Email Letters: November 28, 2016

We need to become stewards of the Earth

It is good to question motives and true facts regarding the issues around the Standing Rock movement. I invite people to go deeper to find answers. First we can ask about how we are forced to choose between destroying our environment and being able to afford living expenses in our modern world. Why are all the basic human necessities locked behind dollar signs? Who created this system and for what purposes?

I have always heard that money was created to be a means of exchange, but we all can see that it is used to control life in almost every aspect. There are many other ways we could structure our world that would treasure human life and support it to achieve its greatest potential. We have, for too long, allowed greed to structure how we live and this has had devastating consequences.

Our planet has been very patient with our ignorance as we have poisoned and greedily siphoned off her resources as if our desires are all that matter. We have stubbornly refused to acknowledge the truth of what we have been doing to the Earth and to ourselves. We know that we cannot survive without the cooperation of nature. The native peoples knew this and honored this.

Let’s step up to this invitation to become stewards of Earth rather than destroyers of it. Humanity can easily redesign technology to be environmentally friendly. Lots of jobs could now be created to do this. Jobs could be created around cleaning up our lands and planting new landscapes where there was once devastation. As we take back the reins of planetary evolution as communities of caring people, there will be no limit to our potential. The Earth is waiting to be acknowledged and participate in a peaceful future. We can be that pathway to a new society. Join me!

Grand Junction

Trump should make public interest his only priority

No, Mr. Trump. We the people give you a salary to live on so that you aren’t dependent on your businesses (sorry if you can’t live on only $400,000, but that was your choice). We don’t want the public interest to be your first priority; we want it to be your only interest. To paraphrase that someone, “If thou will be president go and sell what thou hast. And again I say unto you that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom…”

And that, Mr. Trump, is a wall too high to get over; too low to get under and too wide to get around. Hopefully you will decide like that young man 2,000 years ago, who hearing that abomination, “went away sorrowful: for he had great possessions.”


Grand Junction

Trump and other leaders should speak out against bigoted behavior

Kudos to the Daily Sentinel for calling out Mr. Trump for his lackluster response to the documented increase in racist, bigoted behavior and incidences across our country, including here in Mesa County where we have seen an increase in deplorable and unacceptable bullying of Hispanic students by other students.

Trump would do well to show true leadership and use his Twitter account for good by tweeting daily messages to our students and nation that racism, bullying and bigotry are unpatriotic qualities and will not be tolerated. He should also consider a second trip to Grand Junction to emphasize true American values, which would help our teachers and parents convey a message of inclusion and equality to our students.

Mesa County “leaders” including federal and state legislators, commissioners and City Council members should show true leadership and speak out publicly, loudly and often against this kind of behavior. Children are not born with hate, they learn it from adults – it’s time for the adults to
set the example we want our students to emulate.


Grand Junction

It doesn’t take a skilled craftsman to tear down a building

After reading the front-page article about our do-nothing Congressman and oil company shill, Scott Tipton, and his plans to undo the accomplishments of President Obama, I would like to remind him that any jackass can tear down a building but it takes a skilled craftsman to build one.


Grand Junction

Literature and movies provide us historical picture of country’s development

Literature and movies provide us with a historical picture of our country’s development. The movie “The Patriot” is especially inspiring. “Glory” is also. Most civil rights movies and literature both inspire and show our weaknesses. In fact, all such movies are inspiring. There are so many heroes that we should know about and respect. Yet many new Trump appointees are less than heroic, less than inspiring, and in fact may be dishonorable in accepting such positions. They seem to have no idea of the millions of sacrifices our heroes have endured that we may be free, and that we may be alive.

I have to wonder, how much sacrificial blood does it take before some leaders grow from their petty egos to the level of statesmanship that our world requires today? How many more wars do we have to endure before men will begin to treat each other as brothers? How many foolish leaders, how many ill-founded global institutions, and how many devilish/satanic acts of some members of humanity do we have to endure and tolerate? Judging from Trump’s appointees, the answer appears to be many.

Grand Junction

Do your part as an American and support President-elect Trump

Mr. Trump already pays all of his own bills, and is not taking a dime of taxpayer money for his service to the nation. Odd, almost all politicians could afford to do the same, but our money seems to fit their wallet better than our wallets.

As to Medicare, some are dependent on Medicare because the politicians you have been voting for have manipulated the economy to ensure most Americans would be dependent on government.

President-elect Donald Trump was elected to correct a lot of the damage done to this nation over the last 60 years by totally corrupt politicians. We, the people elected him in spite of the nastiest political tricks and stunts pulled by both political parties. So, now that he is duly and legally elected, why not do your part as an American and support our president? Or would you rather go live under a dictator as we have been the last 28 years?


Cumming, Ga.


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