Email letters, Nov. 19, 2012

GARCO commissioners waver in heavy haul road rulings

Regarding the controversy surrounding the use of Four Mile Road as a heavy haul road for the energy industry, it is interesting to note that the Garfield County Board of County Commissioners had no problem approving the use of two main roads in Battlement Mesa as heavy haul roads. That decision has resulted in noise, pollution and disruption of traffic in the Battlement Mesa Planned Unit Development.

It now appears they have had a change of heart by disapproving the same use for Four Mile Road because it would have a detrimental effect in the area of Glenwood Springs. Then again, it may be because this road is used by the public to access the Sunlight ski area in which one of the commissioners has an interest and could have a detrimental effect on the operations of that area.

Makes one wonder if the adage that “government which is closest to the people is the best government” is really true.

Battlement Mesa

American Constitution Party welcomes new members in fight against overarching government

There has been much talk since the election about the end of conservatism. The idea that conservatism lost and statism won is simply not true. What lost was compromise, crossing the aisle, big tent-ism and the idea that all the Republicans have to do to win elections is to become more like the Democratic Party.

The fact that three million Republicans simply stayed home on Election Day tells an observer all that individual needs to know: This election was not about right versus left — it was about right versus wrong.

The idea that Americans need an overarching government of any sort to control their daily affairs is absolutely and unequivocally false. This is why the Mesa County American Constitution Party exists. Because statism, whether espoused by Democrats or Republicans, is contrary to all we Americans hold dear. Love your independence and freedom? Throw them away! 

Love your natural rights, given to you by your creator? Kiss them goodbye. Conservatives of Mesa County, you have a choice. You do NOT have to suffer being shunted to a back corner by the supposed “conservative” choice.

Join with the Mesa County American Constitution Party and work with us to take back our towns and cities, county, state and nation from those who not only mishandle these things, but also despise freedom and self-determination.

Go to to learn more. We are looking for people who want to do more than just protest the compromise of the Republican Party by leaving it. We need folks who will join with us in building the MCACP for the next two years. Join with us, and let’s see what we can do to take back our republic.

County Chair, Mesa County American Constitution Party
Grand Junction

Trying to ride a dead horse

The new government motto seems to be, “Ignore the problem (and the people as well), and maybe they will all just go away.”

When an individual willingly takes on a very important job, knowing full well what is involved, then allocates critical responsibilities to underlings, who themselves are more title than functionality, then our nation is surely attempting to ride a dead horse. This is not the way that it was meant to be, nor is it the way that it should be. It is rather just the way that it is.

How dare “We the People” expect a politician, from either political party, to stand and deliver upon his or her word of honor? Nor should we ever expect the courtesy of being treated as equals, as well as the employers of the people’s government.

“I can only guess that they feel that if they ignore us long enough – we will all just go away.”

Campo, Calif,

Money reform law should be given more coverage

There is an abundance of almost daily coverage regarding the passage of Amendment 64 (legalization of marijuana), which passed by a margin of 10 percent. Curiously, however, the passage of Amendment 65 (a non-binding petition in support of campaign finance limits) has elicited relatively scant press, despite that it passed by a whopping landslide of almost 74 percent of Colorado voters. This is one issue on which there is overwhelming public consensus.

Therefore, I hope the Sentinel will rise above its objections to Amendment 65 (editorial of Oct. 23) and yield to resounding voter sentiment by holding legislators’ feet to the fire on this paramount issue.

A good start would be to spotlight Public Citizen’s call for a constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court’s 2010 “Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission” decision, a narrow 5-4 ruling that made a bad situation infinitely worse by widening the floodgates of big money into politics (see

Grand Junction

Fix American tax code by implementing FairTax

I have been an appliance repairman for 40 years.  My natural inclination is to fix things.  As I look at the state of national affairs today, nothing seems to be working right.  One hardly knows where to begin the repair.  May I suggest tax reform?

The income tax discourages investment and productivity.  It penalizes exporters who must add the cost of taxes into the price of everything they export.  People with high incomes are leaving the United States in droves to avoid income taxes.  Working people have up to 25 percent of their income confiscated before they even get their paychecks.  The IRS intrudes into our private affairs.  We waste hundreds of billions of dollars and millions of hours every year, in compliance costs.  People who are not entitled defraud the system for undeserved refunds.  Hundreds of billions in revenue from the underground economy and tax cheating are left on the table.

The FairTax changes everything.  Because it is a tax on consumption, it sidesteps that entire list of evils associated with the income tax.  The FairTax however goes beyond mere reform. 

Sometimes when I am called upon to repair an appliance, the cost exceeds the value of the unit in question.  That’s what’s happening with the income tax today. The income tax cannot be repaired.  It must be replaced.  Of all the plans being discussed on Capitol Hill, only the FairTax can bring the kind of fundamental and comprehensive change that will allow for a permanent fix. 

Houston, MN

Voter signals dire distress, flies flag with union down

I’d like to respond to the writer regarding the display of the United States flag after the election returns were learned.

According to my rules of etiquette for the correct display of the U.S. flag, it will be displayed at half staff as a mark of respect upon the death of principal figures of the United States government, territory or possession.

The flag should never be displayed with the union down except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.  For that reason I displayed my flag with the union down Nov. 7-10.

My father fought in World War I, and three brothers fought in World War II.  My daughter is a retired U.S. Marine sergeant.  All proud to serve under the flag of the United States and for all it represents. 

It is my belief is that our country is indeed in a matter of dire distress.

Grand Junction


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