Email letters, Oct. 23, 2012

Front-page ad raises doubts about objectivity

On Oct. 20, The Daily Sentinel made the decision to run a front-page advertisement for Mitt Romney’s campaign. This action left me extremely uneasy.

I was not disturbed because the advertisement was political in nature; I was bothered because the paper is now running ads on the front page. Furthermore, if the placement of this advertisement was so innocuous, why did the paper’s publisher feel the need to include a comment to readers explaining reasons for running it? 

The tone of Jay Seaton’s remarks proved even more distasteful than the location of the advertisement. He took it upon himself to insult every independent reader of the paper with his condescending language. Why does he believe he needs to explain to readers their own sophistication? 

Seaton was correct when he said his readers could perceive this as a dangerous step that crosses the line between news and advertising, especially after the paper endorsed Mitt Romney for president. The perception of bias that this created will remain, no matter how much Seaton tries to pander to his readers’ sophistication.
I consider myself a truly independent voter and have voted for Republican and Democratic candidates. However, the paper’s recent actions leave me feeling extremely perplexed about its involvement in the current election. Has it become so involved in this election that it has lost its perspective? 

Can its personnel be trusted to report the facts without adding their own personal biases?  Only time will adequately answer these questions. I personally see the wall between the business office and the newsroom crumbling.

Grand Junction

Story painted unfair portrait of state trooper’s traffic stop

Even though a couple of weeks have passed, I feel compelled to respond to the front-page article in the edition of Oct. 9 regarding a routine traffic stop by Colorado State Patrol Trooper Dale Smith of motorist Gregory Hoskins.

Hoskins was cited for speeding at between 10 and 19 mph over the posted limit, which in the article Hoskins doesn’t deny. When Trooper Smith ”stated very aggressively” that Hoskins was speeding and endangering bicyclists and lectured him on the dangers of driving in this manner, Hoskins became “substantially irritated” and argumentative. He asserts that in response to his aggressive behavior Smith stepped back from the vehicle and “put his hand on his gun,” which made Hoskins feel threatened and fear for his life.

Why this article was deemed front-page worthy baffles me. Hoskins makes no allegations of verbal threats or physical contact. I’m not familiar with State Patrol procedures, but it seems to me that the prudent action when dealing with a belligerent motorist would be to step back from the vehicle and prepare to respond to any further inappropriate actions by the agitated driver.

The article also states that Smith started with State Patrol in 2008, implying that he was relatively inexperienced. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Smith retired from a long and honorable career with the Pennsylvania State Patrol before moving to Colorado.

Rather than feeling threatened, Hoskins should have felt like an abusive jerk. Other problems that have occurred in the Fruita State Patrol office have nothing to do with this “incident.” It must have been a very slow news day indeed that caused the Sentinel to print this “hatchet job” of Trooper Smith at all, and to run it on the front page was completely irresponsible.

Hoskins and The Daily Sentinel both owe Dale Smith an apology – preferably also printed on the front page.

Grand Junction

After 50 years, nation still has gang violence
News of gang activity around the valley is troubling. I think about the 1950s when I was in high school; I read about gangs in California and the police units formed to combat gang problems.

Now I wonder what went wrong with the situation then, because we still have the problem. Surely, law enforcement bodies must still be at work on gang violence.

I hope to learn more about what is successful in halting this sort of crime.


Grand Junction

Band competition, biking event deserve newspaper’s attention

I wish to express my unhappiness with the non-coverage of two large events in the Grand Junction area this past week.

The first was the band competition at Stocker Stadium last Thursday that included, I imagine, more than 300 Western Slope high school students. The second was the High School state championships in mountain biking that was held north of Fruita on BLM land Sunday and included some 400 high school students from all over the state.

Your staff is able to cover a soccer game between two local schools, but misses the two huge events mentioned above. How can you accept that? I would hope that you never allow this to happen in future years.


Romney would create a gutted ‘Bain America’

If Romney is elected, he will run America just like he did Bain Capital. He will gut American institutions such as Social Security, the Departments of Education and Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency, unemployment insurance and other essential programs.

He won’t gut Medicare or Medicaid immediately, but eventually, because his corporate friends make too much money off them. He will gut everything in America as we know it, repackage it and resell it to the highest bidder on Wall Street, Hong Kong or China!  He and his billionaire friends will make billions and call it free enterprise.

Then, he will put trillions of dollars into the Department of Defense and start a war with Russia, because he thinks they are our worst enemy. The only water that we will be able to drink is fracking water. Colleges will be affordable only for elite silver-spoon students. Women’s rights will be found in a binder. 

The Federal Reserve will be transferred to Romney’s offshore banking headquarters in the Caymen Islands. Wall Street will be kissing Romney’s feet, and Solamere, the Romney family Super PAC/hedge fund, will be turned into a national bank for Republican politicians. Research the article on Solamere published in The Nation Oct. 10 before you vote. Solamere, headed by Tagg Romney, is the money funnel for Romney’s campaign. Solamere makes Wall Street look like child’s play. 

Remember a vote for Romney is a vote for big oil companies, big corporations and corporate tax rates that are lower than those of us in the 99 percent. Actually, corporations won’t have to pay any taxes under a Romney presidency. I almost forgot—- the U.S. Constitution will be repealed.  Imagine Rush Limbaugh and Karl Rove working in the White House.  Welcome to Bain America! 

New Castle

Despite solid education, Tisha Casida feels economy’s impact on livelihood

I am an Independent woman running to represent the people of Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District. I have owned a small business for seven years and have seen an increasingly difficult economy to operate in. After earning two undergraduate degrees and a master’s degree in business, I believed that I should be able to work hard and earn a living – and I was wrong. The economy is in shambles; some of that stems from a corrupt and inefficient federal government.

Many policies of the federal government could be created at a state and local level, where there is more transparency and accountability to the people. We should keep some decisions closer to home, closer to the people who have to live with these decisions, policies and laws.

The federal government is charged with protecting the American people, and this starts with a sound currency. We must focus on monetary policy and an overhaul of our tax code and fiscal policy. The amount of corruption in Washington, D.C. can be stopped – I want to be a part of stopping it. I want to earn your vote and represent the 3rd District. I am here for you; please reach out.


Voters should decide on their own, without influence from media

I just finished watching the third and final debate for this presidential race. I watched all three and have formed my own opinions of who won and who made his points the clearest.  Now, as I did after the other debates, i have listened to the post-debate coverage, or should I say their opinion of who won and what points were clearly made.

We, as Americans and individuals, have waived our right to an opinion. We have allowed the media to tell us how we should think, act and now vote. I guess the media think that we are incapable of forming our own opinion without input from them. Well, I, for one, don’t agree with the mass media.

The presidential debates should be held on public TV, with no pre- or post-debate coverage. Let us form our own opinions and decide who won or who blew it. These made-for-TV shows are not allowing us to think on our own.

The masses are being bombarded with the spin of each of the major media networks. It’s time to give us a break and let us now decide on our own, without the pressure of the individual medium’s agenda.

Grand Junction

Casida willing to tackle issues, stand up for individual rights

It is time we take a stand and take back our Congress. Presidential politics are one thing, but those whom we choose to represent us in our own districts will make the most impact on our local communities and our individual freedoms.  This is why I am so encouraged to find an Independent woman running for Congress in our own 3rd Congressional District, Tisha Casida.

I’m so tired of the major party candidates who are funded and controlled by their parties and find it refreshing that an independent can actually represent “We the People.”  I traveled to Grand Junction this summer to be present at the debate among all the Congressional candidates for our district. The Democrat and Republican candidates attacked and blamed each other, right along party lines, never addressing actual taproots of the problems, while Casida spoke of the important issues of sound money, the economy and a constitutional federal government and more.

Sick of Congress? Then do something about it! Vote for an independent woman—Tisha Casida. Casida is standing up for our individual, natural rights and understands and protects the Constitution, including states’ rights. She is the ONLY candidate agreeing to term limits and will protect our property rights and food freedom.

Vote for Casida and visit to join us and learn more.


Obama surrogates in Grand Valley exemplify out-of-touch administration

What a contrast we had right here in River City. Compare GOP Veep candidate Paul Ryan, a man with a pleasant demeanor and serious ideas which deal with our country’s economic and fiscal problems, with those of two of President Obama’s most lawless, leftish and unpopular Cabinet members Kathleen Sebelius and Lisa Jackson—both women, they want you to know.

Sebelius is the empress presiding over implementing Obamacare and its roughshod assault on First Amendment religious protections and its stranglehold on patient rights in the name of “affordability.” Jackson is the avowed socialist ruler of the empire known as the Environmental Protection Agency, responsible for such outrages as filing objections to mining plans before the mining company even presents a plan, depriving property owners of their bundle of rights which the EPA regulates away, and killing coal mining jobs and energy production.

Sending these two most unpopular Obama surrogates to campaign here for their boss is further evidence of an administration that is out of touch with the voters. It’s as if the organizers of a pig roast asked a rabbi to deliver the invocation.

Grand Junction


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