Email letters, Oct. 6, 2011

Occupy Wall Street protesters aren’t helping America

On these beguiled Occupy Wall Street useful idiots, I remember the County Joe McDonald and the Fish cheer; “Oh, it’s one, two, three, four; What are we fightin’ for; Don’t ask me, I don’t give a damn ...” At 61, I am too old for this crap.

No doubt the progressive educators, the Democratic Party, the ACLU, the boyz of CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood, the union thugs, SEIU, Communist Party USA and our beloved community organizer linked to the trafficking of guns and grenades to the Mexican drug cartels and violent gangs here in the United States are all in solidarity with the beguiled. Herman Cain was so right about them. Let’s suppose these revolutionaries win their wildest dreams, what will America look like if that
drug-induced dream becomes a reality? Damn sure it will not look like America.


Economy needs to improve before adding more taxes

In today’s economy it’s hard to keep track of all the different groups who are trying to increase our taxes (one way or another), but lets try.

School District 51 wants Referred Measure 3B and Proposition 103. These will increase state income tax and property tax, and Proposition 103 is to be spread out through other districts, not just District 51.

Then, the state is also considering raising state income tax (for their coffers) and adding a State Property Tax as well. Does that mean we will have two increases in both these taxes (if passed)? And then Referendum C is still in effect, but will end soon and they will want to extend it.

Then, we have Obamacare, and then Obama wants to cut deductions for those earning over $250,000 per year. When we punish folks for working hard to attain a high salary, they will have less to spend on things produced by others who earn less such as higher priced homes, cars, RVs, vacations, etc., and yes, many will decrease their amount of giving to charitable organizations since the deduction is gone.

Why send your kids to college if the government intends to punish their achievement. You can put any name on it you want, but whether it’s the school, the state, or the government, it’s another tax increase for taxpayers. We are being hit with one after the other.

As for District 51’s request, I say, “No on 3B,” “No on Proposition 103,” “No to any tax increase for anything at this time.” That’s my view until the economy improves.

Grand Junction

The rich are running our country

If you overlooked the Oct. 5 editorial, “Christie’s ‘awful’ prospects”, you should go back and read it, especially the part about the wealthy and influential people trying to convince him to run for president.

Ever read James Michener’s historical novel, “Poland”? We could learn from the politics of that country in the chapter called “The Golden Freedom.” In the years prior to being taken over completely by surrounding nations, the citizens were forever overthrowing the government, unfortunately with no plan for running things afterwards. Their kings were chosen and elected by the very rich, who could then kick them out any time they felt like it.

The magnates of Poland, who were supported by other countries, held on to every penny they had while preaching to the general population that freedom and dignity and patriotism are possible only under their protection. They deprived the landless gentry of almost all rights and treated them with contempt. The townsman was allowed no rights whatever, and was reminded: “It is the magnate who protects your freedom and your shop.” All were told repeatedly: “If the magnate is left free to accumulate his great wealth, you can be sure that some of it will sift down to you.”
Does this sound familiar? Didn’t our citizens overthrow our government (Congress) with no plan for the future except to get rid of the president and protect the wealth of the magnates (corporations), all the while believing that some of that wealth will surely sift (trickle) down to us? If Christie ever decides he’s ready to run for president, I think I might vote for him.

Grand Junction

Adjusting traffic lights can save time and money

How can we not be aware? The unemployment picture hasn’t improved much throughout the country. It continues to hover around 9 percent or more. There are many reasons for this problem such as greed, poor management, outsourcing and advancement in technology which has resulted in the automation of many jobs. 

These are only a few examples which have created job losses in many areas. 
Advances in technology are rendering computers of a year ago obsolete. We can use these advancements in technology in several areas.

There is one way we can benefit and create many jobs, reduce pollution, unhappy drivers and also increase gas mileage by updating our existing traffic light system.
How many times have you waited at a red light and no traffic going the other way? I, like many of you, have had perhaps 20 vehicles or more waiting for the green light. True, many intersections have too much traffic to reduce this dilemma, but refinements can be made. Nevertheless, there are many intersections in small and large towns which can improve the problem of vehicles waiting needlessly for the traffic light to change to green. 
Update the timing of our traffic signals or replace with newer computer technology. We can have centralized areas to accommodate rush hour traffic and other changes as needed.

Now the big question. Who will pay for making these major changes?  We all need to make this sacrifice by having our gas taxes go up by perhaps a penny a gallon since we would benefit.  Our government would need to get into the picture to make this happen. However, I think private industry should put bids in and methods to make these modifications happen.
The above idea may not be implemented for many years.  Yet I’m hoping this idea may stimulate other innovative thoughts which will help the unemployment picture.  

Grand Junction


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