Email letters, November 13, 2013

Fine insurance plan canceled, cost of new plan prohibitive

I find it insulting and incorrect for Dr. Michael Pramenko to call our individual health plan through Rocky Mountain Health Plans “junk.” Our plan required physicals prior to enrollment and had all the requirements of the Affordable Care Act except childbirth. I am 59 and no longer have a uterus. My husband is 63.

RMHP has elected not to grandfather in any of the individual plans prior to the ACA being passed. Our plan was canceled, and the new plan with same coverage and deductibles has gone up 100 percent to $1,446 a month. We earn $10,000 over the amount eligible for the subsidized plans offered on Colorado Connect. Obamacare is hardly affordable at $17,352 year. The administration lied to us.

I resent Pramenko’s implications that we bought “junk” health insurance coverage. We had excellent coverage. Yes, we are hard working, and now we will not have the means to purchase health insurance. See you in the emergency room.

Grand Junction

Public transportation boosts local economy, environment

The action taken by the City Council to cut funds from the transit system is incredibly shortsighted. The transit system has made great strides, moving people all across the valley quite successfully. If anything, support should be increased so the buses move more people at additional convenient times/days.

I’ll bet a cookie that if a list were made available of all the “contributions” the city makes, more than one recipient could be cut, impacting fewer people. This is about the economy, folks, getting people to get work and to shop, and it’s about the environment to keep a few more cars off the road.

The citizens of the valley and the team of government bodies, from Fruita to Palisade, should demand the city reconsider its support to continue and improve this vital service.

Grand Junction

Volunteers, sponsors made literary festival successful

Thanks for your recent strong coverage on the school board election, the excellent series on suicide and the new books page column.

We’d like to thank all the media, sponsors, volunteers and participants who made our second literary festival a great success in October. Thousands of volunteer hours went into “The Language of the Fantastic,” and food and gallons of coffee poured in from Main Street Bagels, Homestyle Bakery and Starbucks on 24 Road, while Summit Canyon, Naggy McGee’s and Barnes & Noble, among others, donated fine gifts.

A huge thanks to our cosponsors, the Department of Languages and Literatures at CMU and the two major arts organizations, Colorado Creative Industries and the Grand Junction   Commission on Arts and Culture. These cosponsors helped us bring in authors from North and South America to teach and read in English and Spanish, with a little Ebo, too.

We are grateful to live in a community rich in extraordinary readers and writers who have given much to our cultural lives. Thank you, all.

Executive Director
Western Colorado Writers’ Forum
Grand Junction

ACA redistributes income, pushes us toward socialism

President Obama said 24 times, “If you like your health plan, you can keep it.” Now we learn that the administration knew from a 2010 HHS report that 93 million Americans would lose their health insurance because Affordable Care Act implementation makes them illegal.

Obamacare policies must include free birth control, pregnancy and pediatric dental care and gambling addiction therapy – even for elderly couples. If we don’t buy one of these one-size-fits-all all-inclusive policies, we must pay a tax.

With the $600-plus-million Obamacare website a technical disaster, people losing policies cannot even find out how much Obamacare replacements will cost them. In 44 states, replacement policies are predicted to cost substantially more – except for those that taxpayers must subsidize.

The premise of Obamacare is that forcing young, healthy people to enroll will lower premiums for older, less-healthy people. So far, however, 5 million policies have been canceled; only 50,000 new Obamacare policies have been issued. Hence, the need for all the new taxes in the ACA.

How many absurdities will we accept before we say “No more”?

The 2,700-page ACA – which Congress did not read – has so far spawned 20,000 pages of regulations, which Congress will also not read. Was the website supposed to fail, so that we will end up with the single-payer government healthcare system that Obama prefers?

Obamacare makes those who are young and/or healthy and/or productive pay for those who are not. It is an income redistribution plan to push us further toward socialism.


Atheists urged to see how Christians enjoy ‘this present life’

Being a Christian, I can’t speak for atheists. I can only try to imagine being one. If I didn’t have faith in a living god, who has revealed his love for us broken humans in the crucified and risen Christ, I can’t imagine joining a group of nonbelievers who were singing, laughing and sharing “inspirational messages,” as though living without hope for eternal life is something to celebrate.

As Paul the apostle testified, “If Christ is not raised, we (Christians) are to be pitied above all men.”  Yes, there are those who think Christians pitiful anyway for believing that God even exists. Surely, unbelievers understand that their position requires faith also… a far riskier faith than that of believers.

However, the immediate experience at the heart of the Christian faith is not mere “hope” in heaven, but a living relationship with Jesus Christ. It is love, not fear, that is the foundation and motivation for Christians.

This summer, I conversed with a group of atheists who were providing brochures at the farmers’ market. They seemed to think Christians don’t get much out of this life because they’re too focused on “pie in the sky.” 

I don’t know how they arrive at such thinking, since countless hospitals and community services for the needy, as well as international aid organizations that are created, are funded and supported by Christians, all because of their concern for quality of life on this side of heaven. Surely, not a few atheists have received medical care in such hospitals.

As for Christians “not enjoying this present life,” we would welcome any unbeliever to join us at one of our potlucks. When you have food for the body and food for the soul, well, it’s just double the joy!


Phillips’ letter lacked rationality

T. Phillips’ letter published on Tuesday believes outsiders have a poor perception of our valley for reasons not reflecting reality. The Taliban does not live here, poor air quality days are largely a matter of topography and people just living life and there is no one who wants “no regulation values.”

Phillips believes the local education is “poor” and “so-so.” Where did that idea come from? What we actually have is too many teachers (who, in his words) are “foreigners” or educated by the foreigners, bringing in liberal ideas, with liberal administrators, using liberal curriculum developed by liberals utilizing liberal instructional techniques. So, who are you going to blame for the “so-so” product?

Another item in his agenda is the teaching of evolution (as if anything else is taught). The sign at the front of “your class” should read something like: “Welcome students. You are the product of a mindless, guideless, purposeless, meaningless process called evolution. There is no rational basis for you to believe you can think rationally (because your brain is a result of the same processes) or hold a meaningful morality. In this class, you cannot talk of suffering, pain or death as being ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ because we do not have categories for these things. Death, disease, suffering and extinction are important factors in evolution. These are necessary for the process to move ‘forward’ to make room for those who are better fit to survive.”

(He would continue…) “We will (paraphrasing C.S. Lewis, who we do not like by the way) also attempt to make sense of the random first cause, explain meaningfully all meaninglessness and denounce as immoral all the immoral denunciation foisted upon us. And do not worry about the death of your grandparents (or anyone else), as there is no after-life, no hope, just death. We will show you how to find security in this hopelessness.”

It would be better if Phillips came up with something more noncontradictory and rational because there aren’t too many of us looking forward to living in the “valley” (or society) of his making.

Grand Junction





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