Email letters, November 21, 2013

City’s inadequate compassion for homeless a ‘terrible sin”

The way our city treats homeless children is a terrible sin.

The Homeless Bound Shelter takes in families for the night, they are fed, allowed to take a shower, and given a bed for the night, but unless a couple can prove they are legally married the men are housed separately and not allowed any contact with their families. The mother and children can be given nights out is she is even seen arriving on the shelters property with her boyfriend, or if one of the kids sees the man they know as daddy in the food line and tries to go to him.

Come morning everyone is dumped onto the streets of Grand Junction from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and even tiny newborns are forced to deal with having nowhere to go.

The Catholic Day Center allows pedophiles, so children are only allowed in the small front waiting room. There is no privacy or facilities for diaper changes or breast-feeding, and predators are always coming and going through the front door.

There are businesses and public buildings where children are welcome, such the Mesa County Public Library and the mall, but anyone caught asleep in those places will be asked to leave and sometimes banned.

I know of no place where a mother can take her sick child to rest and recuperate, or even take a nap in the afternoon. For a city as giving and supportive as this one I am amazed that we ignore the most innocent and blameless residents.

Grand Junction

AP story on Gettysburg Address a progressive ‘fence sitter’

Someone once said the problem with sitting on a fence is not merely the discomfort of possibility of a picket poking you in your comfort area, but the equal possibility of splinters in your set down. The AP story on Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address was a real progressive fence sitter.

There seem to be nine copies of Lincoln’s fddress, five written in his hand. Two dating before the address did not include “under God.” Three dated and signed by Lincoln after the event include the phrase “Under God.” Two journalists who were eyewitnesses that day reported he said the phrase “Under God.” Several newspapers that reported on the event also claim he used the Phrase “Under God.” Nobody alive today was there.

Now it is known that on March 30, 1863, President Lincoln gave a proclamation called for by the Senate. Calling for the nation to set apart April 30, 1863, as a day of national humiliation, fasting, and prayer.” It is included in that proclamation “...We have been the recipients of the choicest bounties of Heaven…. But we have forgotten God .... Intoxicated with unbroken success, we have become too self sufficient to feel the necessity of redeeming and preserving Grace, too proud to pray to the God that made us….’ –source America’s God and Country Encyclopedia of Quotations , Wm. J. Federer, Ed. pp.383-384 note 81

It is also known that on Nov.15, 1862, President Lincoln requested the General Orders issued by General George Washington, July 9,1776, be read to his Union Army to foster attention to the Divine Services. (Source: ibid p.822 note 22.)

It is also known that Lincoln was not the keynote speaker but was invited to the event as a courtesy. And was not happy with his now famous speech. The source for my letter was the Blaze website—and article on Lincolns Gettysburg Address posted this day.


Nation needs a ‘magic if’

To make my point regarding “Obummercare,” I was reminded of the title of a “far-off-Broadway” show that I saw in Los Angeles many years ago entitled “The Magic If.”
Today, this title appropriately emphasizes the absolute lack of representation that “we the people” have in regard to our overwhelming disapproval of the “Affordable Care Act” that has been dumped upon us by the wimps in Washington.

What “if” there was a “magic if” - IF we had a person as courageous as one of the most respected leaders in the history of our country speak out on our behalf with conviction and dedication.
Back on June 12, 1987, President Ronald Reagan demanded of the Russian leader, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

Isn’t there anyone in our nation with the influence, or authority, or courage, or conviction or just plain guts to inject the “magic if “ and tell Obama to “Tear down that website!”
Too bad there isn’t “a magic if!”

Battlement Mesa

Trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together again is futile fix for ACA

I have written a number of letters in the past that pointed out some of the flaws in Obamacare. I said early on that it was deceptive for the president to say if you like your insurance policy you can keep it. Same goes for keeping your doctor, and you can add to that keeping your hospital. The president said this was all going to be done without adding to our debt. Now we are seeing the resulting damage to our healthcare system. We haven’t begun to see the impact of the high costs of this new entitlement.

Where do we go from here? It’s impossible to put Humpty Dumpty back together again, but who wants to? Many Democrats will want to double down and go 100 percent single pay. I can’t imagine people wanting more government control after seeing this debacle.

Republicans can begin by returning control to patients and their doctors. Providing help to those who are uninsurable can be done directly without “stealing” from the young and healthy. Mandates can’t compete with freedom. Portability of insurance when you change jobs and malpractice reform are just two examples of alternative affordable solutions.

The government needs get out of the way of our health care system that represents 17 percent of our economy. The rule should be do no harm. This is a wakeup call for those who think big government is the solution.


Greed lies behind economic inequality in our nation

I recently watched a showing of a film on hunger in the USA. The most striking thing about it wasn’t that there isn’t enough food but that there is a growing economic inequality in the USA.

Afterward in a discussion on solutions to this problem someone mentioned that we had to strengthen the economy so people can get jobs. I think, though, that they have just missed the point of the film. The film wasn’t talking about an economic problem but a human problem. Strengthening the economy won’t make the situation any better if the inequality remains.

If you want an example of this, just look at China. China has one of the strongest economies on the planet yet some of the poorest living conditions on the planet. Economics
isn’t the problem. The inequality of greed is.

Grand Junction

Until heads roll, expect more scandals, ineptness

Will the president ever fire or replace anyone who proves incompetent, withholds information from him, or continually gives him bad advice and guidance? Not likely!

Until that happens, more ineptness and scandals to come.

Grand Junction

Tipton disappoints by bowing to corporate pressure

I am very disappointed that our Congressman Scott Tipton has bowed to corporate pressure, producing his ill considered, likely industry written bill about production of American energy resources.

What about human nature does he and the oil industry not understand? We all use the industry’s products and will likely continue doing so for the foreseeable future. OK, so be it. We simply require that a number of conditions be met. Were these provisos in place and regularly adhered to, a more full acceptance of oil industry activities by the public could be nearly assured. These requirements are simple:

1) 100 % transparency on all and every aspect of the production process from exploration to delivery of the finished product,
2) Absolute and unyielding adherence to a 100 % safety pledge, so that virtually no mishaps occur ever, whatever the costs incurred by industry(and the public)to prevent them,
3) When mishaps occur, there must be a swift, full and overwhelming response to address all issues related to that mishap (spill, injury, toxic releases etc.) with 100 % admission of culpability and commitment to rapid resolution with full public reporting,
4) An acknowledgment and adherence to a pledge that many places on the planet will never be drilled for their sanctity, or the natural beauty of the places in question, for habitat supporting rare or vital biological species, or for the proximity of the proposed drilling location to vital resources such as water or unique agricultural regions (to name but a few).

If industry could publicly acknowledge and regularly demonstrate their adherence to these principles, a vast majority of the citizenry would likely accept their activities, perhaps even readily. After all, we do presently rely on their products. We get it. We just want those products obtained precisely and with an acknowledgement that profit does not trump every other
human value, despite the enshrinement of corporate personhood in the law.

But, no. Tipton and the industry are entrenched in a culture of unitary mindset, intransigence, obfuscation, belligerence and denial. As long as they retain this posture, many in the public will fight them to achieve the goals noted above. It is a fair bet there will be persistence until these protections are safely in place.

This is the only home we have-surrounded as it is by the void and vacuum of space. We must be extremely careful lest we find ourselves drowning further in the detritus of our own creation, much of it sadly a direct result of the activities of the petroleum industry.

What don’t they get about this? They live here too.


Dentist treats vet’s toothache, raises spirits on Veterans Day

Shortly before Veterans Day, I developed a toothache.  On Nov. 11, Veterans Day, I called my dentist. Personnel in his office made room to take me in, and he had to pull my tooth.

As I was leaving and discussing more work to be done, his assistant informed me that they wouldn’t be charging me for the work that day, as I was a vet.

This was a tremendous gesture and so much appreciated. I want to thank my dentist and his assistant again.

Grand Junction

Requirement of 60 votes in Senate creates dangerous obstruction

The nuclear option/constitutional option is a parliamentary maneuver that should be used by the United States Senate to achieve all motions requiring a majority vote (51 votes). The current three-fifths (60 votes) is a roadblock/major obstruction to the operation of the United States government, It must be eliminated or our government will collapse.


After vote for legal marijuana kids now getting into trouble

I hope the people who voted for legalized marijuana are satisfied now that the kids are getting into trouble.

It is hard to believe this is occurring in beautiful Colorado. The liberals have taken over.

Now it is time to fight for the Colorado “of old.”

Grand Junction


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Dave Kearsley’s latest offering – “Trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together again is futile fix for ACA” – takes credit when none is due.

Nothing in the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) required insurers to cancel any policies in existence on March 23, 2010.  The appearance of “deception” arose because some health insurers “baited and switched” insureds from “grandfathered” into “non-grandfathered” policies (rather than modifying them to retain “grandfathered” status or upgrading them to comply with the ACA)—and continued issuing new non-compliant policies (with no caveats) knowing they would be cancelled as of January 1, 2014.

President Obama has apologized for the ACA’s failure to anticipate and prohibit such deceptive business practices and/or to “mandate” complete disclosure by those insurers.

Nothing in the ACA required anyone to change doctors, but neither prohibited doctors from dying, retiring, or limiting their practices, nor required insurers to maintain existing “preferred provider” networks.

The American Hospital Association supports the ACA – because it offers more prompt and adequate compensation for rendering indigent care.  However, in 25 Republican-controlled states which reject Medicaid expansion, hospitals may be forced to close emergency rooms.

In sum, 80% of Americans’ premiums were largely “unaffected” by the ACA, some 15% gained access to affordable health care for the first time, and only 1.3% may pay more for equal or better coverage. 

Moreover, the ACA has (as President Obama “promised”) reduced long-term costs (and thus “debt”) projections by some 10%—reducing health care spending growth and health care price inflation to the lowest rates since 1965.

Parroting Republicans’ bogus “alternatives” to the ACA, Kearsley would revert to the “pre-existing condition” of double-digit annual premium increases, arbitrary denial and/or cancellation of coverage by for-profit “death panels”, and leave 40+ million Americans without affordable access to health care.

Good luck with that, Humpty!

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