Email letters, Nov. 16, 2012

Petraeus ‘sex scandal’ just typifies a societal norm

Mickey Shanabarger is dead wrong in his letter published Nov. 14, opining that David Petraeus was not unfaithful to the country, only to his wife. We do not live in isolation. No general, president, athlete, priest or pastor or any of us is an island. How we live and the choices we make, personal or private, and especially if we are well-known persons, highly influence others.

However, such actions of infidelity and the constant stories of promiscuity and unfaithfulness in mass media are merely the fruit of the contaminated seeds of moral bankruptcy being constantly sown in the soil of our society through myriad forms of entertainment, fashion, music, advertising, etc.

Petraeus’ actions a sex scandal? The word “scandal” implies an aberration from the norm. In our pornified society, the real scandal is how our culture has come to embrace moral degeneration as ideal—and thus the norm,


Two intersections by Nisley should have crossing guards

I’m writing this letter to call attention to the fact that there are no crossing guards in the area around Nisley Elementary School. No buses run for this school, so every child either has to walk or get a ride. So, a lot of kids walk to and from school each day. I’m afraid that sooner or later someone is going to get hurt.

Two intersections in particular that I know about should have crossing guards are 28 3/4 Road and Orchard Avenue and 29 Road and Sandra/Texas. (It’s the same street, but it has different names on each side of the street, Sandra on the east, Texas on the west. A crosswalk is painted on the street at that intersection.) The 29 and Texas intersection is really bad because traffic is usually going at least 35 mph there and almost nobody wants to stop. A school zone should be through that area at the very least, and having a crossing guard would be ideal.

One thing that makes me angry about it is that police officers drive by, see these kids and don’t do anything about it. Isn’t “protect and serve” their motto? It seems as though the police or sheriffs could spare a couple of officers for about 30 minutes each day to act as crossing guards.

This is a problem, and I hope that it’s not one of those problems that get fixed after it’s too late.

Grand Junction

Camper abides by pot law vote better than Hilkey, Hautzinger

Your headline on Thursday, Nov. 15 (“GJPD bows to voters over legal pot”) was misleading and misrepresents positions.

A more appropriate line would have been “GJPD joins with voters while the sheriff and DA hold out for arbitrary punishments.” GJPD Chief John Camper is objective enough to abide by a law officially voted in, just not yet certified. Do Stan Hilkey and Pete Hautzinger think there will be any change before official certification? Legally, I believe it can’t be changed without a major intervention that is beyond the power of either official, so why are they really doing it?

The origin of the holiday we recently celebrated, Veterans Day, was Armistice Day, a celebration of the end of WWI. From the time the armistice was agreed upon, to the time it was enacted, there were commanding officers who viewed the cease-fire differently. As a consequence, from the early morning of Nov. 11, 1919, until signing at 11 a.m., many lives were sacrificed, damaged and destroyed with no regard to the war being stopped, in some cases within a matter of minutes.

Some commanders took a realistic view and stopped conflict, seeing it could cause untold damage to innocent soldiers who knew the war was over. Other commanders’ shortsighted, ignorant and arrogant actions did nothing but damage and destroy lives. Do Hilkey and Hautzinger believe their actions are any better while wasting taxpayers’ money and time? Can’t see how.

Hautzinger recently said it is imperative to pass Sen. Steve King’s disastrous DUI bill. Imperative, my backside, It’s not needed. The current law has been and is working. It allows no legal level of THC in the blood.

I trust law enforcement to question anyone who drives or appears impaired and. if so, get him or her off the road. Apparently the DA and King don’t trust the rest of law enforcement’s judgment, why should we trust them?


Liberal media downplays heroism,  horrific details of consulate attack

I have been getting quite a few emails from friends and not-so-friendly people crowing about the election outcome Nov. 6. I want to assure these people that I am not going to abandon my conservative thinking on the direction of this country and will do as much as I am able to resist the liberal/statist direction this country will try to take. While this time the left has prevailed, I would note that more than 57 million people voted against this liberal/statist thinking.

What concerns me now the most is the left’s attempt to sweep this Benghazi affair under the rug. Four Americans were killed in the attack, including our ambassador. The Democrats and the left-wing media don’t seem to care. They seemed to be good with the explanation that this happened because of some unruly mob that was whipped into some sort of frenzy by some sort of YouTube video.

Remember that we’re talking about four American citizens. These were somebody’s husband, son, grandson, relative or friend. The ambassador was dragged through the streets of Benghazi and then sodomized before he was killed. This is not the story we are getting from the White House or the left-wing liberal media.

Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, the two navy SEALS that were killed in the attack, were not part of the ambassador’s security detail as our newly reelected president claimed. They stepped into the situation to come to the aid of other American citizens when they heard the firing start and knew an attack was underway. Even after being told to “stand down,” they disobeyed orders and went to the aid of the people in the Benghazi compound.

Today 20 people in that compound owe their lives to these heroic men, and their heroic story needs to be heard.

President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have already dishonored these heroes with their lies as to what happened that night in Benghazi. The left-wing media that seem more interested in Gen. Petraeus’ affair are complicit in the attempt to cover this story up.

Is there no one on the left willing to stand up and say that there is something wrong with this story and ask if these people could have been saved? Or have politics in this country become a game in which people’s lives are expendable?

Grand Junction

BLM’s oil shale leasing plan may harm environment in long run

In adopting a prohibitive new oil shale leasing plan, the BLM has declared that it is not at all interested in pursuing oil shale’s potential. By reducing the amount of land available to be leased to a mere 26,000 acres, the BLM has removed all incentives for conducting research and development into this promising domestic energy source.

No one is going to invest the time and capital into research without a reasonable expectation of return on his or her investment – and relying on the whims of an energy-unfriendly federal agency is hardly reassuring.

The reasons offered by the BLM for reducing the available acreage by even more than initially proposed are also back-handed. Removing acreage based on supposed “wilderness characteristics” is not within the purview of the BLM or any other federal agency – the right and ability to designate land as “wilderness” rests solely with the people through their elected Congress, not a panel of agency bureaucrats.

The final injury is that this approach may ultimately prove far more harmful to the environment and less “measured” than the original plan of allowing the nascent oil shale industry the flexibility to conduct research and the opportunity to expand that research into commercial production, thereby permitting the gradual approach purportedly favored by the environmentalists.

In due course, the United States will require the energy locked in oil shale – renewables, at best, are only capable of providing around 20 percent of the power required by society; geopolitical factors will make Venezuelan and Middle Eastern oil prohibitive economically and morally; and recent political decisions may force Canada to sell its oil to foreign markets in locked-in contracts. At that time, economic survival will trump any other concern, leading to an actual reckless, “mad-dash” approach that opponents say they are against.

The BLM has taken a very shortsighted, politically expedient course that will harm more than just our regional economy in the long run.


Regulations make drilling in Colorado infeasible

Seems to me Colorado has taken a hard line on drilling or the production of gas and oil. I can only hope that the petroleum industry gets fed up with Colorado, sells its lease acreage back to the state, closes in all its wells and takes the business to other states. Then, all the environmentalists can go elsewhere, and the state can do without any funding that comes from the oil and gas industry. With all the regulations that have come in the last seven years, there is no way it would be worth drilling in Colorado.

So, I hope the people that don’t want drilling in the state get what’s owed them because once the industry is gone, I wouldn’t expect to it to come back!

Grand Junction

War between liberals and conservatives is not over

Conservatives “took it on the chin” in the last election, and that’s a fact. I’ve heard America gets government it deserves, and I’m afraid that’s true, too. The saying, however, comes to mind, “lose a battle but win the war.” We lost round one, but the war isn’t over yet.

Make no mistake. It is a war, a tug-of-war between two opposing ideologies, liberalism and conservatism. And although it’s real, with the two-party system such as it is, it’s difficult sometimes to tell who’s who.

It’s been suggested by liberals that conservatives need to soften their stance on certain beliefs, because their extreme positions are what caused them to lose. If that’s so, then it begs the question:  Why would an opponent give advice on how to do better next time? Besides, softening a stand on core beliefs is admitting defeat. That’s capitulation, not compromise.

History has shown neither side will do that, so they don’t. And, here we go again, no capitulation, no compromises and no deals! The voters lose. What better time than now for a third party? The trick is, how to soften core beliefs the least, garner votes, build coalitions and still siphon votes away from your opponent? A tough task, but not impossible.

In the meantime, look for continued gridlock, more unemployment, higher taxes and regulations, increased welfare spending and a skyrocketing deficit, at least until the mid-term elections in two years. 

Buckle your seat belts! It’s gonna be a rough ride!


Grand Junction

Only Fox News covered Benghazi story in depth

My mother asked how anyone could have voted for Obama after the Benghazi fiasco. My response: Few voters knew about Benghazi then because only Fox News covered it in depth.

Most voters didn’t know that the administration had denied several requests from our Benghazi, Libya, consulate for increased security because of increasing Al-Qaeda presence. Civilian groups evacuated their personnel. Our government did nothing. On the 9/11 anniversary, Ambassador Stevens and an associate were murdered when terrorists stormed our consulate.

Two former Navy Seals defied inexplicable “stand down” orders from the Obama administration and rescued 30 consulate personnel. Those heroic Seals fought for seven hours. Finally, they were able to laser-target a mortar that was shelling them so that a drone could bomb it. Air support never showed up. The laser revealed their positions and they were killed.

Most voters didn’t know about this horrifically incompetent handling of foreign security because biased mainstream media often doesn’t cover events that might hurt Democrat candidates.

Instead, media publicized the administration’s claim that the assault was the result of a protest against an anti-Islamist video made in America. Either Obama, with his Muslim ties, could not comprehend that Muslim terrorists would attack “his” government or he tried to cover up the terrorist aspect.

I challenge liberals to watch Fox News and listen to conservative talk radio for a month. See if you get information there that you don’t get elsewhere, and check out the veracity of that information. I think you’ll be surprised.



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