Email letters, October 23,  2013

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Glenn Menard’s rewrite of American history (“Nation has slid from rampant capitalism to alarming socialism”) alarmingly confirms that he is indeed “literally living some kind of Orwellian, Marxist nightmare” of his own fantastical fabrication.

According to Menard, “at the end of World War II, FDR” – apparently from the grave – somehow “flipped the switch that really began to reverse the polarity of government”. 

Rather, “under his leadership” before WWII, FDR mobilized the fiscal resources of the federal government to extricate the country from the Great Depression caused by the   “conservative” economic policies Menard reveres – but which Americans have twice prudently rejected by electing President Obama

FDR’s signature “welfare program”—Social Security – was enacted in 1935, decried as “socialism” at the time, upheld by the Supreme Court in 1937, and is now the mainstay of our “social safety net” (and the most universally beloved program we ever implemented).

After WWII, the only new “welfare program” Harry Truman enacted was the G.I. Bill.  Next, “conservative” Republican Dwight Eisenhower greatly expanded the housing and educational benefits available to former soldiers and – under the rubric of “national security” – invested billions in the Interstate Highway System, creating millions of jobs and propelling thousands of families into an expanding Middle Class.  In the aftermath of the Bush Depression, President Obama emulated Ike’s policies – not Karl Marx’s.

LBJ signed Medicare into law in 1966, in response to chronic poverty and inadequate health care among the elderly.  Although initially denounced as “socialized medicine”, Medicare relieved families of health care expenses for aging parents, allowing resources to be invested in home ownership and college educations – propelling a robust economy. 

After 1980, Ronald Reagan tripled the national debt, and George Bush doubled it again –  cutting taxes, starting off-budget wars, and further expanding Medicare.

WAKE UP, Glen!  It’s only a bad dream!

hugenburg the bad dream began in 2008! don’t bother responding I don’t give a RA what you think

As usual, Joyce Dry is all wet.

Let’s review what happened in 2008.

In July, the Bush Recession was till shedding jobs from the economy, despite profligate deficit spending that ended up tripling the national debt.

In August, John (“Country First”) McCain claimed that Sarah Palin—an uneducated, profoundly ignorant airhead—was qualified to be “next in line to” to be President, thus destroying his reputation as a responsible patriot.

In September, McCain proved utterly clueless in responding to the financial collapse, prompting Republican Wall Streeters to opt shift their support to Senator Obama.

In October, Bush proposed TARP, which gave rise to the Tea Party.

In November, America elected its first half-White President.

In December, Bush became the first president in American history to have a net job loss over his term (12 million new jobs were created in Clinton’s 8 years), bequeathing President Obama a near-Depression, two off-budget wars, and the largest national debt and annual deficits in American history.

I wonder which of these gave all-wet Ms. Dry the indigestion that causes her nightmares?

and there it is folks, the juvenile name calling type response so often heard from liberals.  LOL!!

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