Email letters, Oct. 29, 2012

Come celebrate nation’s veterans at parade

With the elections over, now is a great time to come together as a people and celebrate the veterans who have protected our country and the active military who continue to protect our country.

The Grand Junction 2012 Veterans Day Parade takes place at 2 p.m. Nov. 10 on Main Street. It is a very large, well-attended parade. It is recommended that spectators arrive early for parking and a good view.


Grand Junction

Republicans heavy into ‘big oil’

Why are fuel prices still so high? There is no shortage of oil, as evidenced by the five oil tankers that recently loaded in Valdez, Alaska, traveled to three major refineries in Everett, Wash., only to learn they couldn’t offload because all the storage tanks were full. They had to return the oil to Valdez.

Make no mistake about it; big oil is ripping us off as never before. Make no mistake about it; big oil is overwhelmingly Republican.

Maybe it’s time we brought back “windfall profits tax” to deal with the greed of that industry.


Obamacare provides critical health care that would other decimate family finances

My handicapped grandson was approaching the lifetime limit on his health insurance. Without insurance, his care would bankrupt first his father, then me. Then, without the special food and other regular (not emergency-room) care that keeps him alive and well, he would die. My grandson isn’t unique; thousands of kids with similar problems are desperate for continuing insurance for their medical care.

Obamacare isn’t a government take-over of medical care; it simply requires that insurance companies behave themselves, not impose benefit limits, not cancel the coverage of those who are sick and not exclude those with pre-existing conditions.

My grandson is still alive and well, but Mitt Romney plans to repeal Obamacare and Scott Tipton has voted many times to repeal it.

Do Romney and Tipton want these kids to die? Do they not care? Do they not understand?

I don’t know.

But I know that Barack Obama and Sal Pace will preserve Obamacare, which provides health insurance and, hence, medical care for my grandson and thousands of others.

Please vote for Obama and Pace.


Lives of kids will go to pot if Amendment 64 passes

So you think marijuana can be controlled like alcohol? Hmm. Let’s say I’m sitting on the couch next to my kids, having a beer. Unless those kids grab that beer and take a swig, the truth is that beer won’t affect them.

Now let’s say I’m sitting on the couch next to my kids smoking a joint. There’s no question the air in the room will be filled with smoke and anyone in that room will be subjected to the THC and other chemicals stemming from that marijuana. The kids will be inhaling the same exact smoke I’m inhaling.

Common sense proves that marijuana and alcohol cannot be controlled the same no matter what supporters say and anyone who says marijuana isn’t a gateway drug just wants Amendment 64 passed regardless of the truth.

Every drug addict I’ve ever known started with pot, including my cousin who ended up doing heavy drugs before he was killed on the Monument.

There’s no question kids will be subjected to heavy doses of marijuana if 64 passes but in this America, I’m not sure how many people even care.


Grand Junction

BLM agrees to research, but not true development

The “poll” reported in your Oct. 16 story, showing that a majority of people in Garfield County favor successful research and development in oil shale before commercialization, is maybe the silliest attempt yet by oil shale opponents to undermine the establishment of the industry in the United States.

Of course, people want R&D to occur first – research and development HAS to happen first. Oil shale proponents want R&D to happen; the companies that make up the oil shale industry want R&D to happen. You simply can’t go commercial until you have successfully completed research and development. That goes for any innovative new industry or product—from the wheel, to farming methods, to iPhones.

That, of course, misses the point of the entire argument. The purpose of research and development is to commercialize whatever you are researching and developing. Thomas Edison did not pour all that effort into inventing the incandescent light bulb just to sit back and admire his own cleverness; he patented his invention, built a bunch and sold them.

What the federal government is doing with oil shale is essentially disallowing the possibility of a commercial industry, and therefore removing any incentive to do the highly touted research. No company is going to inject the money and resources into a project that cannot be commercialized.

By reducing the land available for leasing to a few isolated “R&D” plots, and placing some 90 percent of the prime oil shale land forever off limits, the BLM is in effect telling oil shale companies that they can research technologies, but cannot put them to use once they have discovered them.

Thomas Edison would be appalled, and probably move his light bulb business to China.


Grand Junction

Justman the right man for county commissioner

Every election is important, this coming election is one of the most crucial we have ever had. We will determine what course our country will take; the one Europe has followed to failed economic policies, impoverishment of its citizens, loss of freedom and basic human rights, or the path that our Constitution and Bill of Rights gives us as citizens of this nation, a path to freedom of the individual, all of our constitutional rights, property rights and prosperity for all of our citizens not just a select few.

The last four years have been an example of where we as a nation do not want to go. We need to elect men and women who will give us back our America, at every level of government. That’s why I urge you to support John Justman for county commissioner.

John is one of a handful of people who have made their living from farming without any outside income or job. He not only understands but has lived fiscal responsibility, how to use our natural resources in a productive responsible manner by using them and conserving them for the future, and what freedom and personal integrity gives you. He is the kind of person we need to elect here locally, and in all of our state and federal offices.

I urge you to carefully consider your votes and to put as many Republican candidates into office as we can, to return this nation to prosperity and common sense.


Grand Junction

Why does anyone really want to become president?

There never seems to be a shortage of people who want to be president. I don’t understand, because the job is so temporary and only brings them things. Even the finest things in life are still just things. To me, intangibles like faith, family and friends are more important.

This season’s marathon campaign and the recent death of George McGovern brings to focus the whole ugly campaign process. The two men currently vying for the top job have each been portrayed as really evil or really good, depending on who’s doing the ad. We know the truth is somewhere in between.

The winner’s reward, if you can call it that, is a 24/7 stress-filled life, temporary riches and worldwide attention and a mention in future history books. The loser gets less, as McGovern’s humiliating defeat to Nixon in ‘72 demonstrated.

One hundred years from now, both Obama and Romney, winner or loser, will be gone, their names and accomplishments only footnotes in history.

George McGovern, dead at 90, a seasoned politician known to most as only a liberal who lost. And, even though he gets a brief mention as that in history books, he’s still dead. So what did it really get him? Nobody will even remember his name 100 years from now.

Why anyone wants that job is beyond me, but I’m glad they do.

Grand Junction

Authorities watched Benghazi attack, but did little to intervene

If your son or daughter died in the service to their country, would you not want answers?

The attack on our Benghazi consulate is a scandal of epic proportions, pretty much ignored by the news media. That, it itself, makes the mainstream media just as complicit as Obama and Hillary.

Four Americans were killed as a result of the administration’s failure to pay attention. Multiple times over a period of months, our ambassador requested increased security and stated the potential for violence was escalating. These requests were ignored and existing security reduced. Obama and Hillary are directly responsible for the murder of these four precious Americans.

These men could have been your family members. Now we know how Obama will handle that 3 a.m. phone call Hillary mentioned in the 2008 campaign: he goes to bed. Only the president had the authority to order all avenues of assistance to “stand down.” It is totally un-American to stand by idly and just watch others die. We just are not like that, and these were our own people!

Obama claims he did not know of requests for increased security at this location. Why didn’t he know? It is his job to know. Perhaps it was because he skipped 60 percent of the intelligence briefings. Obama consistently refuses to take responsibility for anything that happens on his watch.

Those in the DC situation room watched the attack in Benghazi in real time. They watched our people under attack, watched them die, and did nothing—not before, not during and very little since. Whether or not they actually watched it or went bowling is anybody’s guess. Obama did not let it keep him awake; he had a fundraiser party the next day in Las Vegas.

Obama has proven himself unfit to be president of the United States.



How informed on intelligence is the president?

Our current president apparently attends just over half (56 percent) of the “President’s Daily Brief,” but the intelligence analysts/briefers do leave behind a hard copy. These intelligence briefings last on the order of a half hour. So this leaves me to wonder just how well informed the president may be on the immediate situations facing us.

President Bush considered these extremely important, in that he could interact and express his concerns or request more data on any aspect of the intelligence. I wonder who does that for this administration?  Does the president even read the hard copy?  Perhaps this explains some of the administration’s confusion over the Libya attack.
Grand Junction

Conservatives may need to turn to yoga after Nov. 6

To our conservative citizens in our community that will have to deal with another four more years of president Barack Obama on Nov. 7, let me suggest the following: Aside from some form of shock therapy or frustration relief such as yoga, etc., the world as you would like it to be from a political perspective is not shared by all Americans.

The Republican Party ticket Romney/Ryan is right-wing extremism on social issues and unrealistic on economic policies. The political commercials we witnessed ad nauseam were deceptive and misleading through out the campaign season. The future for America looks forward to prosperity.

However, we will continue to debate the different political ideologies in our society, the tea party Republicans will have to settle for a more moderate and balanced approach as most Americans or die in the political winds of reality.

Grand Junction

Aspen homeowner considers ‘Kill Obama’ sign shameful

In regard to the recent article “Kill Obama” sign removed from Aspen house,” the graffiti stayed up MUCH longer than I wanted. I first saw the most recent vandalism when I arrived at the house at around 10 a.m. Not having a phone, I immediately borrowed my neighbor’s and called the police. I was instructed to not paint over anything until they arrived.

During the ensuing six-hour wait, I called the police twice more and expressed my desire to cover the message before the local school children returned home, and was told not to touch anything until they arrived.

I waited … and waited. The police finally arrived, accompanied by a Secret Service agent, at around 4 p.m. They took a picture of the graffiti, and I immediately painted over it.

While I was surprised to see a Secret Service agent accompanying the police, it was only the agent’s very forceful attempts to have me sign a lengthy document that I had not read that arguably shook me.

As you are well aware, I have always stood behind my actions, right or wrong. I had nothing to do with this message. This is not the first time my house has been vandalized; hence the surveillance camera above the front door.

I would have responded to your e-mails had I had access to a computer while waiting all-day for the police.

Let me state that I abhor violence and war. As an Eagle Scout, I find the suggestion of violence in this graffiti shameful; neither I nor anyone I know did this. However, it is also a shameful, cowardly act to deface anyone’s private property in the dark of night.

I believe in community. I believe in social justice and peace. We must love our neighbor and agree to disagree but still break bread together.

Nice hit piece. You do your profession and employer proud.



Obama needs another term to cement his role as America’s first monarch

The Nov. 6 presidential election is almost upon us. Obama really needs another four years to satisfy the dreams of his father. The first four years were not enough for Barak Hussein to complete his gutting of the Constitution, cement his role as America’s first theocratic monarch and reign as eye-candy over daytime television.

His health-care bill has only begun to bring shock and awe to America’s gullible, dependent population, and obviously he needs another four years to revamp the legal system, allowing him to determine what present laws need to be thrown out by executive order and which laws will be prosecuted to the full extent of the … well, whatever he will determine to be the law of the moment.

For instance, don’t try to promote a video that slams the Muslims.  (Readers of The Daily Sentinel will know nothing about the present Libyan tragedy that is far, far more deadly than the Watergate scandal. All the news about this slaughter is evidently stonewalled, verboten, and it’s obviously not considered protected free speech.  Did this “silence” come down from Big Brother? 

If Obama’s desires for hope and change survive the attempts to unseat him, he should have four more years to complete his revised version of The King James Bible. I’m guessing Obama’s Revised, Standard Version will contain no commandments from my ridiculed and disrespected God. It will, no doubt, be multiple-choice, countenancing no wrong answers. If you doubt the veracity of my predictions, read the platform from the last Democratic Convention. Hallmark stores will be forced to stop printing birth announcements.  After all, parents should not be allowed to make these kinds of frightening gender-based decisions.

Oh, Nov. 6 will be a watershed day for this nation, that’s for sure!

Grand Junction

The Board of County Commissioners should never have allowed the southern portion of S 21.5 Road to be closed. In my opinion, the commissioners did not have all of the accurate and pertinent information regarding public use of this scenic road.

I have enjoyed hiking, snowshoeing, mountain biking and riding ATVs on this road to access Pinon Mesa. It would truly be a shame to see this historical county road closed. Hopefully, the commissioners will reconsider all of the facts and ultimately reverse their original decision.


Glade Park

Baxter will work to make Coloradans competitive worldwide

I have voted for Jo Ann Baxter for Colorado House District 57, and here is why.

Baxter has lived and worked on the Western Slope for 38 years, with many years of experience in teaching and managing. She clearly cares about the education of our children. This is vitally important, as these children are our future. Her doctorate in education makes her uniquely qualified to take Colorado into the 21st century, a century that will revolve around our citizens’ capabilities to handle the ever-changing jobs of the future and to compete not only within Colorado and the US, but also with the world.

I have discussed the future with Baxter and know that she is concerned about the balance of economic development and environmental protection. Her passion revolves around the future of the people of the Western Slope.

Jo Ann Baxter is a voice for all of us. Please consider voting for her in this election. Thank you.

Glenwood Springs

Gutted America will come with four more years of Obama, not election of Romney

In response to the letter “Romney would create a gutted ‘Bain America.’” America is already there. She is but a shell of what she once was. The Social Security Program is gutted. There is no money in the Social Security Trust Fund. It is all IOUs. Medicare and Medicaid are on the fast track to insolvency; both programs living on borrowed time. The “fiscal cliff” approaches in about two months. If nothing is done, massive automatic spending cuts and tax increases will be enacted that will have a profound negative effect on the economy and the American people. Entitlements must be reformed and sound fiscal policy must be adopted.

This is a failure of leadership. The president is the leader of the nation. Leaders forge coalitions of people with different points of view to address and solve problems. It is the president’s responsibility to bring Congress together and hammer out solutions to these very pressing fiscal issues so that America doesn’t end up like Greece, and so there will be an America for future generations. This responsibility, I might add, he has shirked since his inauguration. However, he has done a great job of blaming Congress for nothing getting done.

Another four years of the current administration and America’s “gutted carcass” will be on its way to the rendering plant.

Grand Junction

Requests for additional security in Libya denied

First and foremost, we are all citizens of this great nation. The terrorist attack on our embassy in Benghazi, Libya on the exact anniversary date of Sept 11, 2001, resulting in the murder of our Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods is not a political party issue. It is an issue for all Americans.

I am stunned at the lack of outcry from the American people not to mention the total lack of interest from our news media in covering this abomination.

President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice and Whitehouse spokesman Jay Carney all went on national television and outright lied to the American people.

Every day new details emerge regarding this attack on U.S. soil. According to testimony given by Charlene Lamb at the congressional hearings, this attack was on going for seven hours, all while being watched on video from a drone in real time, and nothing was done even with the repeated requests for help.

Our embassy in Libya had already been attacked two times this year, April and June 5th. On the June 5 attack a detonation of an explosive device caused a hole in the consulate’s perimeter wall described by one individual as “big enough for forty men to go through.” Requests for additional security and support had been denied.

The British ambassador survived an assassination attempt on June 10. Two British protection officers were injured in the attack when a rocket-propelled grenade hit their convoy 300 yards from their consulate office. The British Foreign Office withdrew all consular staff from Benghazi in late June. Yet we left our people there unprotected and denied their repeated requests for more protection.

In May 2012 there was an attack on the International Red Cross office in Benghazi. On Aug. 6 the International Red Cross suspended operations in Benghazi. The head of the ICRC’s delegation in Libya said the aid group was “appalled” by the attack and “extremely concerned” about escalating violence in Libya. Yet we left our people there unprotected and denied their repeated requests for more protection.

Come on, Americans. We need to demand an explanation from our elected officials on the lies and lack of action after this most recent terrorist attack.

“We the People” have a right to know the truth and our elected officials have an obligation to tell us the truth.


Grand Junction

Loss in oil shale energy exceeds the gain

Oil shale proponents are claiming that trillions of barrels of oil are available in the public lands of the American West in the form of “oil shale” and that is a reason to lease those lands for extracting the oil even if scarce water is diverted to the use and ecological damage and wildlife habitat is sacrificed.

The fatal flaw in the argument is that because oil shale is actually about 19 parts non-energy bearing rock to only 1 part energy-bearing kerogen (the parent of kerosene) and all must be heated to release the energy, the losses in energy exceed the gain.

So, the more you exploit oil shale, the worse it gets. The trillions of barrels of oil may be there, but it will take quadrillions of “barrels” of alternative energy to bring the energy to public use.

Grand Junction

Four Americans in consulate allowed to die
“I don’t believe in war, I’ll vote for the guy that will do nothing as someone else’s son dies”.

We have all heard the Benghazi consulate headlines, but the truth is oozing out of what is becoming known as a massive Obama atrocity followed up by a cover-up. It is now known that the embassy expected trouble on the 9/11 anniversary.

Requests were made for more men and security and the administration denied them. Diplomat Sean Smith typed into his on-line gaming community ”Assuming we don’t die tonight” just hours before the attack, showing his fear of what they knew was to come.

The attack started with an explosion and a heavily armed attack at the front door. The guard immediately radioed the U.S. for help. This was ignored. About a mile away was a CIA outpost; hearing the call and shooting, the men there called Washington for permission to go help. They were told to stand down and do nothing. They ask again and were denied a second time before they did what solders do, three men ran toward the battle to aid their fellow solders. They joined in the battle as Washington sent out a drone to provide video surveillance of the battle.

Through seven hours of fighting and the loss of Navy Seal Tyrone Woods, Navy Seal Glen Doherty, Air Force Vet Sean Smith and the Ambassador Chris Stevens, no help was sent. This all went on as the administration watched the video live. There were more ignored calls for help that could have come from several bases fewer than three hours away. The smoke hadn’t cleared before the administration started the spin that this was an unexpected protest over an anti-Mohammed video. They carried on that story for 14 days. including denouncement speeches made before the UN and numerous denouncements in the Middle East and here at home.

Someone made the decision to let those men in the consulate die. There were too many opportunities both before and during the attack to send in help that were withheld to say otherwise. We have the best and most instantaneous communication and surveillance in the world. “We didn’t know” doesn’t wash here and has been proven to be wrong.

I have heard so many pro Obama people say “I don’t believe in war or I don’t want my children dragged into a war.” Well, these men who were our neighbors’ children volunteered so your kid didn’t have to. The least we could do as citizens of this great country that many volunteers have risk their lives to keep us safe and secure is send them help when they need help!

If you can go in and vote for an administration and I mean everyone involved, that could stand by watching this go on and then they go on to try to cover it up and move on, at least do it with full knowledge of what happened and wear your OBAMA sticker proudly.


Denver pot shops outnumber McDonalds, Starbucks combined

After spending several weekends in Denver this summer, I was disappointed to see the proliferation of so called “medical” marijuana shops. On “60 Minutes” Steve Kroft reported that there are more pot shops in Denver than McDonalds and Starbucks combined.

In January the federal government required that all pot shops must be at least 1,000 feet from any school. Has anybody thought about the fact that kids don’t only hang out at schools? Most commercial streets are situated immediately in front of neighborhoods where, by the way, kids live and play.

Fortunately in Grand Junction we don’t have a pot shop on every corner because we voted to ban medical marijuana dispensaries. We should say no again to Amendment 64. It could make Colorado the only state in the union to legalize pot for recreational use, attracting drug users from the entire country to our state. Try googling ”Pot tourism in Amsterdam” and decide if this looks good for Colorado.

Proponents claim our state will benefit from the tax revenues it will generate, but the Journal of Psychiatric Research reports that marijuana use impairs brain development in teens. Do we really want to sell the health and safety of our kids for a few tax dollars? The New York Times reports medical marijuana is already getting into the hands of our children.

How much more available will it be if it’s sold and regulated like alcohol?

Just because something is profitable doesn’t always mean that it’s the right thing to do. Prostitution and stealing can be profitable, but that doesn’t make them right for Colorado.


Grand Junction


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