Email Letters: October 10, 2017

Better schools in Grand Valley could lead to a stronger medical community

I am writing to encourage all to vote for 3A and 3B on the upcoming ballot, and to urge you to vote for Dr. Amy Davis for school board.

Better schools in the Grand Valley could lead to a stronger medical community. In the last 30 years, wonderful family physicians have set up practice here in town. Many have stayed after training here at St. Mary’s Family Medicine residency. The residency has worked hard to attract and retain family physicians for the Western Slope. Despite this, our community still suffers from a severe shortage of primary care physicians. Many readers can attest to the difficulty of finding a new doctor here in town. One of the key questions prospective candidates for medical residency ask concerns the quality of the local schools. The residency frequently gets questions about the schools’ funding, facilities, and community support. A recent residency graduate stated that when he and his wife were considering where to settle, the state of the Grand Valley schools fell in the “against” Grand Junction column.

A community that values its youth by assuring proper maintenance of public education facilities, materials, and programs attracts not only better teachers to the valley, but also more doctors, and other skilled workers.

The valley needs hard-working innovative problem-solving leaders within the school board. My friend and colleague, Dr. Amy Davis is running to be on the school board. District 51 would be more than lucky to have her serve in this capacity. Amy loves to solve hard problems, listen to all sides, and build consensus. She is fair, open-minded and solution-focused. Parents could not ask for a better advocate for their children.

A vote for the District 51 bond and mill levy, 3A and 3B, represents a long overdue ”cost-of-living “ increase so that our schools can compete for better teachers, and also become a “draw’ for other professions and companies that enrich our economy.

A vote for Amy Davis for D51 School Board will be a vote for commitment to excellence in education; she will keep the needs of the children and parents of the Grand Valley as her highest priority.


Grand Junction

People need to quit referring to public land as federal land

On the front page of Monday’s newspaper there was an article about protecting a wild mustard plant. The first paragraph says, “two rare mustard plants on federal land in Rio Blanco county.”

The fact is this is not “federal land.” It’s public land that is managed by the federal government. We the people, as well as The Daily Sentinel, need to quit referring to public land as federal land or BLM land or Forest Service land.

The fact is it is our land and we need to start referring to it like it is ours. The more people keep reinforcing this misconception by using the wrong nomenclature, the more the BLM, Forest Service, etc. think they can regulate us off our land. If you start using the correct wording, maybe others will start and we can begin to back control of our public lands.

Grand Junction

Seniors, unite to vote yes for our kids and yes for police protection

I consider myself a mature senior who is getting ready to celebrate my 90th birthday. We grew up during the Depression and experienced World War II. In response to those who consider us whiners, crybabies and takers because of Medicare (earned not entitlement), we seniors would like to show who we truly are. I ask seniors to unite. We want the best education available to our grandchildren and great grandchildren. We want super great facilities for them. We want the best teachers for them.

Come on seniors, unite! Get your cane, walker or wheel chair and follow me to vote YES for our kids. If all of us ate mush for dinner for one week we could pay for the best education in Colorado for our kids. Seniors unite – follow me! Another item to consider is police protection. Yes, help keep us safe. Eat more mush if needed and vote YES. Seniors, show everyone we are still alive and kicking and really care.

Grand Junction

Good schools important to prosperity and well being of community

I am in total support of both 3A and 3B to increase taxes for our students and their schools. While I’m retired and my grandchildren no longer attend public schools, I recognize how important a good school system is to the economic prosperity and social well being of our community. The district has been very specific in identifying where their requested dollars will go and in doing so leave little doubt of the need for our support so they can better serve D51 children. I urge a yes vote on 3A and 3B.

Grand Junction

3A and 3B will help move our public schools forward in a big way

Momentum counts! In sports. In business. And in community building.

After a long dry spell, we have momentum in Mesa County. Sales taxes are up. Building permits are up. Unemployment is down. Businesses are moving in and expanding.

Part of momentum is a thriving educational atmosphere. We have that in higher education. We can create it in our K-12 schools. Ballot issues 3A and 3B will help move our public schools forward in a big way. I urge your support of 3A and 3B.

State Representative
House District 55

Shame on the state of Colorado for not letting people know about killing fish

I love to fish on the Roan Plateau. Well, I should say, I used to love to fish on the Roan, which is locally known as the Bookcliffs. This year, late in the summer, I couldn’t even scare of fish. My small group caught one cutthroat. We usually catch and release 20 to 50 fish a trip. This time there was virtually nothing. Then I found out the state had killed all the fish on the east end of the plateau, supposedly in the interest of re-establishing a pure strain of Colorado cutthroat. In my opinion, in the long range, that is a total waste of time and money. I am very discouraged that the state did not let the public know this was taking place. In my opinion, it will only take a few years and rainbows and brookies will be right back in the creek. Shame on you, state of Colorado, for not letting us know you were killing all these fish. A fishing trip that takes two hours to even get to the fish-less creek…well…that’s really not a fishing trip.


China’s leaders will push out whoever gets in the way of getting things done

CBS News reported that China is installing solar panels, hand over fist. They interviewed someone there who is clear to talk to the media. The person said they are doing this in support of cleaning up the air. Those China leaders will push out whoever gets in the way. They don’t put up with crowds of people blocking roads and disrupting things that keep the country moving.

Grand Junction


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