Email letters, Nov. 14, 2012

Gen. Petraeus acted honorably in resigning over private matter

What are you smoking in the office these days? Something is really screwing up your brain. You have a front-page article on Gen. David Petraeus that (at least at this point) indicates he never revealed any national secrets during the time of his extramarital affair and then in an editorial you imply he was “unfaithful” to the country.

There is nothing that implies in any form that he was “unfaithful” to our country. So why say this?  Are you that desperate for sensationalism now that the elections are over?

Petraeus took the honorable act to resign, even though the FBI investigation does not implicate him in any criminal activity, other than the affair, which is not a federal offense. It has been reported (but not in The Daily Sentinel) that he did this to protect the integrity of the office of the director of the CIA. How many in Congress have ever done something similar to protect the integrity of Congress?

Try your best to grow up. This person gave 37 years of his life to this country, and he screwed up once in his personal  life and after he left the military. He was unfaithful to his wife, not the country.


Petraeus’ many contributions to country should define him

I believe that today’s editorial was a bit hard on poor Gen. David Petraeus.  What possible so-called intelligence could he or his paramour possibly have revealed about Afghanistan where the operative fact is that our nation-building pretenses are being kicked around from hill to dale? And an affair of the heart is just an affair of the heart. Nothing happened that is of any interest beyond the supermarket check stand press.

The French must wonder why the American media gives such play to that which is a rite of passage for a French politician.  Hamid Karzai must wonder why Gen. Petraeus prefers a mistress to an adolescent boy.  Bill Clinton must wonder why he as POTUS had to settle for a frumpy, witless Monica while a mere general can acquire such intelligent and attractive trim. Vlad Putin must wonder how he can get his personal beefcake pictures sent to Paula and Jill.  Hu Jintao must wonder behind his inscrutable persona how Americans can so mismanage the prerogatives of power.

If Gen. Petraeus has done any good for the country as a general, then that good should define him.  He certainly did the country no harm in underestimating the revolting invasion of privacy that modern technology hath wrought.

Grand Junction

Petraeus no worse than many skirt-chasing politicians

I cannot agree in total with the editorial about the latest skirt chasing in DC. True, it was wrong, but not worse than Clinton, Jack and Bobby Kennedy, Ike or FDR. I only went back this far, because most of us were around when they were in office. Of course, I could go back to Jefferson, but what would be the point?

Sure, it was against their spouses and families and a sin, according to the Christian Bible. However, not a security problem as the other cases could be, because she was a fellow officer and a member of the US Army Intell, in reserve status.

Come on, what they did meets with the standards (low) set by Clinton with a young, awestruck woman or Ike with a drive that was a British subject, on and on.

Was what they did wrong? Yes, it was, but against moral issues, against the Uniform Code of Military Justice (if either of them fell under it at the time) and, most of all, against their families, but not against the country.


It’s two against one on Fox News programs

Laurel Gallegos’ email response letter to my printed letter about Fox News claims that Fox News presents the conservative and liberal viewpoint during its program and that implies that a viewer is hearing both sides of the story.

The problem with this argument is that conservative people host all of Fox’s programs. ALL of them. So when they bring on a conservative and a liberal to argue a point, it is really two conservatives against one liberal, if you count the host.

Laurel is one of those folks who are being manipulated by the Fox slogan “fair and balanced.” Yeah, you are hearing both sides of the story, but you are hearing one side with way more influence than the other side.

Fox News is really nothing more that a GOP propaganda outlet. Karl Rove, a Fox News frequent contributor, ran a superPAC in this past election whose express purpose was to elect Republicans. Also, most of the GOP candidates for president were former Fox News contributors.

So, for Laurel to say that I think the purpose of Fox News is to elect a Republican president is implying that that is only my opinion. But instead, it’s the actual truth.

Grand Junction

We may have interpreted Bible passage all wrong

I cannot claim this as totally my own, but it appears to have some merit (with a little humor involved).  I received this from a gay friend of our oldest son in New York City. 
Gay marriage and marijuana being legalized on the same day all makes sense now.

To paraphrase Leviticus 20:13: If a man lies with another man, he should be stoned.

We’ve just been interpreting it wrong all along.

Grand Junction

Animal services director showed no remorse over dog

How is it possible that Mesa County Animal Services Director Penny McCarty seems to be more concerned with criticism from the public that she’s not doing her job than she is with all the animal cruelty in this county?

She admits that they had repeated problems with the latest abuser, Jill Johnson, yet kept walking away until there was an actual death. The numerous counts of animal cruelty were reduced down to one. The punishment was community service. Of course.

While the rest of us weep over these stories, she makes detached statements about building legal cases. If the laws aren’t strong enough, she needs to work with her department and cohorts in the local humane groups to strengthen them.

In her statements to the Sentinel just once we would have loved to hear her express sorrow over the suffering of that poor dog. Perhaps she is in the wrong job.

Grand Junction

Stats show responsible use of firearms by private citizens

There are some statistics never reported to the people.

80 million+ gun owners and no statistics to show any of them committed a crime. If 1 percent committed a gun crime, it would be 800,000 crimes, but no statistics show that.

1/10 percent would be 80,000.  Still nothing …

1/100 percent would be 8,000 …  still no supporting data to show that PRIVATE OWNERSHIP of guns is the problem.

At 1/1000 percent, 800 gun crimes would be committed by law-abiding citizens. Still no data.

On the other hand, privately owned firearms stopped or prevented well over 1.5 million crimes.

That’s a lot of rapes that were not committed, because law enforcement was minutes away. That’s a lot of murders that did not happen, because law enforcement was minutes away. That’s a lot of robberies that did not happen, because law enforcement was minutes away.

The list goes on.

The problem seems to be the politicians and political appointees who would have the American people believe otherwise.


WPX Energy does not condone boycotting area businesses

WPX Energy has been questioned about a very serious matter. That is, did the company direct its employees to boycott a Parachute business? WPX Energy would never direct employees to boycott a business for any reason. Nor does WPX Energy condone such actions by any of its employees.

There is no truth to the rumor that WPX Energy suggested boycotting our good friends Vance, Jean and Geno at VJ’s Ribbs. On the contrary, we consider them good business partners and enjoy their food both in the restaurant and at our office. We recently used the restaurant for a large catering event.

After WPX Energy learned of the rumor, we reached out to Jean Johnson to explain the company’s position and offer support. We did so again Monday.

What WPX Energy does tell our employees is to work safely, be active in the community and be good ambassadors for the company.

WPX Energy
Tuesday’s email letters provided comic relief

As expected, the “thank God it’s over” election drew comments from nuts on both sides. The email letters for Nov. 13 were a perfect example and downright entertaining.

Off-the-wall, harebrained comments about serious matters, such as those made by Lashley and McKee, keep things interesting and were among the most fascinating things on the Sentinel’s web page that day. They were, of course, taken, as I’m sure both writers intended, as totally absurd.

For example, there were McKee’s comment about tea party dreams of “taking the country back to the 1850s,” and Lashley’s suggestion of a fantasy ticket like Petraeus and Eastwood.

Both quips were great comic stuff, although I do believe Eastwood would make a better VP than Biden, but then, a fence post would probably be better.

Such comments also dispelled my belief that newspapers are serious about everything.

Thanks for the comic relief; it was a long campaign, and we all needed that.

Grand Junction

County clerk needs to rethink voting venue for Palisade

This is a short message to Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Sheila Reiner.

It is hard to believe that the only place on the east side of this valley for those of us in Palisade and the surrounding area made available to us for casting our vote was the deserted road and bridge building up on C 1/2 Road.

“Really!”  I said to my husband. “Are they serious?”

And, most unfortunately, they were. Apparently, not a lot of thought was given to the fact that this location was not considered for its convenience. Nor was any thought given to how accommodating it needed to be for large numbers of people to squeeze into the only entry/exit door made available to us.

It was also apparent the county clerks office didn’t consider the condition of the building or the fact that once inside, it was very hot, smelly and extremely crowded. Let’s hope asbestos wasn’t floating around to boot.

I’m not sure why this location was chosen over the past locations that have actually been in the town of Palisade, but I’m hopeful that come next election, the powers that be will certainly put more thought and consideration into their decision-making when it comes to locating a decent place to cast our votes.


Caprock Veterans Day celebration made grandmother both proud, sad

All the students and staff at Caprock Academy had a most wonderful program to honor the men and women who have served and are serving this great country.

As I sat and listened to the wonderful songs and music put on by the students, I couldn’t help but think about other public schools. The songs would never be allowed, mainly because they had God in them. It is a disgrace that this wonderful country has come to this.

People wonder why this country is in the shape it’s in. It is because we have gone away from the fundamentals it was built on.

We as a nation have turned our back on God. We have left the foundation of our forefathers:  In God We Trust.

But we as Christians have sat back and allowed the liberals and ungodly people to take over our great and once strong nation.

Everyone says, “Oh, it can’t happen in America.” Well, take a good look around because our rights are slowly being taken away.

I sat in this program, and it made me proud to be an American, but it made me sad that we have allowed liberals to take God out of every aspect of our lives, and they aren’t even close to being done.  Why are they so afraid of God that they try to make it seem he doesn’t exist?

These students, teachers and parents should be so proud of the program.  These are great people.




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