Email letters, Oct. 2, 2012

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Mr. Hugenberg, There should not be any reason to increase the payroll tax. The ”full faith and credit of the U.S. “ went out the window the minute the decision was made to borrow the Social Security money to use to run the government. None of it has ever been paid back and it has become a huge “Ponzi” scheme dependent on taking more and more of our money to keep it from collapsing, while the politicians continue to find more and more ways to spend it.
If I had averaged $30K per year over my working life, that’s close to $180,000 invested in Social Security. The future value of that $375 a month compounded at only 1% a month over my 40 years of working would amount to about 1.3 million. If I retired at 65 and drew ONLY 3% a year ($39,318) for about 33 years, I would have enough to last me until I was about 98 years old.

If the politicians had left things alone every retiree in the country would be much better off and we wouldn’t be talking about “increasing the payroll tax rate, removing the earnings cap, raising the retirement age and/or means-testing benefits. “

Social Security Benefits DO NOT BELONG TO THE GOVERNMENT.  That money IS, WAS, and still should be OURS. If a private investment firm had done what the US Government has done the government itself would be investigating and prosecuting everyone involved.

Gail Schultz’s on-line letter – “Public’s asleep at the wheel of democracy” (October 2, 2012) – epitomizes the contagious drivel circulating among “true believers”.

President Obama’s speech to the United Nations criticized all forms of religious bigotry and violent intolerance – specifically citing that all-too-prevalent in the Moslem world.

Curiously, Schultz does not specify the “three tenets of Christian morality” the DNC purportedly “ripped from the Bible”, much less the “secular doctrines that are in total opposition of those tenets” with which it replaced them.  Thus, the premises of Schultz’s vitriol remain as secret as Mitt Romney’s tax returns.

Personally, I would have left the word “god” out of the Democratic Party Platform – adhering to the separation of Church and State – but President Obama put it back in.

I would also return to our original constructively collectivist national motto – “E pluribus Unum” (From Many, One) – and consign its seductively superstitious replacement – “In God We Trust”—to the dustbin of anti-Communist history where it belongs.  And, I would restore civics to the Pledge of Allegiance by affirming “one Nation, under law”.

But, contrary to Schultz’s snide insinuations, President Obama didn’t do any of that – and his policies confirm an ongoing regard for both the Golden Rule and the Sermon on the Mount, but not for the intolerance of Leviticus.

Incredibly, Schultz seems surprised that our democracy is “of the people, by the people, and for the people” – and that President Obama’s realistic hope for the Arab Spring is that democratically elected regimes responsive to the wishes of their people will emerge.

Obviously, Schultz is no longer shocked by lies about President Obama – because she is so inundated by them that she must spout falsehoods to relieve the cognitive dissonance caused by confronting reality.

Predictably, Schultz confuses public disinterest in her hysteria with “somnambulism”.

                Bill Hugenberg

Richard J. Carroll’s on line letter – “Communism alive and well courtesy of Democrats” (October 2, 2012) – proves that fascism is “alive and well, courtesy of” Republicans.

If you thought that fascism “was dead with the end” of World War II, you’d be mistaken.
“Unfortunately, it’s alive and well right here in America, compliments of” the Tea Party. 

The ideas and goals of Republicans, “birthers”, Tea Partiers, and their fellow fascists – “whatever you want to label them” – similarly and “strongly oppose traditional American values”, and would subordinate our Middle Class to an unelected plutocracy and women to an authoritarian theocracy governed by a misogynous hierarchy of religious zealots.

While Republicans pay lip service to “limited government”, they would criminalize both women’s private health care decisions – requiring more courts, more judges, and more jails, and physicians’ Hippocratic Oath – diminishing the supply of health care providers.

At least we now know that President Obama was not a Kenyan-born Muslim, but rather the bastard child of a card-carrying Communist.  Given the subversively collectivist message of the New Testament, that revelation brings Barack of Hawaii even closer to Jesus of Nazareth.

Given FoxNews’ fascist feeding frenzy, the Communist Party’s (with 2000 members) early endorsement of President Obama for re-election gave a real boost to his prospects.

Rep. Allen West (R-FL) – the fascist’s “John the Baptist” and Tea Party favorite for VP –
publicly asserted his delusional “belief” that “about [but not exactly] 78 to 81 members of the Democratic Party” – who also comprise the House’s “Progressive Caucus” – are “members of the Communist Party”.  Wow!

“What could make it more clear” than Carroll’s belief in such obvious drivel “what the” Republican Party – led by the likes of Allen West and drug-addicted college drop-out Rush Limbaugh – “has degenerated into”.

Meanwhile, hysterical anti-communism remains the hallmark of reactionary fascism.

                Bill Hugenberg

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