Email Letters: November 2, 2016

Claim of ‘rigged elections’ may be believable

All this talk about “rigged elections” is troubling to me. I am not concerned about the actual vote count, as that seems well controlled. But how we get to the point of counting those votes still bothers me.

After reading Susan Norton’s letter based on discrimination based on party affiliation (Oct. 30) I wonder why only major parties are allowed to be election judges. The unaffiliated voter is the last option for filling election judge positions. People are getting fed up with the two party system of old and the bitter lines it has drawn between them. The role of the unaffiliated voters keeps growing and will be a major influence on election results.

Then the need to provide identification for every aspect of life in America – like driving, purchasing, flying, etc. – except for voting amazes me. Then I add to that the super pacs, political funding, media reporting, investigations, lies and allegations of politics when considering the words rigged elections.

It seems to me the likely the words “rigged election$” (dollar sign added for emphasis) might have some credibility.

Grand Junction

Sentinel should have based article on multiple polls

On Oct. 26, I had looked at the Real Clear Politics website citing a range of polls on the presidential race. The site included 14 different polls that ranged from Clinton up by 14 points to Trump up by two points, with an average of Clinton up by six points.

The next day, I was surprised to see an extensive, front-page piece in The Sentinel headlined, “Poll: Clinton appears to be headed toward resounding win over Trump.” The article anchored its theme entirely on a single poll, the AP-GFK poll, which was by far the most favorable to Clinton the day before. As I have been following a wide variety of polls in recent weeks, I also noticed that the article made no mention of the fact that over this recent period the race has been tightening measurably, but rather stated “Trump’s opportunities to overtake Clinton are quickly evaporating.”

As a new Grand Junction resident and subscriber to the paper, it has left me wondering why The Sentinel’s editorial staff would take this approach. It looks either poorly and lazily researched in taking only one poll into account when so many are available (and with widely varying outcomes), or intentionally biased, which may discourage folks from voting who may be favoring Trump, since your article essentially paints the contest as already over.

Grand Junction

Sentinel’s recent editorial was self-righteous and hypocritical

I am responding to your editorial, “Are the media biased?” It was so self-righteous and hypocritical it made me want to gag! Why?

Yes, as you said, “ Donald Trump would not be where he is today if it wasn’t for the mainstream media” covering all his lies and bombast as newsworthy information. But then you go on to say that, “Some so called ‘news’ outlets exist not to inform but to inflame, outrage or extract an emotional response (usually fear and alarm) from their audience.” Question: What does The Daily Sentinel do every day when they put stories about mayhem, murder, rape, theft, etc., on their front page and usually in the prominent top right and left columns highlighting this seedy sensationalism as if this should be the primary interest of its readers? I was brought up to believe that a good, serious, objective newspaper put the most significant world and national news that truly affected our lives in these primary front page positions.

Your editorial went on to quote David Brooks saying, “You win attention in the mass media through perpetual hysteria.” Although Brooks’ context was about political conservatism, The Sentinel appeals to readers’ morbid sense of criminal hysteria to sell papers. It is sleazy and emotional sensationalism.

Then, The Sentinel editorial continued with its intellectual, hypocritical shallowness by perpetuating the discouraging “false equivalency” constantly perpetuated by the media by somehow equating Brooks’ criticism of the breakdown of conservatism with, “anti-GOP rhetoric prevalent on HuffPost and MSNBC.” As if FOX news does not have a bias much more distorted than MSNBC.

And, finally, the most discouraging element of your editorial: You stated that, “This election is a culmination of years of marginalizing the media and questioning their objectivity.” Yet, The Daily Sentinel, in this most important presidential election has, to date, not taken an editorial position on the presidential election. You marginalize yourself. You avoid objectivity by not having the courage to take a position in this election. Yes, as you said, “we reap what we sow.”



Electing Schwartz will help Western Slope farmers

Farmers on the Western Slope derive our livelihoods from growing our famous sweet corn, onions, hops, and various seed crops. At harvest time, we rely on a robust seasonal labor force to harvest our crops in a timely manner for national markets. The reality is that there aren’t enough local laborers to do the job, and each year we rely on temporary migrant workers using H2A visas to harvest a multitude of crops. Ranching and agriculture are the largest industries in Region 10 and all face a shrinking labor force.

We need to fix the broken process of hiring and housing immigrant workers. Farmers seeking H2A visas must deal with four agencies – State and Federal Departments of Labor, the State Department, and Homeland Security – and backlogs are common. Congress needs to streamline this process to ensure a timely, reliable outcome that farmers can depend on.

Another problem we face involves worker housing. Both the farmers and the laborers themselves would prefer that workers receive a housing stipend to replace the current requirement that the farmer must find housing for the workers. A flexible housing system makes much more sense.

Our livelihoods and your food depend on fixing this broken system, yet Scott Tipton has done nothing to fix the broken system although he’s had six years as a congressmen to do more than “work on it.” We need a representative like Gail Schwartz, who not only listens, but more importantly, “gets ‘er done.” Gail is a doer who has a proven ability to work in a divided Colorado State Senate to overcome partisan politics and make things work.

Let’s “get ‘er done.” Elect Gail Schwartz.


Sentinel’s advocacy of assisted suicide couched in misleading terminology

Your recent advocacy of the Proposition 106 assisted suicide measure was couched in the same misleading terminology as that used by its authors. And, to so define any life-destroying agent as a “medication” is an egregious misnomer. The correct and truthful term can only be “a poison.”

With my highest admiration and appreciation for most of our fine medical people, any doctor who would promote such an expedient, as that being proposed in the suicide “with dignity” contrivance, shall have betrayed his solemn oath to “do no harm.”


Grand Junction

We are all victims of the world and Hillary is at the helm

Thirty thousand…that’s a lot. In words it’s 50 pages. On separate sheets of paper it would be a stack over 300 feet tall! Six hundred and fifty thousand (number of emails purported on Anthony Weiner’s computer) in words is over a thousand pages. On separate sheets of paper it would be a stack 40 miles high, or over six times the height of Mt Everest.

The facts are dumbfounding, and we can only deal with things within our own frame of reference. We depend on others, but they must have accountability and credibility.

Thank God for Hillary Clinton. She’s pointed out the absurd, in both policy, practice and belief… and many people have bought it. Being cliché, quoting Lincoln: “You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.” Interesting, but in this day and age some people can be fooled all the time. Sad.

Hillary’s clueless with audacity. Distrust is the foundation of her belief. Her “disbelief” has been vindicated and strengthened by her public exposure over they years. We are all victims of the world and Hillary is at the helm. Her fatal flaw is that she bases her actions on naive and dated information. We are all in this together, but what is she selling? She doesn’t own her own words.

That’s right Hillary; let the FBI release six hundred and fifty thousand emails before the election. You’re clueless on so many levels. We do not want to buried in your garbage before, much less after, the election.

Grand Junction

Stop the madness of public land grab with your ballot

A land grab is in the works. Say goodbye to ATVing, dirt biking, hunting, grazing, fishing, camping and recreating on public lands. Section 4 of the GOP’s official 2016 platform is a blueprint for foreign and domestic corporations, or billionaire individuals, to buy the American West, and then install gates and lock us out. After paying mere lip service to hunting and fishing, Part 4 of the platform mandates that “Congress shall immediately pass universal legislation providing for a timely and orderly mechanism requiring the federal government to convey certain federally controlled public lands to states. We call upon all national and state leaders and representatives to exert their utmost power and influence to urge the transfer of those lands, identified in the review process, to all willing states for the benefit of the states and the nation as a whole.”

The GOP platform will allow corporations and their lobbyists, and wealthy individuals, to identify lands for financial exploitation and then prearrange backroom deals with states. After the lands are transferred from the feds to the Western states, the states will determine that the prearranged sales are “in the public interest” because of state budgetary woes, and states will sell for short-term influx of money.

Unlike other issues during this election, the transferring of public lands will be permanent and cannot be undone. We lower and middle class Americans that can’t afford to pay exorbitant fees to hunt, fish, graze, picnic, swim, snowmobile, boat, or recreate at private “clubs” that will be posted “Private property – keep out” will be on the outside looking in.

Personal disagreement with potentially temporary federal land management policies is a poor reason to permanently sell our American West legacy. Put your grandkids and future generations of Americans first, and stop the madness with your ballot.

Grand Junction

If Trump is elected he will be the first sitting president to stand trial

On Nov. 1, Donald Trump told a crowd of supporters at a rally that it would be horrible if Hillary Clinton were elected, because it might be the first time a sitting president could face trial. “She’s being investigated by the FBI, folks.” We don’t need this, he said.

And for once, I agree with Trump. We don’t need this. Because, if he is elected, he will be the first sitting president to stand trial. The federal court case where he is charged with fraud in accordance with Trump University begins Nov. 28. The federal court case where he is accused of raping a 13-year-old girl begins Dec. 16.

No, our country does not need this. And we don’t need someone who smears others and can never admit his own wrongdoing.


Two recent letters to the editor warrant a response

In reply to Mr. Westcott and Mr. Scheid on Nov. 1:

Mr. Westcott, your comment “anti-government right-wing politicians like Scott Tipton” is a bit fanatic and uncalled for. Try this subtle change and you will find the truth: “anti-corruption right-wing politicians like Scott Tipton.” It’s not an anti-government position when one is working to get rid of the corrupt people that control the government to line their own pockets and assume power over the people.

Larry Scheid, “TABOR” is not, nor has it ever been, the problem. The “problem” is government funding of projects and policies that they have no Constitutional power or authority to engage taxpayer money in. If the policies or projects are not directly related to necessary needs of the infrastructure and/or public safety it is never justifiable. Government buildings and institutions do not need to be works of architectural genius and beauty, only functional for the purpose. Highways do not need to be beautiful to the level of doubling the cost of construction. Spending money to make the illegal aliens feel comfortable and at home in in our state, is not a justifiable use of public funds. Helping indigent citizens find housing and shelter through private charitable funds is an acceptable expenditure. Providing grants to any private group or organization is not acceptable. Private charities are set to collect funding from private sources. Throwing more taxpayer hard earned money at an educational system (proven to be a failure) without correcting the underlying problems is not an acceptable use of public funds either. The list is nearly endless.

Get the politicians and bureaucrats out of government and get problem solvers into positions of power to get the job done, then replace them next election!

Cumming, Ga.


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Mr. Garner should consider that there is no such thing as a non-toxic substance. Only toxic levels. Just about any medication is poisonous in high enough dosages. That doesn’t mean it isn’t still a medication.

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