Email letters, Oct. 2, 2012

Americans can turn nation’s risky course around by getting out to vote

As we face a very critical election, one must consider what is at risk. There has never been a clearer contrast between the candidates, especially with the presidential race.

As we look for guidance in this regard, great resources are available. One is a film, “Last Ounce of Courage,” being shown at the Carmike Theatre. This movie frames what is most at risk today - our freedom as Americans.

My father fought on the shores of France in World War I. It cost him his health, and it haunted him for the rest of his life. But he loved this country, and never once complained about what it cost him.

Today we are burying the last of the greatest American generation, our World War II vets. These men gave their all for our freedom and it changed the world for the better. Do we want to risk losing this heritage of freedom?

Consider this: We have a president who has leaked extremely sensitive information to compromise our security; selected czars who are appointed officials with no accountability to anyone except the president; has alienated our best friend in the Mideast, Israel, and has cozied up to the Muslim leaders of the world. He has not led in the Arab Spring, which is turning into a nightmare for those poor people who had hoped for their freedom from dictators.

Further, he has spent the last four years apologizing to the world about the success and generosity of the American people. This man wants to continue his “program” for the next four years. Remember, he said he would get economic recovery done in one term or be replaced. But instead, for four years he has blamed President Bush and anyone else he could while implementing his failed policies—including a bureaucratic nightmare called “The Affordable Health Care Plan,” i.e. Obamacare.

If he gets re-elected, this country will be changed forever and we will give up freedoms we never imagined we would ever lose. If you disagree with me, I challenge you to go see the above factual and unbiased movie mentioned above. Then, make an informed decision about who would be best man to lead this country. The answer is obvious to anyone who is objective and loves this great country. If you are blinded by your prejudice against this country as is our president, I pray for you.

Let’s vote and support this country. We have the greatest country the world has ever seen. Let’s not be defeated by the negative powers out there today. Americans who love this country and its heritage can make this election a turnaround event if they would all vote. This is your right and privilege. Let’s all do it!


Grand Junction

Public’s asleep at the wheel of democracy

Obama’s speech to the United Nations was exactly what I expected.  He quickly referred to his Christianity (this from a man fresh from a Democratic Convention that ripped at least three major tenets of Christian morality from the Bible, replacing them with his secular doctrines that are in total opposition to those tenets).

Obama threw out constant sound bytes referring to “The Video,” as if the ignorant audience could be persuaded that some obscure filmmaker was responsible for the well-planned Islamic terrorist attacks and forget all of Biden’s immature and inappropriate media-blitz cheers and jeers about “Bin Laden is dead! Bin Laden is dead!”  Yay, team!

Obama also made an absolutely incredible statement about democracy.  Didn’t anyone pick up on his line that “a democracy is a government that responds to the wishes of its people”?  Really?  Then it’s time for our “people” to rise up and demand that we return to some semblance of government that truly reflects the wishes of the people. 

If this is, in truth, a “democratic government,” there would have been no midnight meeting to foist Obamacare on a people who were statistically and publicly opposed to it.  There would have been no executive orders (which broke existing national laws) to ignore the Defense of Marriage Act, immigration laws and welfare laws; protect Fast-and-Furious; ignore voter suppression at election sites; leak classified information; almost double welfare recipients; fund at-risk “green” industries; and add repressive rules and regulations on enterprises and industries.
I’m no longer shocked by his lies, but I am shocked at the public’s somnambulism that accepts these lies.

Grand Junction

Communism alive and well, courtesy of Democrats

So you thought communism was dead with the end of the Cold War.

Unfortunately, it’s alive and well right here in America, compliments of the Democrat Party.

The ideas and goals of the Democrats, socialists, progressives, communists—whatever you want to label them—are all similar and for the most part strongly oppose traditional American values, limited government and free market economic principles that created the most prosperous country in human history.

Their current leader, Obama, was mentored for many years of his youth by Frank Marshall Davis, an outright communist who was considered so dangerous by the FBI that he was to be arrested immediately if we ever went to war with the Soviets.
And the Communist Party USA enthusiastically endorsed Obama both in 2008 and now 2012.

Rep. Allen West (R.-Fla.) recently stated, “I believe there are about 78 to 81 members of the Democrat Party that are members of the Communist Party.” What could make it more clear about what the Democrat Party has degenerated into? Four more years of these people—are you kidding me!

You sure as heck won’t learn about this from our useless and corrupted mainstream “news” media that has turned into nothing more than a left-wing propaganda machine and an arm or the Democrat Party.
The only way any patriotic American could vote for a Democrat is simply because he or she is uninformed and unaware of what has happened to this now anti-American party.

Please, become informed before you vote. Otherwise, you’re doing America much more harm than good.


False charge about president debunked by fact-finding sites

On Sept. 25 you published an email letter submitted by Sharon Compton entitled “President’s actions speak more loudly than words” in which she charged, “(President Obama) has bypassed our duly elected Congress to pass his agenda by using 923 executive orders in 40 months in office. All this was done behind closed doors and in conference with his handpicked, non-vetted, extremely liberal ‘czars.’ Even congressional committees cannot get the facts.”

This is not true and has been debunked by several fact-finding sites such as Snopes. The Snopes report can be found at:

This false charge has been making the rounds on the Internet on what is called “chain mail” and then repeated on conservative blogs and in letters to the editor –- word for word – similar to Compton’s letter. And is just a part of an organized “dirty tricks” campaign against President Obama.

Sarasota, Fla.

Letter demonstrates prevailing misconceptions about economy and Social Security

Joseph Luff’s letter in today’s Sentinel – “Taxpayers can’t sustain public jobs, entitlements” – parrots familiar misconceptions about both our economy and Social Security.

Because roughly 91 percent of our economy is “private sector” while 9 percent is “public sector,” Luff’s “fear that the public sector will sooner or later crush taxpayers” is obviously premature – given even President Obama’s restraints on public sector expansion.

Contrary to Luff’s mindless mantra (but as columnist Jim Spehar factually demonstrated), the public sector does indeed create jobs—as proven in Mesa County.  Therefore, once again, repeat after me:  not “only the private sector creates jobs.”

Rather, demand for goods and services creates jobs.  While most of that demand is satisfied by the private sector, the remainder is filled by the public sector (including teachers, firemen, police, soldiers, etc.).

Obama’s Eisenhower-esque efforts to “go out and create those jobs and lower the country’s unemployment rate” – as in the American Jobs Act of 2011 (which would have saved 300,000 public sector jobs, created 1+ million new infrastructure-related private sector jobs and lowered the unemployment rate by at least 1 percent) and the Veterans Job Corps Act (which would have facilitated the employment of returning Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans) – were obstructed by unpatriotic Republicans seeking to prevent him from earning electoral credit for a more robustly recovering economy.

Likewise contrary to Luff’s false refrain, Social Security is not a Ponzi scheme, but rather an intergenerational insurance program guaranteed by the full faith and credit of the U.S.  Indeed, as the Simpson-Bowles commission concluded, the actuarial integrity of Social Security can be extended indefinitely by gradually increasing the payroll tax rate, removing the earnings cap, raising the retirement age and/or means-testing benefits.  (See Daily Sentinel article, “Modest changes to fix Social Security carry huge political risks,” Aug. 20).

Grand Junction

Rising prices of everything from eggs, grapefruit to oil indicate that nation economically is not better off

Are you better off today than 2008? I sure hope so. I am not and getting worse rapidly. Half of my income has been static while the other half has dropped 75 percent and is still dropping.

The real kick in the rear has occurred the last few months. Old Mr. “I” is with us big-time.  You know, inflation of items we need to live: gas at an all-time high; oil 97 cents to $3.19 a quart; meat $1 to $2 per pound across the board; eggs 88 cents to $1.73; grapefruit 48 cents to $1.14; auto battery $54 to $84 heater thermostat double in price, plus 2 cents and on and on.

If you can’t make people think they are in the money any other way, you let inflation take over. Johnson used it, Carter made thousands of artificial millionaires, Clinton used it. It is going to be a rough, rough few years. Sales tax may be going up, but it is not because I am buying more, but because I am paying more.

If gas-powered power plants are so cheap, why do our utilities bills go up every time another one comes online?

If we are getting better, why are all the welfare programs in town so strapped for resources, as more and more people are in need of assistance?

Grand Junction

American ambassador killed at a consulate, less protected than an embassy

United States embassies are located in the capital cities of foreign countries such as Tripoli, Libya. Ambassador Chris Stevens usually stayed there, and our U.S. Marine Security Guards were posted to protect the ambassador and embassy personnel inside the compound.

However, it is up the host country to protect the exterior.  Unfortunately, this was not done at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, causing the chaos and the breaching of the walls.

Consulates are unlike embassies, as they normally deal with people who require visas and passports and can be located in any large city such as Benghazi and are not protected by Marine security guards. There may be any number of consulates in a country,

At embassies, the ambassador’s mission is to deal with diplomats. It is unclear why Ambassador Stevens decided to travel 500 miles to visit a consulate that is not normally protected because of the nature of its mission.  Apparently, he personally wanted to warn his people of possible attack. He had two (active or retired) Navy Seals as his security team.

Unfortunately, the insurgents arrived, whether knowingly or not that Ambassador Stevens was present, and struck the first blow with rocket propelling grenades, killing the security team and foreign service officer Sean Smith and wounding the ambassador, who was later dragged through the streets of Benghazi and later died.

There is no doubt that this attack was well-organized and planned.


Grand Junction



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Gail Schultz’s on-line letter – “Public’s asleep at the wheel of democracy” (October 2, 2012) – epitomizes the contagious drivel circulating among “true believers”.

President Obama’s speech to the United Nations criticized all forms of religious bigotry and violent intolerance – specifically citing that all-too-prevalent in the Moslem world.

Curiously, Schultz does not specify the “three tenets of Christian morality” the DNC purportedly “ripped from the Bible”, much less the “secular doctrines that are in total opposition of those tenets” with which it replaced them.  Thus, the premises of Schultz’s vitriol remain as secret as Mitt Romney’s tax returns.

Personally, I would have left the word “god” out of the Democratic Party Platform – adhering to the separation of Church and State – but President Obama put it back in.

I would also return to our original constructively collectivist national motto – “E pluribus Unum” (From Many, One) – and consign its seductively superstitious replacement – “In God We Trust”—to the dustbin of anti-Communist history where it belongs.  And, I would restore civics to the Pledge of Allegiance by affirming “one Nation, under law”.

But, contrary to Schultz’s snide insinuations, President Obama didn’t do any of that – and his policies confirm an ongoing regard for both the Golden Rule and the Sermon on the Mount, but not for the intolerance of Leviticus.

Incredibly, Schultz seems surprised that our democracy is “of the people, by the people, and for the people” – and that President Obama’s realistic hope for the Arab Spring is that democratically elected regimes responsive to the wishes of their people will emerge.

Obviously, Schultz is no longer shocked by lies about President Obama – because she is so inundated by them that she must spout falsehoods to relieve the cognitive dissonance caused by confronting reality.

Predictably, Schultz confuses public disinterest in her hysteria with “somnambulism”.

                Bill Hugenberg

Richard J. Carroll’s on line letter – “Communism alive and well courtesy of Democrats” (October 2, 2012) – proves that fascism is “alive and well, courtesy of” Republicans.

If you thought that fascism “was dead with the end” of World War II, you’d be mistaken.
“Unfortunately, it’s alive and well right here in America, compliments of” the Tea Party. 

The ideas and goals of Republicans, “birthers”, Tea Partiers, and their fellow fascists – “whatever you want to label them” – similarly and “strongly oppose traditional American values”, and would subordinate our Middle Class to an unelected plutocracy and women to an authoritarian theocracy governed by a misogynous hierarchy of religious zealots.

While Republicans pay lip service to “limited government”, they would criminalize both women’s private health care decisions – requiring more courts, more judges, and more jails, and physicians’ Hippocratic Oath – diminishing the supply of health care providers.

At least we now know that President Obama was not a Kenyan-born Muslim, but rather the bastard child of a card-carrying Communist.  Given the subversively collectivist message of the New Testament, that revelation brings Barack of Hawaii even closer to Jesus of Nazareth.

Given FoxNews’ fascist feeding frenzy, the Communist Party’s (with 2000 members) early endorsement of President Obama for re-election gave a real boost to his prospects.

Rep. Allen West (R-FL) – the fascist’s “John the Baptist” and Tea Party favorite for VP –
publicly asserted his delusional “belief” that “about [but not exactly] 78 to 81 members of the Democratic Party” – who also comprise the House’s “Progressive Caucus” – are “members of the Communist Party”.  Wow!

“What could make it more clear” than Carroll’s belief in such obvious drivel “what the” Republican Party – led by the likes of Allen West and drug-addicted college drop-out Rush Limbaugh – “has degenerated into”.

Meanwhile, hysterical anti-communism remains the hallmark of reactionary fascism.

                Bill Hugenberg

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