Email letters, Oct. 26, 2012

Obama’s statements more consistent than those of Romney

I won’t have to shell out any money to support NPR, as it’s been bought, but I will buy my health care.

It’s reassuring to know that any injustice to the United States will be met with direct military action. There will be no sorting things out later. All the illegals will be deported, and no taxes will be imposed.

I live in a dream world; I am a fan of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. They only have the vision of an old and dying America.

Without vision or purpose, we go on faith … there’s not enough to go around. That’s what Barak Obama doesn’t see.

All things being equal, at least Obama’s more consistent in what he says than Romney. Perhaps I need to read “The Audacity of Hope” after I cast my vote.


Grand Junction

Yard sign succinctly sums up differences between two presidential candidates

I recently received a photo of a great yard sign. The red side says:
Romney’s Free Market
Romney’s Bain Capital invested PRIVATE money in: AMC Entertainment; Burger King; Burlington Coat Factory; Clear Channel Communications; Dominos Pizza; Guitar Center; The Sports Authority; Staples; Toys “R” Us; Warner Music Group

The blue center says:
Vs. Obama’s Socialism
Obama invested TAXPAYER money in: Solyndra- BANKRUPT; Ener1 – BANKRUPT; Beacon Power – BANKRUPT; Abound Solar – BANKRUPT; Amonix Solar – BANKRUPT; Spectra Watt – BANKRUPT; Eastern Energy – BANKRUPT. All of these companies were Obama campaign contributors.
The white side says:
The Choice is Clear…
Do you want a businessman who has GENERATED BILLIONS or a President who has WASTED TRILLIONS?

That sign really sums it up for me. As Romney noted during the first debate, President Obama has, by granting billions to the above companies, engaged the government in picking winners and losers in business. Unfortunately, he keeps picking the losers!

The economy is vitally important in this election. Vote for the clear choice: the businessman who knows how to generate money!


Clinton throws away credibility

Apparently Hillary chooses not tell the whole truth about Benghazi. It’s a shame that she would throw away all the credibility she has built up over the last three years just to protect the president and the Democratic Party rather than be honest with the American people.

Grand Junction

Nation needs president who understands our energy needs

Unfortunately, President Obama seems determined to stop resource production in the U.S. Energy production creates wealth, stimulating our economy. In addition, it keeps us from sending some ‘petro dollars’ to countries that, at the least, don’t like us and, at the most, support terrorism against us.

Is Obama really against drilling for oil? Evidently not. His administration has given billions of U.S. dollars to Latin America to drill for oil. One recipient of Obama’s largesse is a Brazilian company in which multi-billionaire George Soros has a big stake. Soros is the prime force behind MoveOn.Org, a leftist group that creates havoc through protests—and campaigns for Obama and other socialist Democrats.

So Obama evidently believes it’s OK to drill for oil, just not where it would benefit the U.S.—despite the fact that the U.S. has environmental-protection laws that are among the strictest in the world.

The U.S. has substantial oil reserves and the technology to safely remove those reserves. Americans need jobs. Why does Obama want other countries to benefit from energy production instead of our country?

Why does he want coal mining shut down, as evidenced by his statement that coal-fired power plants can still be built but that he will make sure, through regulations, that they go bankrupt? Why are our forests still burning, wasting our vast resources of timber, when sensible harvesting would let people use that lumber while protecting wildlife habitat?

Romney understands the importance of resource production. The choice is clear.


Senior Fair overly emphasizes health and care issues

I saw your ad in today’s newspaper. After going over the exhibitors’ list, I think you should rename the event “Senior Health and Care Fair.” With the exception of just a few vendors, most are related to health or care.

Most of the people you will attract are seniors with health care issues or the children of seniors that are looking for health care and residence information for their aging parents. How about us seniors who are in good health who are looking for activities, adventures and just living life?

You have a picture of young seniors on bicycles, yet you have no bicycle vendors. How about a vendor such as Cabela’s with a theme of “Camping for Seniors” or a RV vendor? How about fishing, golf, tennis, hiking, BBQ and cooking, etc.? Travel ideas would be great.

The point is you need to replace the picture with the couple on their bikes with a couple in rockers or wheelchairs that would more appropriately fit your vendor/exhibitor list.

Grand Junction

Republicans stonewalled, then complained nothing got done

Responding to Rick Coleman’s letter Thursday, Oct. 25, yes, each party tries to unseat the other party. The difference since President Obama was elected went to Mitch McConnell stating loudly that Republicans could do only one thing for this country — to obstruct at all costs. And they have done that.

Then they complain about Obama’s leadership.

So, what is leadership? Anyone who’s watched “Band of Brothers” instinctively knows what it should be. But believing leadership is about giving orders and having everyone follow those orders blindly like Republicans needs to rethink. It has a lot more to do with choosing to follow, to evaluate and recognize what is best for the country. Think about “Band of Brothers” and how white soldiers would’ve reacted to having a black sergeant and black lieutenant in a time when segregation existed almost everywhere in the United States. They might have followed orders, but not willingly. No president can order Congress to do anything.

Coleman’s wrong about how the Democratic Party operates. Democrats can be frustrating with their absolute independence. They follow no one down the rabbit hole. That’s why it took two years to get Obamacare passed. It wasn’t because Republicans were weighing in on it. Republicans abstained even though it ended up being their plan. Republicans strictly follow their agenda, so much so it’s a dictatorship, which may be why they worry so much about that.

Meanwhile, Romney threw the religious right under the bus at the convention over abortion, and he did the same to the Tea Party during the first debate when he came out so moderate that it immediately appealed to all the disenchanted moderate Republicans. He panders to everyone except the 47 percent. Is that leadership?  Sounds like a sales pitch.


Grand Junction

There’s so much to love about our fair city

Amidst all the partisan letters and bad news that we read about daily I would like to say that it is a real joy to live in Grand Junction. We are surrounded with beauty, The National Monument, Mesa, Bookcliffs, the Colorado and Grand rivers, our unique high desert climate. Our downtown is vibrant and lovely with wonderful restaurants, bars and shops and Art on the Corner with trees flowers and places to sit and enjoy.

Our city government is responsible, and we breathe clean air and drink clean water. Our farmers and wineries and brewers give us fabulous fresh fruit and vegetables, wine and beer.

And there is still old-fashioned customer service at local businesses. I would like to give special thanks to Johnny Webb at Webb’s Auto who stopped everything to fix my bomber that the wind and garage door had dislodged Thursday and to the lady at Adams Vacuum and Sewing Machine who helped me so graciously dislodge a stuck needle in my machine. Find the good and praise it. I love you, Grand Junction.


Grand Junction

Montrose County commissioners lauded for taking hospital issues to court

After reading the articles in the paper on the hospital the last three days, I have to weigh in.

We had some people with connections to the Montrose Memorial Hospital try unsuccessfully to recall the Montrose County commissioners. This was just a smoke screen to get people’s thoughts away from the real issues going on at the hospital. They said the main reason for the recall was how much money had been spent on attorney fees.

I applaud the Montrose County Commissioners for taking the hospital issues to court to see their options were.

It seems that the inmates have taken over the asylum. There are no checks
and balances at the hospital. I have been on a lot of county boards
appointed by the county commissioners and I felt like I worked for them even though I was appointed for a certain number of years. I felt like if a big issue came up the commissioners should be aware of it.

The hospital trustees stole the hospital from the county and maybe some concerned citizens could see if the hospital trustees could be recalled by
the citizens of Montrose County.


Conclusions drawn from Benghazi attack don’t bode well for commander in chief

On Sept 11 our consulate in Libya came under attack. Four Americans, official representatives of this government, were murdered.

According to the story told by the administration, they initially believed that the attack was a demonstration over a video that got out of control. During the second presidential debate, the president claimed that he knew and had announced on the 12th that the attack had been a terrorist attack.

We now know it was a planned terrorist attack carried out by an al Qaeda affiliate in Libya. We know that the ambassador had informed the administration in the days leading up to the attack that he believed, correctly, that he had been targeted.

We know that the UK pulled diplomats out of the country due to the deteriorating security situation. We know that the ambassador had requested additional security that was denied. We also know that in Washington, the State Department and White House watched in real time at approximately 4 p.m. as the attack was underway. That within two hours they knew al Qaeda had claimed responsibility and the consulate was under attack by a sophisticated and determined force. The attack went on for more than seven hours.

Therefore we are left with one of the following conclusions:

The president knew about the attack, did nothing to assist those representing our nation, but sent out UN Ambassador Susan Rice five days later and other spokesman to claim it was not a planned attack but a demonstration over an anti-Muslim video. This was a story repeated for more than two weeks including by the president at the United Nations 15 days later.

The president also knew his own representatives were under attack. Yet, without initiating any action to assist those fighting for their lives, he went to bed that night as the attack continued, made a brief statement the next day and flew to a Las Vegas fundraiser.

The other conclusion is that he had established an organization in which he was so removed from operations that during an attack on sovereign U.S. territory no one thought to tell him, even during normal working hours.

Neither is worthy of the commander in chief.

Grand Junction

Environmental movement’s hypocrisy highly evident

The hypocrisy and confusion of the environmentalist movement, especially when it comes to oil shale, is striking.

It is hypocritical, for instance, for the anti-oil shale lobby to object, as David Ableson of Western Resource Advocates does in Gary Harmon’s October 21st article, to allowing the oil shale industry to compete for leases on federal land on the basis that oil shale is an “industry that does not yet exist,” while simultaneously clamoring for more and continued subsidization and tax giveaways to “renewable” energy industries that are similarly experimental – though far less economically sustainable and holding less developmental potential than oil shale.

The oil shale industry, unlike some in the solar and wind industries, is not asking for the American taxpayer to support them; it is simply looking for a fair opportunity to develop and produce this resource, on the federal land under which it exists. The industry is not even asking for the land to be set aside – they just want the chance to apply for leases on it.

Conversely, the environmentalists are actively lobbying for the government to use the people’s money to prop up their chosen industries, cannot economically stand on their own. Where the oil shale industry is looking for a level playing field, the “renewable” sector wants the table tilted in their favor.

Also, Ableson seems confused about oil shale’s potential; first, he labels it an industry that does not exist, then later concedes that commercial level U.S. oil shale projects are proceeding on private land. So which is it? Is it an experimental entity like solar and wind, or a commercially viable one? Either way, arbitrarily blocking access to the federal land where this resource is most densely concentrated makes little sense.

It is ironic that oil shale would be called a “stone age fuel” by people who seem to advocate civilization’s return to the Stone Age.

Grand Junction

Attack ad on Sal Pace dishonest, appalling

By now, most people have seen the new anti-Sal Pace TV ad, accusing him of harming senior citizens via an unidentified “deciding vote.” The ad is so dishonest it’s appalling.

1. I worked on legislative issues for years (now retired, but affected),
realized it’s about when Colorado legislature voted to temporarily suspend
the Senior Property Tax exemption (1/2 if over 65, in same home over 10
years). That happened when the Great Recession hit the whole USA, Colorado’s budget was a wreck, so every possible dime had to be scraped up. Many state programs took major hits. The Pace campaign confirmed this is the subject of the attack.

2. Every legislator who voted for that was a “decider.” But because this
current Congressional race is so close, Pace is unfairly blamed. By the way, now the exemption is back, as economy improves in Colorado.

3. Most importantly, yes, Pace voted for it, from necessity, and so did Scott Tipton, then a Colorado legislator!

This ad is indefensible. It’s evidently from Norquist’s shadowy Super-PAC; Tipton has not repudiated it. Remember how Norquist made congressmen sign his “pledge”? Followed by no-negotiation gridlock (for which Teas now blame Obama instead of themselves)? How does that square with the USA Oath of Office? They were even willing to shut down the U.S. government. Consider Tipton’s record.

The truth is Sal Pace is and has been a champion for senior citizens; he’s centrist, pro business and education, listens to constituents, and doesn’t do knee-jerk ideology. As House minority leader, he worked effectively with Republicans.

Please do not be swayed by this vicious, untruthful attack or the others floating around. I used to live on Western Slope; Pace is whom it needs.


Monte Vista

Obama, fellow Democrats had monumental issues to tackle

As a WWII veteran and one that has managed to stay alive long enough to be a senior citizen I bring these two perspectives to bare when evaluating those who seek to represent me in the People’s government.

In the interest of honesty I must also reveal that I have been politically active for the past 60 years as a Lincoln and Eisenhower Republican and I remain one. For 45 of those years I served in public office as Republican, as a supporter of many Republicans office seekers and manager of a successful campaign of a Republican Mesa County Commissioner. With those admissions up front here is my conclusion from both these perspectives and past political activities.

As a veteran, I cannot vote for a party that is filled with warmongers who are also Chickenhawks. Today’s Republican party is controlled by cowards who send others to fight their wars to enrich the wealthiest among us.

And the current leaders of this party of today ordered our country into two wars. The first in Afghanistan was all but won until they cut and ran to the second war in Iraq that was unjust and unnecessary and supported by few of our friends. They did not provide means to cover the costs thereof.

That is not acting fiscally responsible, and yet they claim to be concerned about loading up debt on our kids and grandkids. If this is hard to believe, consider this: They not only did not raise revenues to cover these huge costs of trillions of dollars and horrific loss of lives, they actually cut taxes and put the cost of them on the nation’s debit as well.

Instead of raising revenues, even now they try to make the poor and elderly foot the bill by cutting programs they need to survive. Today’s fake Republican Party members are rotten losers who, after losing the election, immediately began to plan ways to make the winners fail. And they let fools such as Limbaugh be their spokespeople and use fear and other ugly tactics to win by any and all means because wining is what they value.

While I am not a Democrat nor do I defend them, let’s look at how well they did under terrible conditions and great obstacles they faced at the onset. It was a huge task just to stop the downward spiral the country was in when they took office, and then to begin and get a recovery took great leadership.

It would be dishonest for me and for anyone to do anything other than praise this effort. This president did not get us into wars but is working to get us out of them, and it is far easier to start one than to get out of one. I give great weight to performance and under all the handicaps he performed admirably.

And, as senior citizens, why would any of us vote for those who would replace our kids’ and grandkids’ Medicare, when they become eligible, with a voucher that would lay them open to financial ruin in the event of a health crisis?

Getting under the umbrella of Medicare that protects one from this terrible possibility is the greatest relief and what we all must want for our kids and ourselves.


Vote “Yes” on Amendment 64

America is the Titanic, economic icebergs abound and we’re going down, yet, weed is the worry? The confusion and misdirected passion should have us all lighting up.

Freedom and a lawful, ordered society are not mutually exclusive. To reduce crime, decriminalize private consumption and increase penalties significantly for the violent and publicly indifferent. Bottom line: There is no CLEAR Constitutional or Biblical prohibition against substance consumption, and certainly no mandate for government force from either authority.

Consequently, there is no defensible justification for the war on “drugs” whatsoever! Hence, all the textual misinterpretation. Incredibly, supporters of prohibition don’t consider the trillion-dollar price tag and continual slaughter (including women and children) as persuasive! Those voting “No” have their “hearts” in the right place but need to engage their minds or blood will be all over their ballots.

News flash! The Constitution is written on hemp paper and Jesus chose as his first miracle turning water into an alcoholic beverage! Originalists and Christians are at war with freedom on #64. Forget booze—these same people tolerate caffeine!

Oh, but the government will channel 40 million in “drug” money to public schools, right? Again, no justification and there is far better return on investment elsewhere. Consumption is often a reprieve from a rotten reality.

Protect kids by teaching them the proper role of government, only if you understand it yourself! Then, provide them more to live for than vampires, zombies, sports, entertainment and worst of all, the completely refuted prosperity gospel and “Left Behind” rapture escapism. When it comes to theological “drugs” like that, just say no.

Either apply the Bible’s guidelines for life including government, or stop abusing the book. Either follow the Constitution, or roll it into a Cheech and Chong Zeppelin doobie and smoke it!

Grand Junction

Obama needs to go

A) Obamacare

1. If you sell your house after 2012, you will pay a 3.8 percent sales tax. (No tax increase on middle-class?)

2. Allowed medical deductions will go from 7.5 percent to 10 percent of gross adjusted income. (No tax increase on middle-class?)

3. Medicare rates increases to $104.20-2012, $120.20-2013, and $247.00-2014 (You lucky seniors and seniors-to-be!)

4. Penalty for not being insure (fully phased in by 2016) will be $695 for each adult, or 2.5 percent of family income, whichever is higher, up to $12,500, enforced by IRS

NOTE: IRS expects to spend $881 million and hire 2,700 agents. I wonder who pays for this.

B) Treatment of women employed at the White House
1. According to the 2011 White House annual report, the median annual salaries for men was 18 percent higher than women.

C) Some notable accomplishments (He calls change?) 2009 to now.

1. Gallon of gas $1.83 to $3.44, unemployment 7.6 percent to 8.1 percent, number of unemployed 11,616,000 to 23,485,000, median household income $50,112 to $46,777, national debt in trillions $10.627 to $16.102, food stamp recipients 31,983,716 to 48,200,878.

D) Trustworthy—I think not.

1. All you have to do is think of the gun sale cover-up to the Mexican

2. All of the cover-up and lies concerning the consulate attack in Libya.

For the above reasons and many others that could be listed, Romney is most qualified to restore America to its greatness and stop this crazy slide to socialism.

If you vote for Obama, you’ll get what you deserve, and unfortunately I’ll get what I don’t deserve.



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