Email letters, October 24,  2013

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As usual for Dave Kearsley (“If Obamacare website is deemed bad, wait until you read the fine print”), the “glass” is always empty when it comes to the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”).  However:

First, for “liberals” who do care “about the overall results or the cost”, the most recent studies by the Center for American Progress and the Kaiser Family Foundation found that —“overall”—the market-driven competitive forces harnessed by “ObamaCare’s” health insurance exchanges are working just fine.  In fact, overall premium levels are 16% lower than originally projected by the CBO when it “scored” the AFA.

Second, even though “liberals” (in contrast to the “conservatives” who enacted Medicare Part D) insured that the AFA was fully paid for by a suite of new taxes (and therefore immunes from “de-funding”), these lower overall premiums reduce the CBO’s projected overall costs of premium subsidies by $190 billion over the next ten years.

Third, while requiring provisions covering maternity care and free preventative care (including contraception), the AFA also prohibits gender discrimination, annual and/or lifetime caps, coverage-evading “death panels”, and denials for “pre-existing conditions”.
As a result of these tradeoffs, some premiums increased (particularly for substandard policies), while other decreased.  Thus, Kearsley’s narrow focus on anecdotal particulars merely obscures the very “overall results” he accuses “liberals” of ignoring.

Fourth, because of Repugnicans’ on-going misinformation campaign and the inexcusable problems with the web-site roll-out, many would-be health insurance purchasers don’t even know yet what their new premiums would be after accounting for subsidies.  Thus, as Gary Harmon reports (“For senator, a sampler platter of jobs”), one local told Senator Bennet that his premiums would double, but hadn’t yet consulted “ColoradoConnect”.

Fifth, Kearsley is correct that the penalty (for a single person) in 2014 for not having coverage will be the greater of $95 or 1% of taxable income, increasing to $325/2% in 2015, and $695/2.5% thereafter—incentivizing those who can afford health insurance to decide whether to pay the tax penalty “for nothing”, or apply it toward buying coverage.

Mr. Nevins: Galileo was convicted of heresy for saying that the Earth revolved around the Sun.  That doesn’t mean he wasn’t right.

Mr. Phillips,

Unfortunately, we cannot go back to the horse and buggy days, stop all air traffic and everything else that uses energy, and sustain a civilized world. Even returning to living in teepees and burning wood for heat goes against the green “save the trees” mantra, and we would decimate the tree population rapidly.

Al Gore and other enviromentalists took a play from P.T. Barnum’s “There’s a sucker born every minute playbook…

If you create a fear, and then say you have the answer, people will flock to your bandwagon.

Maybe we should start developing ways of plugging all the worlds volcanoes which contribute more to “Climate Change” than man does.

The earth has been much hotter and cooler at times than we are even beginning to approach, as we are still coming out of our last ice age. Pushing so called “carbon credit” remedies and controls that damage peoples ability to get a job, eat, survive, support their families and pay their bills is not going to stop climate change.

Until man learns how to control the weather and mother nature, we will just have to do what species have done for millions of years…adapt and evolve to survive.

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