Email Letters: November 7, 2016

Show appreciation for veterans by getting involved in VSOs

Please show your appreciation for our local veterans this week by attending a Veterans Day parade in your community or volunteering to support the many services offered to veterans and their families through a local Veterans Service Organization.

VSOs have been a part of our society since 1899 when Congress chartered the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Twenty years later, in Paris France, the American Legion was federally chartered, soon followed by Disabled American Veterans and other VSO’s. Though different, our VSOs have similar missions – to care for those who have defended our nation, to foster Americanism and support national defense. Care for veterans families and our nation’s youth are important values and many of the organizations have auxiliaries who exist to serve the missions of the VSOs.

The American Legion, The American Legion Auxiliary, and The Sons of The American Legion are examples of how veterans and their family members continue to serve the community, state and nation. The American Legion has certified service officers trained to assist any veteran or family member with the filing of claims for benefits, insurances and compensation provided
through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The Legion and its Auxiliary has a history of youth programs which include: American Legion Baseball, High School Oratorical Contest, Boys State and Girls State, support of Boy Scouts, Junior Shooting Sports.

VSOs can be found in the halls of Congress and our State Legislature advocating for legislation to improve the quality of life for veterans, and support national defense and patriotism.

Veterans can show support for VSOs by joining, and family members may qualify for membership in an auxiliary organization. Join, get involved and make a difference for veterans and our community. Information for VSOs can be found on line.


Op Ed regarding coal industry left out critical pieces of information

A recent Op Ed piece by Luke Popovich, spokesman for the National Mining Association, left out at least two bits of information critical to understanding the current situation with coal. First, he used the acronym MATS but didn’t say what it stands for. It is Mercury and Air Toxics Standards. This rule is extremely important in reducing emissions of hazardous chemicals from coal burning. The Supreme Court rejected the MATS rule last year because EPA had not done a cost-benefit calculation before beginning to write the regulation. It has now done so and reaffirmed the rule. The rule is designed to accelerate the updating of power plants to reduce harmful pollution. The new cost-benefit calculations show that this makes economic sense. Costs to the coal industry are less than the health (and other) benefits from cleaner air.

Second, and perhaps more egregious, is his attribution of all the woes of the coal industry to the EPA, ignoring the huge changes in the world coal market, in particular Chinese imports. These went from about zero in 2000 to well over 300 million metric tons in 2013 but then took a huge nose dive, to 200 million metric tons in 2015 and a likely further decline of 20 million metric tons in 2016. The US coal industry benefitted from the growth in Chinese demand; now that international demand has fallen, the industry is feeling the effect of these market forces.

Finally, I’d like to read the Duke University study that “concluded that less than 10 percent of America’s coal fleet was threatened by natural gas before EPA’s regulations kicked in.” The conclusion flies in the face of all economic analyses I’m aware of. Perhaps Mr. Popovich can provide a bit more detail or a reference so those who are interested in assessing his statements have enough information to do so.

Grand Junction

Trump shouldn’t get away with undermining operations in Mosul

So now, “General” Trump is calling the Pentagon and the tens of thousands of Iraqi, Turkish, and Peshmerga troops who are fighting to liberate Mosul from the grip of ISIS a “bunch of losers”…and saying it is only being done to help Hillary Clinton. Since when does this arrogant and indecent man, who has never served in the military but wants to be our Commander in Chief, get away with undermining an operation where American soldiers and advisors are risking their lives as we speak? It’s beyond all shame!


Industry should be able to stand on its own without handouts

This is an open letter to Chip Comins, Chairman & CEO, American Renewable Energy Institute:

Mr. Comins, I too believe that everybody should support all new methods of generating power that are good for the ecology of the planet. That being said, I do have a wee bit of a problem of any form of energy production that requires money that is taken from the people that earned it and given to any industry that cannot stand on its own.

When private enterprise can afford their own dreams based on their own ability to generate a profit, they are welcome to come online and join the team. Until then, stealing money at the “point of a gun” or threat of imprisonment to give to companies that pay their top executives hundreds of thousands, or million of dollars of taxpayer money for “producing” a non-sustainable profitability in it’s own means, then no!

If someone else’s dreams come at the expense of the unwilling, then that someone needs to change their dreams to reality.

Cumming, Ga.

This Election Day will go down as infamous

Nov. 8, 2016. This day will surely go down in infamy as Liberalism’s big “uhhh-oh” moment.


Justman will work hard to protect our Western Slope way of life

We are nearing the end of another election, billed as nation changing, as every election is. This is true not only for our national election, but for our state and local elections. Our choice for county commissioner is more important than ever, no matter who wins nationally. John Justman will work for Mesa County as he has over the past four years, to keep Mesa County fiscally sound while meeting all the needs of our community fairly, with common sense and hard work for all the people in our county, to protect us from overreach by Denver and Washington that takes away our rights and prosperity, and to protect our water rights, not just for Mesa County but for the Western Slope. There is no one else running who has John’s knowledge and a lifetime of experience with Mesa County and Western Slope water rights and water use. John has and will work hard to protect our Western way of life and to restore prosperity to everyone in our community.

I urge everyone to vote for John Justman for county commissioner. Keep common sense and honesty in our local government.

Grand Junction

St. Mary’s should rethink closing of Life Center

Twice within this week, I am voicing my concerns regarding St. Mary’s closing The Life Center to members. Having said this, I am attaching a copy of the letter I sent to members of The Life Centers Board of Directors: Letter to the Board of Directors of St. Mary’s Life Center Nov. 4.

I see on your website that the St. Mary’s Sisters of Charity’s Mission Statement, shortened version, I presume, reads as follows: “Fulfilling our mission of caring for all members of our community.”

We members of the Life Center are, indeed, members of “your” community. I wonder how many of you have spent any length of time, if any, observing the activity at the Life Center; i.e. pool usage and gym usage and cardiac/pulmonary rehab.

The parking lot is often full, sometimes to overflowing, with the vehicles of the 1,500 plus folks, mostly seniors, who are “members” of “your” community.

The pool is in excellent condition and those needing the warmth of the water continually use the hot tub. The pool temperature is maintained at 92 degrees, not 88, as reported in The Sentinel. The pool has excellent access for those folks who use their canes, walkers and wheel chairs to get to the pool steps utilizing the handicap railings, which enable them to get into the pool and receive the healthy benefits of water exercise/therapy.

The stories regarding how the Life Center has restored lives to new health and, in some cases, saved lives are many and poignant; a lady who couldn’t walk now walks upright; a couple of sisters who have been utilizing the activities for 26 years; one crippled woman, who just this year passed away at the age of 90 was a member for 40 years. She so appreciated having the pool and hot tub available for her use…so many stories of restored health.

I am wondering where the physical therapists will take their clients in need of water therapy; not only those people, but also the mentally and physically challenged children who so enjoy the water. The exercise classes and the trainers are excellent, not to mention the camaraderie we experience with them and one another.

Having said all of the above, my heart hurts for the St. Mary’s Sisters of Charity’s loyal, caring, loving employees who have “loved on us” and worked for you for many years who no longer have jobs.

You, on the Board of Directors, maybe, don’t realize what a huge ministry The Life Center has been to “your” community for these so many years. Maybe rethink closing it?


Grand Junction

Vote wisely if you care about equal representation for women

The United States Congress is only 19.4 percent female. As an American woman, that’s incredibly disheartening. Luckily, here in Colorado the picture is better, at least at the state level. At 42 percent female, our state legislature is ranked first out of all the states in terms of women’s representation.

While this should give Coloradans a reason to be proud, we can’t pretend that our work is done. If we don’t turn out on Tuesday for the many qualified female candidates on the ballot this year, we could lose some of the progress we’ve made and end up having fewer women in the legislature next year. We could fall below 42 percent. We could move down in the rankings.

There’s a lot more at stake than just the bragging rights of having the most gender-equal legislature – although those are nice. Having fewer female legislators means that women’s perspectives and experiences won’t be adequately represented in policy discussions. It means that critical issues like family leave, equal pay and reproductive rights could fall to the wayside. It means our state will be moving backwards instead of forward.

At Emerge Colorado, we recruit and train Democratic women to run for office, because we know their voices are needed. We have seven women running for the Colorado State Legislature this year. They’re qualified, determined and ready to lead – but none of that matters if people don’t vote. Remember: your vote is your voice. If you care about equal representation for women be sure to use it on Nov. 8!


Executive Director
Emerge Colorado

Daily Sentinel doesn’t appear to be truly objective

I would like to respond to your recent editorial about bias in the media. Your third paragraph says, “Those of us in the staid business of dispassionately providing facts are puzzled by this,” referring to Donald Trump calling the media corrupt and biased.

Do you really believe that The Sentinel is dispassionate about providing facts in your newspaper? If so, where are the articles on the Clinton email scandal or the corruption at the highest levels of our government involving the Clinton foundation? You seem to have room on your front page for stories of Donald Trump allegedly groping women many years ago. If you have any stories on anything negative about Clinton they are buried in the back of the paper. In fact, I bet in October there were probably two negative stories about Donald Trump (always one on the front page) to one for Clinton. With her email scandal and the Clinton foundation scandal going on at the same time, how could this be?

You provide space for some Democratic professor to tell us how great Gail Schwartz is, but strangely there is no space for someone to tell about Scott Tipton? That’s dispassionate providing of the facts? You say, “that serious policy analysis and issue based campaign coverage (boring) will never rise above the “importance” of over the top rhetoric.” I ask you, who is responsible for printing this stuff?

You said, “This election is a culmination of years of marginalizing the “media” and questioning their objectivity.” Is there no question as to how objective the mainstream media is or how objective The Daily Sentinel is? Either you are deluded in believing that you truly are just providing facts or you don’t think that we the readers are smart enough to pick up on your bias.

Here is an idea. I think the editorial staff at The Daily Sentinel should come out and tell everyone which political party they are associated with? Let’s see how unbiased you are.

Grand Junction


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