Email letters, Oct. 12, 2012

Commissioner candidate Justman is quiet but effective

So sorry, Daily Sentinel, but John Justman is my choice for District 1, County Commissioner. He is like John Wayne in “The Quiet Man,” always fighting for principles he believes in.

John’s astute problem-solving skills helped secure prodigious planning policies while he was on Mesa County Planning Commission. For example, as chairman of this commission, John successfully led his team to unplug bureaucracy by cutting the time it takes for a project to go through the planning process.

For land developers, his team cut the planning process from three to four years to six months by using an administrative process, providing all the Is were dotted and Ts were crossed in the code book. Bravo, John! Thank you for cutting that red tape!

Furthermore, Justman believes in a set of conservative core values that insures individual liberties. He will protect property rights and Mesa County water users rights and keep taxes fair—no sales tax increases for John. He understands how important it is to keep big government out of our business. Bureaucracy is killing our democracy.

John believes in quality education. He sent his sons to Stanford (lawyer) and Harvard (PHD, medical researcher). He modestly credits his wife Frances with the brains in the family. Go, John, go!

Grand Junction

King embellishes statements on CDPHE

In Sen. Steve King’s recent clarification letter, he embellishes when he accuses the evil Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment of coercive policy changes. King makes it sound as if the CDPHE uses strong-arm tactics and only he can stop them.

It’s common for people to make intelligent decisions and changes when presented with accurate information on health issues. When local governments decide to expand nonsmoking areas beyond those covered by the Clean Air Act, it seems a little far-fetched that CDPHE would jeopardize its position by lobbying to intentionally change any policy. I need honest information before considering King’s fear-mongering views.

Unlike King’s position, it’s not legal for any government department or personnel to intentionally try to influence any policy or election and it would be foolish for CDPHE to orchestrate such a conspiracy. If he can substantiate his accusations, I’m surprised law enforcement legislator King hasn’t provided any and all pertinent information to the proper authorities so they can take any necessary and appropriate actions. I’m certain they would love to view his evidence; I sure would, if it exists.

King was honest when he said, “This is not about smoking.” To him, it’s not. It’s not about kids, or health or CDPHE spending $3.5 million to arbitrarily change policies, none of that. This is King seizing an opportunity to strip $3.5 million from CDPHE’s annual budget.

The H in CDPHE stands for health, and it doesn’t seem King’s interested in CDPHE providing any information for our benefit. He’s only interested in cutting their funding like the U.S. House of Representatives has done to the Consumer Protection Agency, relegating it to an agency with no funding to protect children from lead paint in kids’ toys imported from China or any runaway U.S. capitalism.


Administration issued two lies regarding Libyan attack

The administration’s first story about what happened in Libya was a lie. The second one, an attempted cover-up, is, too.

Trying to explain away one’s actions with lies brings to mind on old coworker. He was a married man with the morals of an alley cat, a hard drinking and girl-chasing late arriver at home. When his wife questioned his drunken behavior the following day, he told us he would say, “Who you gonna trust, me or your lyin’ eyes?” He lied, of course; we all knew it, but laughed anyway.

That was then; it was tacky, but nobody died. Now, members of the political elite are looking us straight in the eye and lying again. It’s still tacky, but with four people dead, this lie is not funny. The lie about the video causing the attacks and the next one about it being based on bad intel isn’t funny either. Loyal Americans were killed doing a job they thought was necessary. An American citizen was arrested, accused and and jailed based on a lie.

Terrorism is not funny, and neither are the clowns running the circus up there.

There’s something very unethical going on here. But, I doubt we’ll know what before the election.

Grand Junction

Labor Department must be trying to sway outcome of election

Two straight weeks of positive jobs numbers seem to be good news for the re-election of President Obama. When examined, however, the numbers do not add up.

Let’s start with the September monthly numbers. I follow the weekly New Unemployment claims reports for all five weeks. The number averaged between 350,000 and 380,000 new claims per week for a total of 1.75 million jobs lost for the month. We added 114,000 private sector jobs and a miraculous 873,000 jobs for part-time or work from home workers. When you add the number of new jobs and compare to the number of new unemployment claims, you show a net job loss of 763,000 for the month.

How in the world does the unemployment rate go down when you have a net job loss? Is there a new math program that I missed somewhere? Or is it more likely that someone is cooking the job numbers books?

Moving on to the new weekly jobs report for last week, 339,000 first-time
unemployment claims were the lowest in four years. More good news. One problem and it is a biggie. One state failed to file all of its reported jobless claims. Wonder what state that could be? California. Do you think there might be enough jobless claims there to wipe out the good news?

The Associated Press has failed to report why the jobless numbers look so rosy. Do you think they will publish the correction that is guaranteed to come?

Clearly, in spite of the protestations otherwise, the Department of Labor is attempting to influence the outcome of the presidential election. They have willing accomplices in the press corps.

The citizens of the United States deserve to know the truth. It would be regrettable if the voters fall for this scam.


Pace will help break congressional logjam

If there’s one thing Congress has proven in the last four years, it’s that it can’t get anything done. Our political system has become an unmanageable logjam, thanks in large part to an unwillingness on the conservative side of the aisle to negotiate or compromise in good faith. It’s as though Congress has forgotten what it’s there for.

Do you remember? Congress is suppose to move our country ahead; to protect its people, to improve the quality of life for all the people of the United States; young, old, rich, poor, men, women, gay, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Catholics, Baptists, Methodists and the ever-burdened middle class.

We wring our hands over countries that are building their economies, learning new ways to feed and care for their people, rattling their sabers at America or outflanking us in science, mathematics and nation building. Yet members of Congress sit like truculent schoolchildren who would rather hold their breaths until they turn blue before cooperating for the good of the nation as a whole.

Let’s look at voting records for a minute. Scott Tipton votes a straight Republican Party line that has much more to do with making President Obama a ‘one-term president’ than working to better our country on behalf of the American people. Consensus building? Forget about it. Compromise? No way. Reach across the aisle to find common ground? Not a chance! No folks. Tipton would rather hold his breath until he turns blue.

Take a look at Sal Pace’s voting record. Pace has earned the reputation of being a consensus builder and working with his opposite number in the Colorado Legislature to find common ground and build relationships with conservative legislators. He will vote with his political rivals in the name of working for the people of Colorado, not his political party or political “business partners” to whom his vote is owed.

Suppose Obama is re-elected, a very strong possibility this late in the campaign. What do you think is going to happen? I can tell you, more of the same. Tipton will hold his breath again and again, and the legislative logjam will continue to get worse and worse.

Pace, on the other hand, will focus on the issues before him and work with all his colleagues in Congress to chart a new path for America. He will work toward economic prosperity for Colorado and the country, find real, sustainable solutions to America’s health care problems, help our young people get the education they need to be productive members of the workforce and equip them to take command of our country’s future—all this regardless of who is president.

So whom do you want working for you in Washington, Mr. “More-of-the-Same” or Pace? The choice is clear, vote for the person who will work with both sides of the aisle to make America stronger.

Vote for Sal Pace.

Pagosa Springs

Biden’s smugness part of a disappointing debate

If I were Paul Ryan, the first time Joe Biden referred to me as “my friend,” I would have knocked his pearly, phony teeth down his throat and that would have relieved all of us from the agony of a lousy debate.

Wow, Biden was certainly “above” and “superior” in his smug expressions. How many viewers caught his smirking as a cheap-shot act?


ACORN deserves partial blame for housing collapse

Democrats blame the 2009 financial meltdown on Republicans. I blame the housing collapse almost exclusively on the Democrats and ACORN, the organization for which Barack Obama trained employees and volunteers and served as a lawyer.

ACORN forced banks to give mortgages to people who had little or no ability to repay them by continually filling bank lobbies with disruptive volunteers who made it impossible for the banks to conduct business. ACORN also took such mobs to the bank presidents’ homes and protested on their lawns, scaring wives, children, and neighbors.

Then ACORN pressured Democrat legislators to allow Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac to lower standards and accept these risky mortgages. To spread the risk, many mortgages were bundled together and sold. Wow! Using this system, the banks could write and sell even more risky mortgages. It was a system designed (purposely?) to fail.

So, I blame Democrats for lowering the value of my home. However, both parties – and voters—share blame for other dangerous practices.

We keep electing officials who spend beyond our means on programs that are not even legitimate functions of government. Spending is so out of control that taxing every millionaire-plus at 100 percent would run our government for only 98 days!

Obama’s actions have not improved our economy. To climb out of this recession, we need a president with business and job-creation and, yes, expense-cutting experience. Mitt Romney has that successful experience. 

The best chance we have of restoring economic value is electing Romney. Please vote for Romney/Ryan.


Send in a clown

As I watched the vice presidential debate, every time Joe Biden was on camera I waited for a film clip of Gene Kelley and Judy Garland singing “Be A Clown.”

Grand Junction

Biden should have minded basic childhood manners in debate

If Joe Biden were my son, I would have to take him to the tool shed and teach him a lesson in manners. It was very apparent he had forgotten everything he learned in kindergarten. You do not point your finger, you do not interrupt, you will not be disrespectful and you will not be rude.

Serious issues were being debated and all he could do was laugh, giggle and snicker. What a buffoon!

If these people are re-elected, we are in more trouble than even I imagined. Think again about whom you vote for.

Grand Junction

Gun owners should recoil from Obama’s agenda

In this presidential election year gun owners should be awe of Obama’s antigun agenda. Never in the history of our nation has the Second Amendment and the right of individual ownership of guns been in such jeopardy.

Obama did appoint two liberal Supreme Court justices that did vote against the right of individuals to own guns.

When it comes to the Second Amendment and the rightful ownership of guns, Obama is truly a forward failure.


Gallegos’ experience, dedication make him right for CU Board of Regents

Short, sweet and to the point: This community, our community, must, in my clear view, elect Glen Gallegos to the CU Board of Regents. Our dedicated and well-informed current CU regent, Tillie Bishop, is retiring his board tenure this year. An exceptionally well-qualified Glen Gallegos has Tillie’s full endorsement.

Gallegos has more than 30 years in education at all levels. Beginning as a schoolteacher, he climbed up the “education ladder” to become assistant superintendent of schools for Mesa Valley School District 51, and then became a trustee at Mesa State College, now CMU. Gallegos is also a successful businessman; he knows well how to successfully manage educational operating budgets during hard economic times. In these economic times, CU and we need this “know-how”

As a MSC trustee, Gallegos was exceptionally instrumental in bringing about the academic alliance between MSC and CU to found and establish an accredited mechanical engineering program, to be totally taught in Grand Junction, with our local graduates being granted a CU engineering degree.

After only the first four years, we have nine local graduates that have earned CU degrees in engineering. With Gallegos as our next CU regent, we can maintain our direct connection with CU to continue to grow our CMU-CU engineering program.




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