Email letters, Oct. 17, 2012

Do thorough homework, then vote in good conscience

Nov. 6 is Election Day. Just think about the power we have that day. Our votes could change the course of history, not only in America, but worldwide. What we do at the polls should not be taken lightly.

So, I wonder how many voters give a lot of serious thought to their vote. Are you a sheep? A person who just follows the flock and assumes the leader knows what he is doing? Or are you your own person and realize the importance of your vote?

You would not sign a contract without reading it in its entirety, would you? So, doesn’t it make sense to do your own research on the candidates? You need to be objective by looking at each individual’s accomplishments and failures. The debates have been an excellent way to really see how the candidates behave under pressure.

The accuracy and quality of their responses can show you what kind of leaders they would be. Don’t go by everything the media or the polls tell you. Take your own poll by talking to your immediate family and circle of friends, people you trust and respect. Ask them about their feelings on major issues and the candidates. You might be amazed about what you can learn from them. I know I was.

Being a Democrat or a Republican really doesn’t matter. What matters is that your vote is made in good conscience. You have done your homework, and to the best of your knowledge your vote was the right vote in helping to make America the best that it can be.

Grand Junction

Feds keep inflation in check by charging nearly no interest on loans

Douglas Lawyer in a letter published Oct. 12 doesn’t understand middle class wages have been virtually static since the late ‘80s. Minimum wage hasn’t kept pace with financial growth, just as standard wages haven’t.

Lawyer also doesn’t understand inflation’s been nearly nonexistent since the start of the Great Recession. The Federal Reserve has kept it in check by giving banks loans while charging basically no interest. That in turn allows banks, rather than loaning that money to stimulate growth, to profitably invest it in the stock market. It is one of the major reasons Wall Street is doing so well and the Dow is on its way to record heights again, while middle-class Americans are gaining crap.

I’m suggesting Lawyer is suffering from unfettered capitalism, not inflation at all. The commodities market regulates fluctuating gasoline prices. Profit capitalism (gambling with others’ lives and money) rather than supply and demand capitalism. Foreign countries and OPEC regulate oil prices.

If Lawyer thinks meat prices are high now, wait until next year when this year’s major beef sales, because of drought, begin. Those who profit will be those who bought low (mainly major meat processors) when ranchers couldn’t afford to keep their stock.

The Public Utilities Commission regulates Excel Energy, once considered a public utility, and we don’t elect the commission. I don’t agree that Excel Energy, as any other publicly traded business, is only responsible to its shareholders, not the public who has little choice. Unbelievably, that means Excel is regulated by the stock market, and, of course, PUC has to keep the shareholders in the money—our money we haven’t even paid yet.

If you want to pay for profit capitalism, vote for Romney. It’s what he’s done in the past, and the way he sees the future.


Laugh or cry …  I wasn’t sure how to react when I read The Daily Sentinel’s endorsement for the presidency that stated, “One of the biggest disappointments of Obama’s presidency has been his failure to keep his pledge to change the tone in Washington, to work in a more bipartisan manner.”  The editorial then said, “Based on a number of reports Obama abandoned any effort at bipartisanship during the fight over Obamacare when he could get no Republican to vote for it.” 

What reports did The Daily Sentinel decide to believe? What about the pledge he made to the American people that he would pass a health care plan? Did Republicans listen to what the American people wanted, or did they just listen to Republicans that were not a majority? What about the countless attempts made to repeal Obamacare? What about the birthing issue? Do these look to The Daily Sentinel that Republicans are working in a bipartisan manner?

Not hardly. It has been stated by Romney that Democrats worked with him in Massachusetts. Hooray for Democrats who worked in a bipartisan way. In contrast, the Republican “do nothing” Congress did nothing to help or participate in enacting a health care program. What part of “Republicans did nothing” does The Daily Sentinel not understand?

Grand Junction

Grant, Pramenko columns taken directly out of left wing playbook

I really do not know why Bill Grant and Dr. Michael Pramenko bother to contribute to the newspaper. After reading their contributions for a few years, I finally realized two things: Neither one of them has an original idea. If you read their writing, it is all—word for word—right out of the left wing playbook. A person can read any other left wing writing and get exactly the same information.

They both are also very guilty of providing only a portion of information on an issue. The best example is their musings on Obamacare. For example, there are already accounts of what amounts to “death panels.”  If you don’t believe this to be true, as neither of these writers do, then just wait until you turn 70.

In defending Obamacare they do not bother to discuss the financial issues involved as a result of implementing the plan. This is one of the biggest problems, not whether it provides good health care for all. Nor do they discuss the tremendous number of rules and regulations that people and medical facilities must follow just to get reasonable care. Both of them are so guilty of tunnel vision and bias that they either, by choice or lack of information, ignore the real problems with Obamacare.

I suspect that Grant is healthy enough that he has yet to experience the downside of the future of health care. Once he gets personally involved with the new system, he may very well change his tune. I suspect the good doctor has already made a considerable amount of money from the system he worked under, and money is no longer a problem as it will be for the up and coming (if there are to be any) new doctors. The fact that these two are so flippant about the actual problems with the new health plan is aggravating, and does a disservice to those who read their columns thinking they might know something.

If either of these two writers is paid for their “contribution” to the Sentinel, it is a waste of my money to support the paper. First of all, as I said, a thinking person can read the writings of all the other left wing writers and get the exact same half story. If they are not being paid for their very biased contribution, then the paper could well use the space for other things of interest to the subscribers.

Grand Junction

Gerow’s character, experience make her right choice for commissioner

Please join me in voting for Jana Gerow for Mesa County commissioner in District 1. Gerow’s experience, commitment and enthusiasm make her the right person for this important job.

A Grand Junction native, Gerow has been a small-business owner and understands approaches to encourage the development of new businesses in our community. A new business equals new jobs.

Gerow is a proven leader beginning with her election as class president at Grand Junction High School. She is a valuable member of the Downtown Rotary Club and served for many years as the chair of the Rotary Young Exchange Program. She started as a senior partner in 1999 and continues to be part of her junior partner’s life/family.

Gerow has served on a variety of boards, including March of Dimes, Riverside Parkway Planning Commission, Associated Builders and Contractors, Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce and Canyon View Vineyard Church.

With her vast experience in all aspects of construction, Gerow brings valuable expertise in planning, land use, development and budgeting.

Gerow is running as an unaffiliated candidate, as she believes a Mesa County commissioner should represent all residents with no obligation to any political party. She feels that all citizens need to work together toward a common goal of bettering our community.

Gerow has spent the past 18 months meeting Mesa County residents, business leaders and county department heads to discuss their ideas on what needs to happen on a government level to make our beautiful community the best for all. She is open to all opinions and ideas.

I encourage Mesa County voters to vote for Gerow. She is the best choice for our future.


Grand Junction

Vice presidential debate an argument between wise man and fool

I ran across this in searching for something else, but it seems to capture, quite nicely, the vice presidential debate the other day in a nutshell: “If a wise man has an argument with a fool, the fool only rages and laughs, and there is no quiet.” 

Grand Junction

Voters should ask key questions after latest debate

Even though my mind was made up long ago, Tuesday night’s presidential debate was aimed at the “undecided,” so my intent is to express questions and observations, because I can’t really understand how anyone can be undecided three weeks before the most important election in our country’s history.

To those who are still pondering after the debate on who should be president, here’s food for thought:
    Who appeared to be most genuine in his convictions?
    Who presented himself as being most presidential?
    Who specifically answered the questions, without misdirecting his response?
    How do you interpret the “liar implications”? Who best counteracted “just not true” allegations?
    Who best answered the jobs question?
    How about the energy issue… which candidate has the right answers?
    In terms of national security, evaluate the exchange regarding the recent embassy tragedy.
    Is there a clear difference in their approaches to resolving illegal immigration?
    Who has the right concept in tax reform – personal and business?
    Whose specific programs to reduce the deficit do you have confidence in?

Well, so much for objectivity… Even though I intended to be fair and balanced, my observations may be slightly opinionated in order to fulfill the purpose of the Opinion section.
    Qualifications: Romney has a proven successful entrepreneur/governor; Obama has a questionable record as community organizer/legislator/president.
    Track records: Both are well documented in terms of their performance records.
    Commitment: Romney is for the people; Obama, as always, is for personal gratification.
    Integrity: Truth prevails if the facts are made known. (Obama’s “media bias” is unprecedented.)
    Patriotic loyalty: Romney praises the USA; Obama needlessly apologizes.

As a former entrepreneur, I experienced tough hiring decisions but none with as much deception, misinformation and distrust as prevails in our disgusting world of politics. So, I am suggesting that you consider the “bottom-line decision-maker” that I used when in doubt: “Which candidate would you hire to a four-year contract in a leadership position manage your company?”

“I guess truth can hurt you worse in an election than about anything that can happen to you.”—Will Rogers


Obama’s track record only lightly questioned

Why were there so few questions regarding the president’s record? It was left up to the governor to raise the questions himself.

Either the audience members that submitted the questions didn’t think this was important, or, if they did, the moderator chose not to use them or felt they were irrelevant.

Grand Junction

A vote for Obama is a vote against children’s, grandchildren’s future

In 2008, Obama, with no record of personal accomplishment or experience, sold himself to America on “hope and change.” After four years, he has pushed this country to the edge of fiscal oblivion with four consecutive trillion-dollar deficits, first-ever credit downgrades, continued deficit borrowing and a national debt exceeding $16 trillion.

“Real” unemployment exceeds 10 percent with 23 million jobless. Household income has dropped, and home equity has fallen 40 percent. Obamacare costs exceed $2.5 trillion, with cuts to Medicare and expansions to Medicaid. Our borders remain porous, and illegal aliens cost more than $350 billion annually.

Under Obama gas prices have more than doubled. He funnels billions to foreign countries for oil production/jobs, instead of utilizing those dollars for job/energy production here. He continues to ignore the threat of radical Islam, and his incompetence in foreign affairs was highlighted in the Benghazi attacks and continuing cover-up.

He has repeatedly violated his constitutional oath of office by executive fiat. With an abysmal record of failures, he has proven to be inept as president, commander in chief and a world leader. In my opinion, he is the greatest danger facing this country.

A vote for Obama is a vote against any hope for a future for your children, grandchildren or future generations, as well as the ultimate financial collapse of this country.



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