Now, back to my first “what if.” I believe that if the Republicans had offered Gen. David Petraeus as candidate the results would have been reversed. He’d have won in a walk—even with Ryan as Number Two, which, I’d expect, he’d never have allowed.

And “what if’” instead of Ryan, Mitt had chosen a different VP candidate, say, Clint Eastwood. They apparently didn’t learn much from Ronald Reagan’s celebrity power, but I’d have to believe it could have made the difference.

So now, “what if” the Republicans had offered a Petraeus/Eastwood choice for, effectively, the Free World Leadership positions?  Providing that “The Powers’” could have quieted the news of the general’s dalliance until at least Nov. 7 this year (probably very doubtful), what would be a best guess at the Nov. 7 morning news lead?


Grand Junction

Insurance costs shot up long before advent of Obamacare

Boo hoo hoo. Republicans lost the election.

No. America didn’t die Nov 6. What died was the tea party’s dream of taking the country back to the 1850s.

As for the woman whose health insurance went up $600, I’m betting that was even before Obamacare was OK’d by the Supreme Court.

Back in 2002 my health insurance went up by $500. The cost of health insurance has been skyrocketing for at least a decade. Individuals can’t afford it, and businesses can’t afford it for their employees, thus making government involvement necessary.

I know in a few years that Republicans will be right there in line in front of me taking advantage of this, as sure as they are now drawing Social Security and Medicare.

Grand Junction

Regulate, tax marijuana heavily until law repealed

Now that Amendment 64 was passed by those who want to use or tax marijuana, we must consider the facts. I have practiced medicine in Colorado more than 28 years and will share a few highlights from the 117 medical texts and respected journal articles in my file.

Marijuana makes most people artificially happy and relaxed for a few hours, but not without consequences. When under the influence, it’s hard to focus, think clearly or remember. It impairs judgment and delays reaction time. This impairment lasts much longer than the “high,” making it unsafe to drive for over 24 hours after use. Users are 2-7 times more likely to be involved in an accident.

Users demonstrate the signs of addiction: intoxication, abuse, dependence and withdrawal. Users are significantly more likely to drop out of school, use other drugs, be unemployed and commit crime.

It’s bad for your body. The smoke has three times more tar and 50 percent more carcinogens than tobacco and causes the same kind of chronic lung disease and cancer. Users are five times more likely to have a heart attack and develop psychosis more frequently. The immune system is suppressed.

Babies born from pregnant users show all the signs of withdrawal, and school testing shows deficits in attention and memory, plus lower scores on verbal and reasoning tests.

Chronic use actually causes cyclic abdominal pain and intractable vomiting, and males become impotent and infertile. There is a well-recognized amotivational syndrome where users develop such apathy they completely withdraw from life. The old Cheech and Chong skit had more truth in it than we thought.

In Colorado, doctors aren’t allowed to use while practicing, even if they have a medical marijuana card. I can’t think of any occupation where it would be a good idea to markedly dull brain function – can you?  Marijuana is not a harmless amusement.

Until we realize the enormous mess we created and repeal this misguided legislation, it should be highly regulated and very heavily taxed to minimize this serious burden on society.


Grand Junction


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AMEN Dr. Straw! The last thing our country needs right now is millions more “Beavis” and “Buttheads” running ( or should I say “Bumbling”) around loose on our streets!

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