Email Letters: November 23, 2016

It’s heartbreaking to see what is being done at Standing Rock

On this national holiday, when we celebrate the abundance of our land and the friendship of the native peoples who helped our ancestors through difficult times, it is heartbreaking to see what is being done in the name of fossil fuel development. The Standing Rock Sioux Nation along with environmental groups and other supporters are making a stand for protection of the land and waters from potential harm.

We all benefit from gas and oil that is produced and many families are supported directly through the jobs available in this industry. So how are we to respond to demands to not build a pipeline and even to keep fossil fuels in the ground?

There clearly is a conflict of interest here. We all know what sacred is but what is sacred to the Indigenous people is not what is sacred to most of the rest of us. Do we continue to ignore their concerns for protection of land, water, and sacred sites because it is inconvenient for our dominant industries? How long will we treat the original people of our beautiful country as if they don’t belong here, as if they have no connection here?

The response we see to those who are putting their bodies in the way of this pipeline reflects a much deeper fear than just a need to uphold the law. The potential for loss of income and loss of cheap energy is a major concern for all of us, but attacking those who demand a change does nothing to move us toward resolution of what we are confronted with.


It’s time to accept election results and to come together as one nation

This letter is addressed to all you bleeding-heart liberals who just can’t seem to accept the result of this past election. We conservatives had to endure the past two elections, and we have had to put up with policies and regulations that we haven’t liked. Let it go and let’s move on.

Ruth Marcus, in her column this week, just doesn’t think President-elect Trump is acting presidential. Good grief, it has only been two weeks since the election and Trump is not even in the White House yet. Give him a chance. If you are a true American, you will.

Don’t you think that we’ve already had too much derision and divisiveness in our country with the protests and people claiming they will never accept our duly elected president-to-be as their president? I think it is way past time to accept the election results and to come together as one nation under our newly elected president and move forward as a united people for the good of all. If we don’t, may God have mercy on us.

Grand Junction

Photo posted by columnist was inappropriate

Claudette Konola, the “Voice of a Progressive” has outdone herself this time. She has posted on her Facebook page a nude picture of the future first lady, with a snarky caption.

For years, she has been an advocate for women’s rights and equality. Additionally, she has not hesitated to condemn the potential or actual exploitation of women. Not long ago, she was a proud member of the “uninformed lynch mob” that forced the resignation of a City Council member because of “domestic issues.” Recently, she supported the removal of the chairwoman of the Delta County Republican Committee for posting a photograph on Facebook that was not complimentary to the president.

It is common practice for Konola to chastise conservatives for saying or doing something inappropriate and then to do or say the same thing. Granted, Konola admits that she is not a journalist and therefore does not have to conform to journalistic standards. Facts and the truth of the matter also do not apply to her, as she is paid to write opinion pieces. However, in this latest episode of Konola’s life, maybe it is time that she hears the words, “You’re fired!”

Grand Junction

Trump has been playing the media like a fiddle

As much as I hate to even type the guy’s name, it seems as though President-elect Trump is in some way pardoning Hillary Clinton, even though there is no proof that she has committed any crime. At the very least, it would seem like the Associated Press would make it clear in the article appearing on the front page of Wednesday’s paper that there is not a proven crime that has taken place to begin with. Trump has played the media like a fiddle by throwing a guilt trip on them by crying about how he had been treated unfairly. The press might as well start its own “lock her up” chant.


Hickenlooper isn’t doing anything for majority of Coloradans

After reading “County rips Jewell for Denver lease event” on Wednesday’s front page, I have a suggestion.

The article mentions that holding the event in Denver accommodated Gov. Hickenlooper as well as Secretary Sally Jewell. Given that the need to patronize Secretary Jewell soon will be gone, I suggest the residents of most of Colorado should petition Gov. Hickenlooper to change his name to “Governor Denver.”

Such a change would have several advantages. First, this governor isn’t doing anything for the majority of Colorado anyway. Second, it would allow the governor to pander directly to the supporters he needs at election time without apology. And third, it might motivate voters in most of the state to think about their selection for governor more carefully next time around.


Grand Junction

Even Democrats will benefit under a Trump presidency

At this time of year it is common to feel thankful for our many blessings. As a conservative Republican I am thankful for Barack Obama. Eight years ago when he came into office, the Democrats had a majority in both the House and the Senate. Now after all of the years of governing against the will of the people, after all of the deceit and flat out lies, and doing everything he could to destroy jobs in the United States, we now have Republican
majorities in both the House and the Senate and a Republican President. Plus, there are Republican majorities in 33 state houses now. Thank you, Mr. Obama.

I do get how some Democrats are feeling right now after this election as I am sure it is something along the disappointment I, and many others, felt after the last two presidential elections. However, I don’t remember seeing any rioting after the current president won. To those on the other side I say, don’t worry you will be thankful when we seriously start closing the border and deporting criminal aliens as you too will also benefit from having more jobs and less crime. By repealing and replacing Obamacare, you Democrats will also enjoy the benefits of a less centralized and cheaper health care system. By renegotiating trade deals to be more favorable to the American worker and putting American citizens first, all Americans will reap the benefits.

My last observation is that eight years ago the Democrats played the race card and have been playing it since then. Then they tried to play the gender card in this last election, only to find the Republicans played their Trump card.

Grand Junction

Representatives need to act to stop appointment of Bannon

Please take note, Rep. Scott Tipton, Sen. Michael Bennet, and Sen. Cory Gardner. Please, please, please do not allow a representative of the alt-right to be in the White House at the president’s side.

Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s Chief Strategist, is an anti-American propagandist who will soon be occupying the office next to the president if you three and others in both parties do not act to stop this appointment.

Grand Junction

Shame on Hamilton cast for embarrassing Pence

Why do the people in the entertainment business think we give a rat’s behind what their political and or social opinions are? You would think the cast of Hamilton would have felt excited and proud that Vice President-elect Pence would take the time from an obviously busy schedule to take a break with his family and see them perform. Instead of taking this opportunity to thank him for attending, they decided they would try to embarrass him in front of the audience, his family, and on national media. The majority of those in attendance did not pay really big bucks to be lectured to; they came to be entertained.

Mr. Pence responded with the class that these members of the cast apparently don’t understand or possess. Shame on them.

Grand Junction


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