Email Letters: October 13, 2016

This election has only fanned the flames of bias and violence

To the two major presidential candidates, the Republican and Democrat party leaders: will you please claw your way out of the gutter you have dragged the rest of us into? This is a game of who can out accuse the other of deceit, crimes, bigotry based on sex, race, religion, gender, marital status, etc. and who is least fit to lead this nation. What is going on is an outright embarrassment to the majority of Americans and only fans the flames of bias and violence.

I ask you to name one country in the world that has a problem with being overrun with American immigrants. We give foreign aid to over 100 countries each and every year, a majority with strong anti-American feelings and actions. Name me one country that provides foreign aid to the United States.

Yet much of the world wants into the United States and none turn down our money, even though some have vowed to destroy us and everything this county stands for. We are still the shining star on the hill but you have thrown a lot of manure around that is starting to diminish the brightness of that star. I would also remind you and everyone what Theodore Roosevelt said back in 1915 “a hyphenated American is not an American at all.” Quit trying to divide us by categorizing us, we are simply Americans.

So, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, I say neither of you is fit to lead this great nation. To the two major parties, I say shame on you if this is the best you can come up with. Perhaps it is time for another revolution, a revolution of the rank and file to restructure your leadership and direction.

So, as a solution to the mess you have created I am suggesting that we all write in either Mike Pence or Tim Kaine for President. Whichever one you pick write in the other for vice president, a true bi-partisan solution. Then maybe the rest of the political establishment will realize what our founders set forth that has made us the envy of the world, we the people are the government.
I really would like to get this manure off my boots.

Orchard City

Sentinel appears biased in reporting on Trump

Another day, another completely biased paper. The second editorial in five days attacking Trump and the cartoon yesterday is enough. I had hoped for a change, even slight, to balanced reporting. However you have chosen to take The Daily Sentinel into the bowels of the biased media, which 75 percent of Americans don’t trust.

Where is the news about the DOJ collusion with the White House and Clintons, Podesta Emails (massive), public and private position (outright admitting to lying to the people!), Wall Street speeches, pay to play with the Clinton Foundation/Sec. of State, her server, voter fraud, DNC collusion, collapse of ObamaCare…I could fill several pages. What Trump said 11 years ago is disgusting, but is far less of an injustice to the American people than what the Clintons, Obamas and the DNC continues to do.

We all have a choice; mine today was to end my 18-year subscription to The Daily Sentinel. I will not support a biased and unprofessional media source.

Grand Junction

Voting for minimum wage increase should be a no-brainer

In 1966, 50 years ago, the minimum wage was $1.25 – $50 a week. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, calculating for inflation, the wage of $1.25 in 2016 dollars would be $9.30.
Proposition 70 on the Nov. ballot would raise the minimum wage to $9.30 in 2017, with increases each year to 2020, for a minimum wage of $12.

It would seem reasonable that Colorado should have a minimum wage comparable to 50 years ago. In 1966, housing was less expensive than today, a monthly rental could cost as little as $130; for $15,000 you could buy a small house. Rental properties today in Grand Junction have a 3 percent vacancy rate. It is difficult to afford housing even with wages higher than minimum. In communities across the country that have raised minimum wage, small businesses have reported that the increase in business has covered the increase in wages. Some small business owners have reported a profit margin.

Voting for Prop 70 is one of the easier choices to be made by voters on Nov. 8th.


Grand Junction

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is the real deal

After the second presidential debate, I was more disgusted than ever with Trump and Hillary. Is this the best we have for an American president – two old fools arguing over which one is more despicable? Unbeknownst to many voters, there is a good third-party candidate for president. He is Libertarian Gary Johnson, two-term governor from New Mexico, experienced, competent and honest. He was excluded from participating in the two presidential debates (by the other candidates), even though he is qualified to be on the ballot in all 50 states.

There is no law that says we must choose from only two political parties. Abraham Lincoln was a third-party candidate and he healed a divided nation. This year, the nation needs that kind of leadership. Gov. Johnson, a seasoned governor, has the know-how and political maturity to end the insane, childish partisanship that is tearing the government and the nation apart.

For many of us, Gary Johnson is not a recognizable name. Debates and media only inform us about the other two candidates, the ones we dislike. With a few weeks until Election Day, it is time to ask, ”Do I want a president I can feel comfortable with? Will I be proud of my vote?” If you want to meet Gary Johnson for yourself, view the video Johnson/Weld2016 at This honest man, like Honest Abe, is the real deal.

Bluffton, S.C.

Intelligence of our smart phones has eclipsed that of humans

It appears the intelligence of our smart phones has eclipsed that of us humans. They are so concerned by the choice of presidential candidates and the future of this country that the phones are committing suicide one by one.

Grand Junction

Schwartz will ensure that government works for its citizens

If the presidential shenanigans are burning you out, please don’t get so turned off that you don’t vote. We have an opportunity to vote for an energetic, inclusive, and results-oriented Congressperson this year – Gail Schwartz. I have first-hand experience with Gail when she represented us as a member of the Colorado Senate. She was instrumental in getting CDOT support for building the County Line parking lot on top of Grand Mesa. Prior to her involvement, we had two skiers die in a tragic accident. Gail was a strong advocate, making that giant flywheel of government work to meet critical citizen needs. Today, skiers on Grand Mesa are now parking in a lot safely away from CO 65 traffic and her influence continues as CDOT is constructing turn lanes and making further improvements.

Gail was term-limited in the Senate and I was pleasantly surprised to see her step up and campaign to represent us. I am confident she will bring a positive approach, work collaboratively to get things done, and keep her ear to the ground to ensure that government works for its citizens. Will you please consider a vote for her?


Claims regarding Tipton’s misuse of public lands were false

This year’s campaign is worse than any I have experienced thus far in my voting life. What strikes me is not so much the name calling as the casual misstatement of facts. On my mind is Gail Schwartz’s recent claims regarding Scott Tipton’s misuse of public lands.

Scott Tipton is well aware of, and supports, using public lands for the benefit of all and is protective against assaults on our land and water. Especially those of us on the Western Slope need someone who understands that agriculture must continue to play a part in our economy.

Several points of misinformation about Congressman Tipton and public lands include that he is selling off public lands. His record is that he does not support the selling of public lands. Rather, he supports keeping public lands accessible to the American people for appropriate multiple uses and to preserve them for future generations. Congressman Tipton has never co-sponsored or sponsored any legislation that would sell public lands.

Close to home, please know that he has worked to protect public lands and important cultural and historic treasures. He sponsored and passed legislation to designate Chimney Rock, near Pagosa Springs, as a National Monument. Another example is his work that resulted in nearly 100,000 acres of beautiful natural forest as wilderness in our Hermosa Creek Watershed.

Please be alert that what is claimed is not always the case in an election that seems to have thrown honesty out of the window. Vote for Scott Tipton.


Convention of States provides answer to out of control federal government

Soon we will get our chance to vote in an election that many feel will change the course of the country for decades to come. Although some change will undoubtedly come from either being elected, history would suggest we are going to have more of the same: massive debt, deficit spending, executive orders running the government, career politicians spending their lives on the dole while being controlled by mega donors and party elite, agencies making law instead of Congress, a partisan court system that interprets the Constitution based on personal feelings, gridlock between Congress and the executive branch, and more. These problems have going on for decades.

Our federal government is broken. The things mentioned could be fixed if D.C. had the nerve and intent to fix them. It is not in their interest because fixing them takes away power and influence. They do not want to do that. So the answer, if we want them fixed, falls on the states. The Constitution provides the answer to an out of control federal government. It is written in Article V, which allows the states to ban together to convene a Convention of States to “amend” the Constitution.

One group is already working on this very fix. The “Convention of States Project” is working in the 50 states to help them call for a Convention of States. The purpose of the convention will be to propose amendments that impose fiscal discipline on federal spending, impose term limits on federal positions including Congress, and to reduce the power and jurisdiction of the federal government. Any proposed amendment would require ratification by 38 states.

If you really want to see changes made to correct the problems in our government this could be the best legal action to get it done. For more information and nationwide progress with Convention of States, go to and find an answer as big as the problem.

Grand Junction

‘Trump will benefit the country in the long term’ only by losing

While Ed Arnos’ effort to clarify the key questions in this election is commendable, his irrational analysis of the candidates’ short- versus long-term benefits poses a clear choice between objective fact-based reality and purely wishful thinking (“Trump will benefit the country in the long term”). Arnos’ baseless belief in the latter is obviously oxymoronic.

An emerging majority of likely voters and virtually every credible publications in the Country share Arnos’ conclusion that Hillary Clinton is the superior candidate – not because she will “transfer wealth to herself and her supporters” (which is exactly what Donald Trump’s tax proposals would do for himself and his wealthy contributors), but because she plans to “take money from those who have it” in excess (but avoid and/or evade paying their fair share of taxes on it) and re-invest it in our Nation’s future.
Contrary to Arnos’ contention, such investments do not “impede the creation of wealth,” but rather enable it – because, after years of growing income disparities (despite hard work and “playing by the rules”), individuals lose both their self-respect and incentive to participate in a “rigged” system that affords few opportunities for upward mobility.

Moreover, the fatal flaw in Arnos’s logic is his false dichotomy between the “short-“ and the “long-“ term – because the latter is but the cumulative result of multiple sequential formers. As the Washington Post’s editors opined this morning in endorsing Clinton over Trump, “If progress is possible, it will be incremental” – one short-term advance after another. See:

In fact, Arnos’ fantastical conjecture as to any “long-term” benefits rationally attributable to a Trump presidency is manifestly contraindicated by his own short-run shenanigans. As the Washington Post opined today, “Mr. Trump, by contrast, has shown himself to be bigoted, ignorant, deceitful, narcissistic, vengeful, petty, misogynistic, fiscally reckless, intellectually lazy, contemptuous of democracy and enamored of America’s enemies. As president, he would pose a grave danger to the nation and the world.”

Thus, there might not even be a “long-term” after a series of “the Donald’s” short-terms. See, e.g.,

Grand Junction

City’s latest is an example of typical political speak

Typical political-speak. The new venue will generate an estimated net income (?) of $76 thousand per year but that number does not include expenses. The city admits it doesn’t now how it will pay for the estimated additional operating expenses of $106 thousand. And while they have yet to determine what the final operating expenses will be, city staff assured council that those expenses will be “absorbed.” Huh!

Can’t help but wonder whether any of those staff members presenting this double talk are among those who will be laid off because the city has to cut expenses and employees. Probably not. But don’t be surprised if they have to hire additional people to monitor the project.

Remind me again, when are all these people on city council up for re-election?

Grand Junction

Schwartz is a powerhouse – full of knowledge, experience and heart

We are writing in support of Gail Schwartz to represent Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Gail Schwartz is one of those people who wake every morning bursting with drive to make the world a better place. She and her husband Alan had planned to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet in the mountains after Gail’s retirement from the Colorado Senate. But she saw how her opponent Scott Tipton votes on matters of great importance to us in this beautiful state, and she and Alan rose to the challenge of campaigning to represent the values of the 3rd Congressional District.

Gail Schwartz will work tirelessly in support of issues that matter to us: creating jobs, supporting Planned Parenthood, improving education, and keeping Western Slope water on the Western Slope. She also supports a Constitutional amendment to overturn the ludicrous “Corporations are People” ruling known as Citizens United.

Gail is a powerhouse – full of knowledge, experience and heart. She will be a tremendous advocate who will fight to save our wonderful wilderness.

Crested Butte

Environmentalists and Democrats refuse to acknowledge actual catastrophes

Former Vice President, Al Gore, campaigning with Hillary Clinton in Florida on Oct. 11, invoked the usual Democratic Party and liberal environmentalist climate hysterics, claiming that a “climate catastrophe” is the “most urgent issue facing our country.” Clinton and Gore are surely well aware that even NASA has admitted a 14 year “pause” in global warming - a pause even the vaunted computer models failed to predict. While Democrats indulge their supporters with climate catastrophe fantasies, a review of catastrophes that actually happened under Obama is more useful:
• Near-doubling of the national debt to $20 trillion dollars
• Record deficits, despite tax increases and record tax receipts
• Declining middle class
• Lower disposable income
• More Americans living below the poverty line
• Lower median household income
• Lower American home ownership
• 40 percent more Americans on food stamps
• Obamacare collapsing and continually rising healthcare costs
• Slow economic growth
• Future generations enslaved to poverty; high youth unemployment coupled with staggering increases in school loan debt
• Lowest labor force participation in 40 years
• Record numbers on disability
• Inflation evident in most goods and services
• Overwhelming Social Security and Medicare deficits as baby boomers enter retirement
• Hundreds of thousands of energy sector jobs purposefully eliminated
• Judicial system corrupted to serve progressive social justice agenda
• Late term babies are killed for their body parts
• 1st amendment under attack, with unlawful rioting encouraged while the IRS targets peaceful conservative organizations
• 2nd Amendment rights for millions of law-abiding under constant attack, going so far as to blame Islamic terrorism on already stringent gun control laws
• Race relations at all-time low
• The destructive list is endless…

Wow! The liberal Democratic Party and environmentalists refuse to acknowledge actual catastrophes and resort to climate scaremongering. So if you want more of the above, you should vote for human caused climate change.

Grand Junction


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Mr. Conkle is apparently unaware that the “pause” was really no such thing. It was a shift from heating the atmosphere to heating the oceans due to a phenomenon known as the Pacific Decadal Oscillation. See Nature, Volume 505, January 16 2014. A .pdf is available for free download. It also describes how, with the additional information, computer models were able to re-create the atmospheric warming hiatus, thus putting to rest the other long-standing refrain of the denier: that computer models are incapable of reproducing reality.
276 | NATURE | VOL 505 | 16 JANUARY 2014

Oh, please Mr. Conkle, do some real research before you further embarrass yourself be spreading long-debunked memes See, e.g.:

Mr. Iles,
  Not from me, I know computer models can replicate reality if they are tweaked enough to produce the desired result.  Why can you NEVER understand that?  These “scientists” are protecting their jobs.
                Rick L. Coleman

That’s exactly what computer models are supposed to do, Mr. Coleman. Why can’t you understand that? Computer models are just that - models. They are designed to be tweaked until you gat a result that matches the data you have collected. Then you can adjust variables to see how things might be in the future, or how things might be if we take certain actions. No one thinks that are anything but tools to be used in learning how things work, except climate change deniers like you, who seem to think scientists take them as gospel truth. Your position demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of how science works.

Mr. Iles,
  I understand science and computer models.  My complaint with computer models is based on my study of science research compiled in blinded studies over some 25 years.  They are blinded for a reason, to keep researcher bias from influencing the outcomes thereby insuring more accurate results of what the data reveals.  Computer modeling has no such protection and thus it is subject to researcher bias.  These “climate” researchers have demonstrated their bias on many occasions over the years by changing and eliminating data and conducting discussions amongst themselves how to best get the result they wish.
  You believers will just eat up anything that agrees with your preconceived dreams.  Your position reveals a fundamental belief in what you wish not what may actually be occurring.
                  Rick L. Coleman

Our position is based on the data. Your position is based on the assumption of fraud. I’ll stick with the evidence. It seems to work pretty well.

Mr. Iles,
  Your position is based on data provided in studies that are not blinded by people who have been dishonest in the past and thus, the data is suspect.  You follow blindly like a hungry puppy, I’ll remain a skeptic, seems to work well for both of us. 
            Rick L. Coleman

No, its really not, Mr. Coleman. But you seem to get your information about climate change from deniers, so of course they are telling you that. There’s a lot more evidence that computer models out there, but you won’t hear about that if you only listen to one side. I’ve yet to see any reason to think you do anything else.

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