Email Letters: November 17, 2016

Trump’s election should be a wake up call to those on sidelines

Putting politics and profits above principles, we now have Trump. A man who sexually assaulted women, demeaned women, insulted real war heroes, sowed religious and racial hatred, contributed nothing to the common good, buddies up to dictators while insulting allies. All of this makes me ashamed to be an American. How anyone claiming to be a Christian can follow this man is beyond comprehension.

This is what happens when good people refuse to get involved. A meaningless protest vote, failure to vote, etc. can and has lead to the success of our worse instincts, Donald Trump. America may yet survive but this should serve as a wake up call to those sitting on the sidelines.

Part of me wants to give up but then the forces of evil win. I, as well as the rest of us, cannot let apathy overtake us.


All living creatures cause global temperature changes

Ask any globalist and they will tell you that global temperature changes are due to CO2 and methane. Animals, bugs, and people produce most of these two gasses. There are seven billion people, probably 20 billion animals, and more bugs than stars in the sky living on Earth.

Forgetting the bugs, each animal breathes out CO2 from every breath it takes in its life. Since everyone breathes about six times per minute, on average, and you multiply that by 27 billion living creatures, you get about 160 billion puffs of CO2 into the atmosphere per minute. This is probably 50 times all the CO2 put into the air by mechanical and factory smokestack objects combined. There is no telling how much methane living critters expel because it’s impossible to know how much fast food and broccoli are consumed, but it’s a lot.

So all you have to do is kill everything on Earth which is not a plant, and you will cut out 90 percent of global warming gasses instantly, putting an end to global warming, and thus save the planet.

This should make all empty-headed globalists very happy. Except they would all be dead too, and probably having tea and crumpets at Hades Bar and Grille with Al, George, Barack, Hilary, Angela, Justin, and the rest of the gang. Problem solved!


Trump doesn’t represent positive change in the political arena

People wanted change in our political arena; I get that. However, a business man with no experience in politics? Do you think you’re going to get what you wanted – really? My question is, will Trump truly represent all people regardless of race or gender? He’s already lied and he’s not even in office yet. He stated that he was fed up with Wall Street and then he announces Bannon, a former Goldman Sachs banker, as his advisor. Bannon is a white nationalist.

A friend’s Facebook comment stated, “Trump is our president so get over it.” How can I get over it when he has already incited hate, bullying and violence and is continues to lie? I can only hope we get through the next four years. I think this is the most terrifying event in modern history.

If you wanted so much change in the national arena, why do you keep voting for the same people in our local government? It is stagnant because it’s still the “good old boy’s club.” Keep them in office and the same thing will happen…nothing. These politicians are opposed to moving forward to make our city grow and prosper; they are stuck in the 1900s. Why didn’t we shake this up a little and get new people to make changes in our valley? Do you see why I’m confused?

Both parties need to compromise for the good of all people. We need to work on solutions that will benefit all and keep our country strong and prosperous. I’m scared for the next four years and hope we will still have a stable country.

Grand Junction

This election revealed the fully evolved version of partisan politics

I’m sorry to read about Claudette Konola’s fear of the future under Donald Trump’s presidency. The fear springs from the feeling that there will be an inevitable revocation of the freedoms and civil rights of certain groups.

If we’re being honest, I think there’s also some fear from those who supported Mr. Trump who are watching the violence of some protesting the election of a “hate-monger.” I’m sure the irony-impaired will miss that point completely.

I think this election is revealing the fully evolved version of partisan politics. Those who have gone “all in” for their party have convinced themselves, with the constant reinforcement of their party and whatever media source supports their party, that the other party hates them and desires only the destruction of “their” America.

Partisan politics believes that their party will be the one to bring an end to bigotry, injustice, unfairness, poverty, and oppression. The delusion of this, as I think can be seen in this election, is that partisan politics is just both sides answering for themselves the question: “Which groups will we oppress by wielding the power of our office?”

Neither party is really for the American people, it seems, and that is giving rise to American rising against American. That’s what I’m afraid of.

Grand Junction


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While Thursday’s letter from Creighton Bricker (“Protesters should know that Trump won fair and square”) conflates two non-synonymous standards – legal and “fair and square”—Fruita’s Daniel Harris gets it right.

While “protesters should know that Trump won” the election legally under Article II, Section 1, of our Constitution (providing for the Electoral College), Bricker himself knows – as do those protesters—that Trump did not win “fair and square” (a familiar idiom meaning “honestly and straightforwardly”).

Rather, by all objective measures, Trump was the most dishonest presidential candidate in U.S. history—cynically banking on the now-confirmed expectation that his devoted base of resentment-filled “deplorables” was entirely immune from fact-checking and would continue to be mesmerized by his rhetoric even when they knew he was lying.

Likewise, while Trump’s campaign was “straightforward” in its appeal to atavistic racism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia, nativism, and religious intolerance, he still has not released his tax returns (the most “straightforward” proof of personal integrity) and has confidently taken conflicting positions on a host of issues – even as he, Pence, and other surrogates bald-facedly denied saying what is captured on video-tape and tweets.

Bricker also employs the oldest propagandistic trick in the books – projecting his own bigotry on those who call out bigotry when they see it.  Bricker’s “tell” is conveniently ignoring the facts that Trump’s political rise began with racist “birtherism”, that he then stoked exaggerated fears of Hispanic and Muslim immigrants, and that Republicans in the South oppose Medicaid expansion because it disproportionately benefits minorities.

Protestors perceive that a victorious minority of misled voters abandoned democracy in favor of an autocrat.  Photos of the Trump family resemble those of the Romanovs (with Stephen Bannon playing Rasputin off-camera).  While no one seeks for the Trumps the fate that befell the Romanovs, only the delusional can seriously believe that a Trump presidency and twice-failed Republican fiscal policies will “Make America Great Again”.

Mr. Menger,

You ignore one critical point in your analysis. You are correct that the biosphere produces large amounts of CO2. It also absorbs about the same amount, so there is a balance. The amount that industry is putting out is not part of that balance, so now there is a net increase in atmospheric CO2.

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